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>> No. 20156 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 11:57 pm
20156 Vaporisers
So, who here's tagging along with this latest drugs craze?

I know there was at least one of you with good knowledge on this subject in a smoking thread we had on /b/ a while ago, but I thought we could do with a general dedicated thread now it seems more and more of us are getting them.

I've personally just invested about £50 for two Kanger e-Smart batteries with clearomisers, liquid and addendums and I'm quite enjoying this whole vaping business. It seems to be even more moreish than cigarettes, and I'm looking forward to going through some of the tastier flavours. What setups have you got? Any comment on my kit (510 battery, T3 clearomisers) if you're familiar with it? I seem to already be getting that sucking/gargling noise which is apparently to do with the liquid being in parts of the apparatus it shouldn't be, but have followed YouTube guides to try and clear it out to no avail.

Anyway, yes. Vaporising general.
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>> No. 25491 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 5:47 pm
25491 spacer

I'm looking at getting one of those Joyetech AIO box ones. Anyone know if they are any good, and how cheap/easy to acquire the parts are?
>> No. 25492 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 7:16 pm
25492 spacer

The AIO devices all work really well. The liquid capacity is limited to comply with EU law (2ml), but they're easy to refill. They don't have variable voltage, which makes them easier to use but less versatile. The only part you'll need to replace is the coil - they cost £5.50 for five.

If you like the look of the AIO box mod but would prefer something more sophisticated, take a look at the Egrip II or the eVic AIO. These are compact all-in-one box mods like the AIO box, but they have more power and temperature control. The Egrip II has a non-replaceable internal battery; the eVic AIO takes a standard 18650 replaceable battery.


All of these devices use Cubis coils:
>> No. 25493 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 11:30 pm
25493 spacer
What's the difference between this and the Subox you posted?
>> No. 25495 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 3:41 am
25495 spacer

The Mini-c is a bit less powerful than the Mini, but you wouldn't notice the difference - 50w is plenty if you're not into cloud chasing. The kit comes with a slightly smaller and simpler tank than the Mini kit; that tank has an RBA section, so you have the option of building your own coils. With the Mini-C's tank, you can only use pre-built coil heads.

It hasn't been officially released yet, so I haven't had a chance to try one and can't vouch for it. Kanger stuff is usually excellent except for the sodding Nebox and it seems to be excellent value. I think it's probably worth a punt.

It's worth bearing in mind that Fasttech's ETAs on non-stock items tend to be a bit "optimistic", so you might be waiting longer than you expected. None of the major Chinese sellers have stock available yet. If you want one, UKEcigStore are claiming to have stock in hand and are actually offering it for less than Fasttech.

>> No. 25496 Anonymous
19th August 2016
Friday 11:12 pm
25496 spacer
Finally bit the bullet and ordered myself some stuff the other day. I'd taken up smoking again a couple of months back after being stressed out with work, and found it far too enjoyable so wasn't going to be giving up easily. Arrived today. Got myself an Aspire Nautilus Mini and eLeaf battery. Started on a 50/50 Tobacco flavour, only 6mg. Loving it.
>> No. 25498 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 1:11 am
25498 spacer
Been trying out this unflavoured malarkey this evening.

I can see why it would take you weeks to get used to. It is not pleasant.
>> No. 25499 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 1:18 am
25499 spacer
I was chatting to a guy on the bus the other day of about 50 who's a paratrooper, on medical leave for a broken ankle. We struck up conversation, and he had an e-cig, which he was saying he would put his liquid morphine into that the doctors gave him for his ankle, and vape morphine. I didn't know you could do that, but now I'm curious as to what other liquid drugs you could vape. Liquid diazepam is likely. Ketamine vials though? I've foolishly smoked ketamine crystals rolled into a joint with tobacco, and although it kind of fucks you up, it's not the most pleasant experience, and it taste like burnt plastic. Could you freebase cocaine, dissolve it in water, and vape that?

Definitely gonna get an e-cig now.
>> No. 25502 Anonymous
30th August 2016
Tuesday 9:52 pm
25502 spacer
I ordered one off of that Joyetech on Friday. Website says payment received and I seem to have an account, but I never had a confirmation email or anything like that you'd usually expect.

Anyone have experience with ordering from this lot? Are they usually alright about posting stuff or does this seem like it's gone wonky?
>> No. 25503 Anonymous
30th August 2016
Tuesday 10:47 pm
25503 spacer
Not really related, or maybe it is, just a different orifice, but I'm considering getting a prostate massager - the vibrating one. The missus got me a plug for Christmas and I've been using it more now, it's pretty damn fun - so I'm excited to think what a 6 inch silicon massager with a vibration function will do.

And for those that think it's gay, whatever, keep sucking on a metal tube in public.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 25504 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 12:02 am
25504 spacer
That does sound unusual. I'd contact customer support rather than waiting.
>> No. 25505 Anonymous ## Mod ##
31st August 2016
Wednesday 12:14 am
25505 spacer
Just in case any other passing Americans think they're frightfully funny; you're not, and the sign at the top of /g/ is in effect in perpetuity. But you'd know that already if you were actually meant to be here.

As you were.

black xoxo
>> No. 25506 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 12:49 am
25506 spacer

If you mean Fasttech, then they usually send out confirmation of the order, payment and shipping. If you haven't received anything, check your spam folder. If you log in to your account, you can see your order status. They upload a photo of the parcel when it leaves the warehouse, for reasons that completely elude me.

Fasttech are perfectly reliable, they're just not very fast. I've ordered tons of stuff from them and it has all turned up... eventually.
>> No. 25507 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 1:02 pm
25507 spacer

No, I mean Joyetech.co.uk, it's the top Google result for Joyetech and the site that their official website links to. I posted earlier that I was considering an AIO box.

The order has changed to "completed" now, but I'm at work, so if it isn't waiting for me when I get home I'll know something's afoot.
>> No. 25508 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 1:59 pm
25508 spacer
I keep seeing the company name 'Joyetech' and it keeps confusing me into thinking >>25503 is actually a relevant post.
>> No. 25509 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 3:48 pm
25509 spacer

You are not alone.
>> No. 25510 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 8:03 pm
25510 spacer

Let's play a game of "sex brand or vape brand".

a) Slippy Syrup
b) Sliquid
c) Nitecore
d) Nexus
e) Njoy

The winner gets 100ml of Mother's Milk.
>> No. 25552 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 6:17 pm
25552 spacer
So I bought the Kanger Mini-C from fasttech, took about a month to arrive but I wasn't bothered. I used it for about an hour and was impressed but now it won't fire and the ohm reader just keeps flashing, in exactly the same way as the below video. I'm using a Samsung 30q battery and the stock coil, tried two other coils and it makes no difference, put the tank on a shitty ego battery and it fired. Is it fucked? I don't know what to do now.

>> No. 25553 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 11:13 pm
25553 spacer

Check the 510 connector on the mod. Make sure there's no liquid in the connector, give the contact pin a little wiggle with the tip of a small screwdriver. If it still doesn't work, contact Fasttech support at the link below. Don't tell them that it worked for an hour, just say it was dead on arrival. They'll ask you to send them a video showing the fault. On low-value items, they'll usually send out a replacement without asking you return it. If they do ask you to return it, they'll reimburse your shipping costs in full.

>> No. 25554 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 11:14 pm
25554 spacer

If anyone gives a toss, the answers are:

a) vape
b) sexy times
c) vape
d) sexy times
e) both
>> No. 25555 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 11:44 pm
25555 spacer
Thanks for the quick response lad. As far as I can tell there isn't any liquid in the connector and I've given it a wiggle and still no luck. The puzzling thing is that the ohm read out seems to be working properly, rather than saying 9.9 like when I disconnect everything. The 30q should be fine in this mod right? I only have the one battery at the moment but it was brand new so I can't see that being the problem unless it isn't compatible in some way?

Thanks for the fasttech tips, it's looking like that's the next step.
>> No. 25556 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 1:19 am
25556 spacer

The 30q is marginal at 50w, but it should be fine.

Is the battery fully charged? What ohm reading are you seeing on screen? Have you tried using the mod in bypass mode? Have you tried removing the battery, checking the contacts and replacing it?
>> No. 25557 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 1:52 am
25557 spacer
The battery is fully charged and the contacts are fine as far as I can tell. I've tried bypass mode, doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm reading 0.50 on the screen, which blinks ten times when I try to fire it. The Volts register for a split second before the blinking starts.
>> No. 25558 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 4:29 pm
25558 spacer

A supermarket recently had disposable e-cigs (Nicolote) in their bargain bin so I thought what the hell and picked some up.The first one's packed in now, so I took it apart In case you ever wondered, pic attached is the inner assembly originally housed in a metal tube.

The white cap on the left houses the indicator LED, pressure sensor and probably the rest of the brains which handles over heating protection and end of life detection. Three cables: red attached to the left hand side of the battery, blue which pokes out on the right of the battery attached to the red lead there and black, which attaches to the right hand side of the battery.

The fluffy thing on the right is the coil assembly: the red cable sticking out was attached to the little tab on the battery.
>> No. 25559 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 4:30 pm
25559 spacer

Close up of the unwrapped coil.
>> No. 25560 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 4:42 pm
25560 spacer
Looks more like some kind of evil tampon. Thanks for posting it though, interesting. What was it like to smoke?
>> No. 25561 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 6:52 pm
25561 spacer
Not terrible. It's very easy to use, you just drag and go. Downside of that is that it takes 1/2 - 3/4 second to heat up so you have to take a measured drag and can't take a quick puff. The ones I got were the supposedly "tobacco" flavoured but it's more of a sweet-ish vanilla aroma.

It has a faux-ash plastic top which lights up orange, fading in as it heats up and fading out as it cools. When it wants you to replace it, it just flashes. I didn't like that setup much, since it's hard to see in daylight what the LED is doing when you're using it, forcing you to take a drag then quickly turn it around and hope you catch what it showed you. There's also no way of telling how much longer it'll last, so if you're relying on these you'd have to carry a spare.
>> No. 25919 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 5:04 am
25919 ~

>> No. 25945 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 1:28 am
25945 spacer
Lads, the unflavoured juice, does it have any odour?

Basically, I will be at my mum's for a couple of days, and she is anal about any kind of smell (even nice ones). Everything has to be neutral, apparently.

I can put up with shit taste if it means I can vape indoors, and she doesn't smell anything.
>> No. 25946 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 2:23 am
25946 spacer

There's a slightly musty, oily smell - a cross between a library and a chip shop. It's less noticeable if your coil is spotlessly clean, but there's still a subtle odour. Keep a window open and you should be fine.

Also, lemon-lime liquids smell like cleaning products.
>> No. 25947 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 3:53 pm
25947 spacer
Before I try it... Will it set off the smoke alarm in a hotel room?
>> No. 25948 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:05 pm
25948 spacer
>> No. 25949 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 2:31 pm
25949 lol
Just came across this thread while doing some uni research on vaping and stop smoking.

Nuts how the technology has come on since this post, I mean just look at these 'vapourisers' now:

>> No. 25950 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:32 pm
25950 spacer
>Nuts how the technology has come on since this post
It is, although tbh I'm more amazed that mechanical mods (i.e. no control circuitry whatsoever on the lithium battery, just a button to fire) are still being made. And people are still buying them, because they're pretty, or something?

Actually, vapelad, why do people still buy mechanical mods?
>> No. 25951 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:36 pm
25951 spacer
Oh and I definitely wouldn't describe the smell of unflavoured liquid as "neutral", but more musty than chippie. I'd guess your mum's just trying to put you off using the thing at all so I doubt she'll be happy either way.
>> No. 25952 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 7:53 pm
25952 spacer

>Actually, vapelad, why do people still buy mechanical mods?

Fuck knows. I don't see many of them these days, but it seems unbelievably daft that anyone is still risking an explosion for the sake of a worse vape. The responsible retailers have stopped selling unprotected devices and most others seem to just be getting shot of their old stock. A lot of "mech mods" still on the market have a sneaky hidden protection circuit, which seems particularly odd - for an extra £2 in components they could have made it VW/TC.

I suspect there are still some remnants of the daft macho vapebro subculture; some subset of that group think that a DNA250 or an RX300 isn't quite manly enough. I still can't quite believe that a 300 watt box mod is a thing you can buy.
>> No. 25954 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 2:59 am
25954 spacer
>I don't see many of them these days
I was in a vape shop earlier today and they had a few fancy-looking brass ones (no prices, but no way they were less than £100). That's a canny point about them having "stealth" protection circuitry, I can well believe that's true. Still fucking stupid.

>I still can't quite believe that a 300 watt box mod is a thing you can buy.
I think my gaming PC hits just a little over that when running Furmark. Who on earth can even inhale this, and what kind of coil/wick arrangement do they use? A year back I dicked around with an RDA on ~0.2 Ohm dual claptons, got up to ~60W before the vape became simply obnoxiously thick, not to mention it was a massive hassle to run (and of course it ripped through juice like nobody's business). I've ended up with RDTAs, dialing everything right down to about 20W max between 0.5 and 1 Ohm single-coil clapton.

That "cloud chasing" is anything other than a temporary novelty is just confusing to me, but everyone needs a hobby I suppose. I can't imagine what a 300W vape would even feel like, but personal preferences aside... there's no way that's healthy, surely?
>> No. 25955 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:00 am
25955 spacer

I've had a go on a 300w Sigelei at full power. Even with 1mg liquid I nearly fainted after the first puff. The vapour was boiling hot and so dense I could practically chew it. I had a sudden pang of empathy for Thomas the Tank Engine.

The really extraordinary thing was the atty - a Smok TFV12, the most insane piece of vaping hardware I've ever seen. It's a standard tank with disposable coils, but they offer a 14-coil head rated for 350w. I tried it at 70w and it produced literally no vapour. The box describes the tank as "explosion proof", which I assumed was a daft bit of poorly-translated engrish until I had a go on it. It's basically a thermonuclear reactor with a drip tip.

>> No. 26135 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 7:21 pm
26135 spacer

Picked up one of these on a whim, mainly because it looks hilarious and some Chinese site was getting shot of them for $20 (I was picking up some other bits and bobs anyway). It has quality control issues that have apparently become common with Kanger over the last year or so (the software doesn't work, the pyrex tank was so loose it'd literally fall off, the plastic spitback protector is disconcertingly close to the top of the coil posts, probably more that I'll discover as I play around with it; it's got all the Kanger authentication cards/codes so I doubt it's a "clone"). It's utterly impractical and I can't see it being much more than a conversation piece, but still fun to mess with.

I've not really been paying attention to vaping since getting a Theorem/Avocado and having those as my stay-at-home vapes, with a Subtank for when I'm out, any major developments vapelad? (Outside the ridiculous TPD ban, of course.) I have a quick glance at reviews from time to time but most are either affiliated with a retailer (so obvious conflict of interest) and/or vaping at a far higher wattage than I ever go near. I'd be interested in hearing about any tanks that are good for flavour at lower wattages, but I vape direct lung and most of those seem to be talked about for mouth-to-lung hitters.
>> No. 26136 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 9:26 pm
26136 spacer

Not much has changed at the high end. The rebuilding crowd are all using the same DNA knock-off VW/TC mods with velocity-style tanks. There are still some minor tweaks happening in terms of consistency and leak resistance, but I don't think that there's a lot of room for improvement left.

What has changed is the low end of the market. You can walk into your local vape shop, spend £20 on an Aspire PockeX or an Innokin Endura and get a really excellent vape with no dicking about. This is great news for new vapers, but it's also a boon for experienced vapers who want something simple and reliable that works well at low-to-medium power. The 2ml TPD limit has actually been quite useful in this respect, because it has created a counterbalance to the cloud-chasing madness.
>> No. 26137 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 2:29 pm
26137 spacer
Interesting that things haven't changed at the high end. I'd kind of got used to the rapid pace of development, seems almost sad that it's slowing down but I suppose there comes a point with some products where they are effectively optimised. (I read that lithium cells will continue to develop, both in per-charge longevity and overall life, but that's a whole different industry, obviously.)

A weird coincidence, I have an Endura but found the draw incredibly tight. It did me ok for a week or so as I was away working and had forgotten to bring some part of my gear, but I wouldn't have said it's a good choice for anyone other than new vapers or dedicated MtL hitters. It got chucked in the drawer as soon as I got home.

I appreciate the sentiment about the 2ml limit putting a damper on the cloud chasing nonsense, but for someone like me who vapes 15-25W/3-6ml nic, it's just small enough to be actually irritating, as it means refilling multiple times a day. I suppose that's a ridiculous gripe compared to however many hours of my life I spent making rollies as a smoker, but I enjoyed that process, whereas refilling a tank is just a chore.
>> No. 26140 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 3:56 pm
26140 spacer

I had a puff while I was taking a shit in the McDonald's bogs and I think it set off the fire alarm.

I have a similarly designed Smok and I'm not all that keen on the tank lid. The lesser problem is that the hole's really small so I have to transfer my liquid from the big bottle to a smaller one with the right sort of squirty nipple before I can put it in. More of an issue is that the way the lid twists open isn't exactly secure. Sitting down with it in my pocket can put enough torsion on it to open the top, which leaks the liquid wastefully and messily.
>> No. 26141 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:12 pm
26141 spacer
From an underpaid employee who recently had to evacuate an entire gallery (including one primary school trip's worth of squawking 10 year olds who took the alarm as a clear signal that they could raise their voices to match it) because someone went for a crafty one in the loo, please stop fucking vaping in toilets.
>> No. 26142 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:19 pm
26142 spacer
Okay, I'm just confused why either a heat or carbon monoxide detector would be sensitive to it.
>> No. 26143 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:35 pm
26143 spacer
Because we're a commercial space that hosts members of the public in very large numbers, our fire alarm system has to be a lot more sensitive than the one in your kitchen. We have events here regularly that require us to have an early warning one, and there are some pieces here that are valued at something stupid like 6M. We've had it set off by a smoke machine that some outside people brought in without notifying us too, before I started volunteering here - apparently that's why events bookings have to be asked if they're bringing a smoke machine now, and be told they're not allowed to do it. I'm very glad I don't work in the bookings office because I can just imagine how Tarquin from Shoreditch behaves when he's told he can't have his shitty smoke machine "ambiance" at his showing.
>> No. 26144 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 8:41 pm
26144 spacer
Events bookings and smoke machine... in a McDonalds.

>> No. 26145 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 9:40 pm
26145 spacer

Sufficiently dense vapour will trigger an ionising or photoelectric smoke detector.
>> No. 26146 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 10:27 pm
26146 spacer
I learned something new today. Cheers.
Don't worry McJob lad, I won't do it again.
>> No. 26205 Anonymous
14th November 2017
Tuesday 9:43 pm
26205 spacer
Reporting my experience at just under a week in and it's pretty ace.

I've not had any cravings for proper fags even though I'm on 3mg. That might be down to the fact that you can puff away constantly but still, I just tried a fag as a bit of a treat and it only made me feel ill. Early days admittedly but I could get used to this until I inevitably lose it on a night out.

I picked up the Endura T20s Kit. Pretty cheap but I've had no problems at all and it seems well built.
>> No. 26206 Anonymous
15th November 2017
Wednesday 3:43 am
26206 spacer
So I've been using a little Joyetech all-in-one box for the past year or so, and I think it's about time to upgrade to something fancier. I was wondering if you chaps would have any recommendations? I think it'd be nice to be able to adjust the power and airflow, that sort of stuff. Just a bit more of a customisable experience than I have now, but nothing too in depth like these ones you have to make up your own heads and regulate the flow of liquid or whatever.

I like the look of something like:


But I would be interested to know if there's anything a bit more exciting out there, or if you lads have any good ideas on separate tanks/boxes.
>> No. 26207 Anonymous
15th November 2017
Wednesday 7:38 am
26207 spacer

If you're broadly happy with your Joyetech all-in-one, then there's a more advanced version available called the eVic AIO. It uses the same Cubis coils as the basic Joyetech devices, but it has variable wattage, temperature control, variable airflow and a user-replaceable battery.

Whatever you buy, I'd suggest importing it from a Chinese supplier. It's considerably cheaper and you avoid the 2ml liquid capacity limit that applies to products sold within the EU. Shipping usually takes less than two weeks.


Alternative all-in-one devices with advanced controls include the Kanger Cupti and the Aspire Plato.


If you'd prefer a separate mod and tank, then there are a dizzying array of choices. I think that the Joyetech eVic Primo Mini is a safe choice. It's compact while still being powerful, it feels good in the hand, it has reliable temperature control, the included tank is easy to fill and has a good selection of coils and the kit is very reasonably priced.


You'll also need a battery. I recommend an LG HG2, because it's the highest-capacity cell that's capable of delivering a full 75 watts. I suggest buying this from a UK-based seller, because lithium batteries tend to get delayed in airmail shipments.


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