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>> No. 20156 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 11:57 pm
20156 Vaporisers
So, who here's tagging along with this latest drugs craze?

I know there was at least one of you with good knowledge on this subject in a smoking thread we had on /b/ a while ago, but I thought we could do with a general dedicated thread now it seems more and more of us are getting them.

I've personally just invested about £50 for two Kanger e-Smart batteries with clearomisers, liquid and addendums and I'm quite enjoying this whole vaping business. It seems to be even more moreish than cigarettes, and I'm looking forward to going through some of the tastier flavours. What setups have you got? Any comment on my kit (510 battery, T3 clearomisers) if you're familiar with it? I seem to already be getting that sucking/gargling noise which is apparently to do with the liquid being in parts of the apparatus it shouldn't be, but have followed YouTube guides to try and clear it out to no avail.

Anyway, yes. Vaporising general.
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>> No. 20157 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:03 am
20157 spacer
Just to clarify, are you talking about tobacco substitute vaping, or 'vaporising' in a more general sense?
>> No. 20158 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:05 am
20158 spacer
Last time I tried an e-cig or vaporiser or whatever they're called they turned out to be just as expensive as cigarettes. That and I could only buy them in a pharmacy which is a bit of a walk further than the several shops that sell cigarettes. I know it's silly to talk about convenience when this is my health at stake but besides the price and convenience I never felt like they gave me a good alternative to a regular cigarette. There was also the fact I could never really tell if I used it too much or too little.

Have these sort of things changed? Can I purchase them in any old chain newsagent? Are they cheaper? Have they introduced any sort of counter on them to say when you've had the equivalent of one cigarette?
>> No. 20159 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:12 am
20159 spacer
There's loads of addictive chemicals in cigarettes and just going with the nicotine doesn't suffice, for me.
>> No. 20160 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:25 am
20160 spacer
Sure, both. I gather they both use the same sort of kit? A battery, an atomiser/clearomiser capsule and a sort of oil-like liquid into which your drug of choice is dissolved. Or am I completely wrong? I'd like to learn either way if the kit involved in nicotine vaping and...other vaping is different.
>> No. 20161 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:42 am
20161 spacer
My point was more that if this thread isn't going to pertain to nicotine replacement it should really go in /A/.
>> No. 20162 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:57 am
20162 spacer
I posted a thread about e-cigarettes a year or two ago and it was in /b/. I think /g/ is an unusual choice.
>> No. 20164 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 3:01 am
20164 spacer
Probably I'm being very nerdy and enjoying my new little toy too much; I was reading up about building your own clearomisers and cleaning them and shit which is all very techy. I agree with your >>20161 points though and I might well repost this in /A/ in the morning but right now it's time for my bedtime wank and some more practicing smoke rings before I hit the hay.
>> No. 20165 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 9:53 am
20165 spacer
>Last time I tried an e-cig or vaporiser or whatever they're called they turned out to be just as expensive as cigarettes.
That's either very expensive liquid, or you're talking about a different kind of product. It should be significantly cheaper.

>There was also the fact I could never really tell if I used it too much or too little.
This is something you do get used to. I overdid it (whilst also drinking alcohol) the first time I used one and at the end of the night I ended up nauseated and jittery. I had to sit up with the light on and wait for it to pass for about half an hour, all I wanted to do was go to sleep.
>> No. 20167 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 11:42 am
20167 spacer


The disposable e-cigs you find in newsagents and the like are both expensive and shite. You want to go to a specialist e-cig retailer or online and buy a refillable kit.

First, I'll rattle through the most important jargon. An e-cigarette has three main parts; The battery, the atomiser head and the e-liquid tank. The system works by allowing e-liquid to flow onto the atomiser through a wick, where it is vapourised by high heat. The atomiser itself is simply a coil of high-resistance wire, heated by current from the battery.

The de-facto standard for e-cigarette batteries is the eGo-type, the sort pictured above. These are about the size of your finger, last for about 6 hours of heavy use (or more than a day of moderate vaping) and can be recharged hundreds of times before they need replacing.

Because the connection to the battery is standardised, there is a huge diversity of atomiser and liquid tank systems to choose from. Most people today opt for a clearomiser system, where the e-liquid is held in a clear plastic tank and the atomiser head is immersed in the liquid. A typical clearomizer like a CE4 or a Kanger Evod will hold about 1.5ml of e-liquid, which is roughly equivalent to 10 cigarettes. A larger clearomizer like a Vivi Nova will hold 3-5ml of e-liquid. Some cheaper clearomizers like the CE4 are disposable, but most quality units have a replaceable coil head.

I'll break down the costs of the setup I use day-to-day:

A Kanger Evod kit costs about £30 on eBay. This includes two eGo-type batteries, two clearomizers, five spare atty heads and a charger. This is a really good quality setup that provides lovely thick clouds of vapour and is very durable. If you just want to try out a refillable system, you can buy a Hangsen Echo starter kit for less than £10. You can buy very cheap unbranded kits, but just don't, they're dreadful.

I get about two weeks out of an atomizer head and they cost me £1 each. You can eke more life out of an atty head by dismantling them and cleaning them, if you can be arsed.

I buy my e-liquid from an importer called premiere-cigs.co.uk, who buy direct from the factory in China. I pay £5.50 for 30ml of e-liquid and vape about 2ml a day. Most people vape 2-3ml of liquid a day, while a very heavy chain-vaper might get through 5 or 6ml. A 30ml bottle from a high-street shop will cost £10-£12 and a hand-made gourmet liquid might cost up to £18 for 30ml.

Doing the sums, the equivalent of a 15-a-day habit costs me less than 60p.
>> No. 20174 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 12:35 pm
20174 spacer
I love you and I love your posts.

When refilling your clearomisers do you both using a fine-tipped pipette or anything like that, or have you got such sick pouring skills at this stage that you just do it straight from the bottle? I am wary of having to replace the T3 clearomisers all the time and hearing from you that they last two weeks tops sounds a bit of an arse-on. Also, this might sound like a stupid question, but since I haven't encountered it yet - how can you tell when a clearomiser has burnt out?
>> No. 20177 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 1:31 pm
20177 spacer

I just pour straight from the bottle, it's not particularly difficult with most clearos if you tilt the tank at an angle and drip the liquid down the side, like pouring a pint of Guinness. Some people prefer to decant into a needle-tipped squeezy bottle and refill using that, although it's generally only necessary with some clearo or cartridge designs that have a very narrow opening.

Clearo coils will eventually burn out totally and stop producing any vapour, but they generally need cleaning or replacing well before that. The heat causes the atomiser coil to accumulate a layer of brown gunk that makes the vapour taste burnt and stale. Fortunately the Kanger atomiser heads are very easy to dismantle and clean and with a little practice you can do it in a couple of minutes. With regular cleaning you can get weeks and weeks out of an atty head. You can see videos of how to do this on Youtube.

If you're really economical, it's possible to completely rebuild an atomiser head to as-new condition by replacing the wicks and rewiring the coil, which costs just a few pence. Again, there are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube, and you can buy the materials (silica wick and Kanthal wire) for a couple of quid on eBay.

You don't need to replace the whole clearo with a T3, as you can just replace the atomiser head. There are two slightly different versions of the T3, the T3 and the T3s. The T3 is the older model and replacement atomiser heads have been discontinued, but you can still find them from some dealers for about £2 each. The T3s is a newer version that takes smaller and slightly cheaper replacement coils that screw into the base, but it is possible to upgrade a T3 to a T3s by replacing the base - you just need to buy a spare T3s base, available for £2 from the link below or from some other dealers. If you shop around you can find a pack of 5 replacement T3s coils for about £8.

>> No. 20198 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 5:41 pm
20198 spacer
Oh wait actually it turns out I'm full of shit, it's not the TS3 that my kit came with, but something called 808Ds. I have a feeling these are probably incredibly cheap and disposable clearos; I don't suppose you know if I buy the TS3/s once all my spares have burnt out whether it'll fit the battery I have? They're described as "320mah high capacity manual batteries with 510 threading" - is the amperage too low for the TS3 clearos?

Sorry to be a dunce, I'm still learning all this stuff and it is all a bit baffling.
>> No. 20199 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 6:50 pm
20199 spacer

No problem at all. 808 threading is an alternative connector, used on slimmer e-cigarettes than the more common eGo style. There are a smaller range of clearomizers available in 808 threading; You can buy an adapter for a couple of quid to connect 510 or eGo clearos if you want, although it'll be a bit of a top-heavy setup with a large eGo clearo.

The kanger 808 clearos are perfectly good bits of kit and provide a good vape, although they are designed as a disposable item. You can buy 5 for about a tenner on eBay and elsewhere, so they're not vastly more expensive than replacement coils for recoilable clearos. Disposable clearos can be revived simply by soaking them in hot water or rubbing alcohol, drying thoroughly and then doing something called dry burning - see the video below for details.

>> No. 21173 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 1:33 pm
21173 spacer
I got one in Abu Dhabi for about a £5 with 5 or 6 refills before it hit the UK as a big market. Pretty fun.
>> No. 21174 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 2:13 pm
21174 spacer
Not trying to be a smartass, genuine question:

Shouldn't it be either 'vapouriser' or 'vaporizer' for UK/US respectively?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21175 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 2:52 pm
21175 spacer

>> No. 21176 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 4:47 pm
21176 spacer


Everything we fought for was a lie. I'm not sure where to go from here.
>> No. 21177 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 5:35 pm
21177 spacer
What do those Oxonians known anyway, all they're good for is rowing.
>> No. 21178 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 9:45 pm
21178 Clearomizer
Hello! Got myself a freshcig starter kit, one battery, one clearomizer and some oil for £20. Looking at stocking up on clearomizers but for fresh cig own brand they're £5 a pop. I can find them much cheaper online unbranded. They're sealed bottom CE4 clearomizers. Do I need to buy own brand or will any sort do if they're CE4?

See pic
>> No. 21179 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 10:04 pm
21179 spacer

The battery you have is an eGo type, which will accept virtually all clearomisers. The item description for a clearo will usually state that it's eGo compatible. CE4 clearos are a generic style, manufactured by lots of different Chinese companies. They work reasonably well and are very cheap (about £13 for 10), but I'm not a huge fan - they're prone to leaking and tend to give dry hits when the liquid level runs low. Personally I much prefer bottom-coil clearomisers like the Kanger Evod; They're slightly more expensive up-front (about £5) but you can replace the coil rather than replacing the whole clearo unit, so in the long-run they're no more expensive than CE4s.
>> No. 21180 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:34 pm
21180 CUNTS
why do people think its ok to smoke these on a bus or anywhere they feel like it?

(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21181 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:40 pm
21181 spacer
Probably because there's no second hand smoke and they're not affecting anyone around them in any meaningful way?
>> No. 21182 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:45 pm
21182 spacer
oh no, not vapour!
>> No. 21183 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 2:30 pm
21183 spacer
You're the cunt, lad. I hate smoking with a passion, but if everyone switched from fags to these I'd kiss them.
>> No. 21184 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:22 pm
21184 spacer
Enjoy your herpes.
>> No. 21185 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:29 pm
21185 spacer
Right now I'm both smoking regular fags and using a vaporiser.

What do I get then?
>> No. 21186 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:44 pm
21186 spacer

A little tickle on the bollock. The left one.
>> No. 21187 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 4:37 pm
21187 spacer
I dunno. A faster pathway to cancer?
>> No. 21188 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 5:58 pm
21188 spacer
>>21179 So would these work with my battery?


For example
>> No. 21189 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 6:09 pm
21189 spacer

Yes, as would any other clearo described as eGo compatible.
>> No. 21190 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 8:08 pm
21190 spacer
>>21189 Thank you sir, you've saved me a small fortune.

>> No. 21192 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 11:48 am
21192 spacer
I haven't smoked in about a year, but I still sometimes catch myself pressing my fingers to my lips in a smoking motion and thinking it'd be a nice sensation.

Honestly it's more about having something to keep my hands busy. Would a cape be worthwhile for someone like me?
>> No. 21193 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 12:45 pm
21193 spacer

no capes 2.gif
Maybe, though do be aware that the long-term effects of inhaling vaporised polyglycol, flavouring and nicotine solution haven't really been studied yet. It could be that they're very minimal, or there could be some crazy link between inhaling PG and developing rat testicles on the end of your nose. They just don't know yet, though some studies I found suggested that they can have similar effects on your airways as smoking:


Although the literature is still extremely limited, I'm sure with their growing popularity there will be more research being published soon. The reviews I can find seem to be tentatively settling on vaping as a "harm reduction" - it's probably not as bad as smoking because it removes the combustion products of smoking tobacco, but it's probably not as good as not inhaling anything into your poor little lungy-wungies at all. Nicotine is still nicotine.


I'd suggest for you that if you were to get one of these, you can actually buy liquids with no nicotine in them at all. 0% concentrations simply have the flavourings in the PG or VG solution and since you've already kicked nicotine as a habit, it makes little sense for you to get your brain hooked on it again.

>Would a cape
>> No. 21194 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 1:17 pm
21194 spacer

Propylene glycol has been used for decades for theatrical fog. Its long-term safety is fairly well understood, mainly due to a series of lawsuits in the US in the late 80s brought by trade unions representing workers in the theatre and nightclub industries. PG is a mild respiratory irritant, but that's the worst of it. The toxicology of the various flavourings are very well understood, they're virtually all off-the-shelf ingredients with a long history of use in perfumes and air fresheners. Several independent analyses have shown that e-cigarette vapour contains no significant level of carcinogens and levels of toxicants well within accepted safe levels. The most toxic thing in e-cigarette vapour is nicotine, but even that isn't very harmful in normal doses. In the absolute worst case, the risk associated with e-cigarette use is similar to that of snus, or about 1/100 that of cigarette smoking.

E-cigarettes aren't harmless, but the risks are very slight and I think there's a real danger in overstating those risks. Tobacco smoking is extraordinarily harmful and the promotion of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative should be our top public health priority. Obviously it is preferable if non-smokers and ex-smokers don't use nicotine, but that caution mustn't be allowed to get in the way of the promotion of e-cigarettes as a livesaving tool in protecting the health of current smokers.
>> No. 21195 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 1:47 pm
21195 spacer
I get uneasy when I hear you say
>Propylene glycol has been used for decades for theatrical fog.
People aren't inhaling e-cig vapour like actors might occasionally inhale theatrical fog. They are inhaling it directly, from a very hot coil, deep into their lungs, in high concentration. Doesn't this call for different tests? I'm not calling you out, I honestly have no idea.
>> No. 21196 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 2:00 pm
21196 spacer
>In the absolute worst case, the risk associated with e-cigarette use is similar to that of snus, or about 1/100 that of cigarette smoking.

[citation needed]
>> No. 21271 Anonymous
5th April 2014
Saturday 12:21 pm
21271 spacer
I was thinking of switching to a vaporiser for the good of my health but decided to switch to American Spirit tobacco instead as it's organic.
>> No. 21272 Anonymous
5th April 2014
Saturday 2:14 pm
21272 spacer
I had a Tinder match who looks like her.
>> No. 21273 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 2:08 pm
21273 spacer
Our lass has just bought a cheap vape off Amazon. If it's nice I'll look into getting a proper decent set for us to share.

I was kind of hoping to get one that at least matches the kind of size and shape of a normal cig, are there any decent ones like that? It seems like the Kanger is amongst the better choices, but again, I'd like something slimmer and lighter.
>> No. 21274 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 6:30 pm
21274 spacer

The problem with cig-a-likes is that they aren't big enough to offer decent battery life. Cigarette-style e-cigs used to be the only game in town a couple of years ago, but the market shifted towards bigger e-cigs mainly for convenience reasons.

I'm not a particularly heavy smoker, but I used to go through at least six cigarette-style batteries a day. Now I just carry a single large e-cig, which easily lasts me all day. It feels a bit weird at first because the hand-to-mouth habit is very different, but it soon becomes second nature. I'm at the point that a real cigarette feels strange to me now, they're so dainty and insubstantial compared to the solid heft of my usual e-cig. Even the standard eGo type e-cigs feel quite petite compared to my usual setup. There's a bit of a mental shift in thinking about carrying your e-cig (singular) rather than some cigarettes (plural) but the convenience is tremendous.

If you're set on a cig-a-like, I would suggest a Personal Charging Case (PCC) system. A PCC is a battery-powered charger about the size of a fag packet that allows you to charge a cigarette-sized e-cig in your pocket. I believe that the best PCC systems at the moment are the Innokin AIO and the Joyetech eMode.
>> No. 21656 Anonymous
20th April 2014
Sunday 9:07 pm
21656 spacer
>Now I just carry a single large e-cig

Would you be interested in discussing your setup, intheknowlad?
>> No. 21657 Anonymous
20th April 2014
Sunday 9:19 pm
21657 spacer
If you just want something that looks like a cig then go to a joke shop and get one filled with sherbet for £1.99.
>> No. 21659 Anonymous
20th April 2014
Sunday 10:21 pm
21659 spacer

My usual out-and-about rig is a stock Kanger Evod, sometimes with a Joyetech Twist battery depending on the liquid. At home (or if I'm travelling) I use a Joyetech eVic with a Kanger Protank II. I feel a bit self-conscious using the eVic in public due to the sheer size of the thing, and it's not exactly pocketable. Non-enthusiasts just don't believe that I get exactly the same quality of vapour from both setups, but with the same atomiser and voltage, the only real difference is battery life and liquid capacity.

I've heard very good things about the new Kanger dual coil atomiser, so I'll probably upgrade my clearos when I've run down my stock of atomisers.

As regards liquids, my mainstay is RY4 from a variety of manufacturers. I'll often carry another Evod with a fruit flavour for a change of pace, or if I'm trying to be discreet. I don't like to attract attention, so I tend to either vape out in a smoking area or have a crafty vape in a quiet corner.

Light fruity flavours like lemon and peach tend to just blend in with the background aroma of cleaning products and perfumes, rather than announcing themselves as e-cig vapour as a tobacco flavour does. I have a little trick of exhaling down my jacket sleeve, which sounds ridiculous but works remarkably well - with a little sleight-of-hand, it just looks like you're scratching your nose.
>> No. 22289 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 4:52 pm
22289 spacer

Pic related is what I paid for on Saturday. It arrived this morning and I'm just testing it out now.

£38 is a bit more than I'd like it to have cost but the delivery was very prompt, everything is in good working order and overall I'm happy with what I've paid for. This is a good starting kit for anyone interested in giving vaping a go, in my opinion. I hadn't smoked for 10 days prior to now and I'm currently having a very pleasant nicotine buzz. The golden virginia e-liquid, which came with the starter kit, is pretty good, and I'm looking forward to trying new ones.
>> No. 22290 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 4:56 pm
22290 spacer

Er, £34, rather.

Gratitude to the lads who gave their advice in this thread, it was very useful in informing my choice.
>> No. 22294 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 5:30 pm
22294 spacer
You seem worried that Liberty Flights could identify you from this screenshot. How come?
>> No. 22295 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:10 pm
22295 spacer
Unrelated but I've also purchased from Liberty Flights and found their delivery to be similarly speedy, and their own-juices are alright (except the chocolate praline one. Blurgh.)
>> No. 22296 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:19 pm
22296 spacer
I'm just exercising prudence. It's unlikely that my anonymity would be compromised from giving an unedited screenshot but it wasn't a lot of work to negate the risk.
>> No. 22297 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:45 pm
22297 spacer

Well, apart from not clearing the EXIF data...
>> No. 22299 Anonymous
17th June 2014
Tuesday 6:55 pm
22299 spacer
It's my understanding that .pngs have no exif data.
>> No. 22444 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 12:42 pm
22444 spacer

free shit.png
This lad reporting. I left a review of their site on Trustpilot criticising some of the layout and how it could be improved, they only went and posted me all of pic related gratis. I got a receipt by email 'confirming my order' and thought I was a victim of ID theft for a minute or two until I gave them a ring to ask what was going on.
>> No. 22445 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:08 pm
22445 spacer
What specifically did you outline that could be improved on the site? I don't recall it being particularly unintuitive.
>> No. 22446 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:15 pm
22446 spacer

lf kits.png
I was especially critical that to find key information like prices, you had to manually view each product's page. For example, see pic related.

As well as getting a load of free stuff I got an email from their staff, in which they mentioned:

>With regard to your comments, for sure you are right, our site is five years old now and is in the process of being reviewed. Our Marketing Team have a huge undertaking on their hands and are working steadily through this. To this end, you will see various changes begin to appear.

Which is I think the first time a business has ever contacted me regarding my feedback.
>> No. 22447 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:24 pm
22447 spacer
Perhaps I'm being incredibly snobbish but the way they use English is now putting me off big time. They sound like a non-native speaker trying to use more complicated language than they really understand how to structure.

I'm probably the only person who would be discouraged from using a business based on this.
>> No. 22448 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:45 pm
22448 spacer
What's the problem? How would you improve the blurbs?
>> No. 22449 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 3:56 pm
22449 spacer

It doesn't contain pricing information (which is standard on most online shopping sites, see e.g. pic related), as I said, so the browsing procedure is lengthened unnecessarily. Did you actually read my post?
>> No. 22450 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:00 pm
22450 spacer

Result. The Protank series are some of the best clearomisers available, so you've done well there. Add a variable voltage battery (Vision Spinner/Evod VV/eGo Twist) and you've got an absolutely killer setup.

>> No. 22451 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:03 pm
22451 spacer
>Add a variable voltage battery (Vision Spinner/Evod VV/eGo Twist) and you've got an absolutely killer setup.

Neat, I was really surprised that they'd package a tank in with the deal. If a vaping company was to send out free stuff I'd always have thought it'd be juice rather than hardware.
>> No. 22452 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:03 pm
22452 spacer
You and >>22447 appear to be different people talking about different problems. I'm asking him why their use of English strikes him as non-native and how he'd have structured the same information, not about omitted prices.
>> No. 22453 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:07 pm
22453 spacer
I'm sorry, you're right. Welp.
>> No. 22454 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:15 pm
22454 spacer

Blurbs are generally copy and pasted from the manufacturer, which in turn are usually poorly translated from Mandarin.

Personally, I think it's irrelevant - I pay no attention to the blurb, given that there are so many expert and impartial reviews available of just about any e-cigarette relaited gubbin.

I'm not massively keen on Liberty Flights, but that's mainly a pricing thing - £24 for a Vision Spinner 1300 is a bit of a pisstake when Vape Escape have them for £17.50 and some eBay dealers are doing them for even less.
>> No. 22455 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:33 pm
22455 spacer
I'm not sure why you thought I was talking about their blurbs - I didn't even read them myself. It was the highlighted snippet of the email they sent him in >>22446 (the greentext) that set my Johnny foreigner alarm off. There's just something a bit strange about the way they phrase things ("for sure you are right"? Who says it like that?), it doesn't make me feel encouraged if I ever had to actually communicate with them about a refund or something. You might disagree.
>> No. 22456 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:46 pm
22456 spacer
You're wrong. I rang the company, the lady I spoke to was English, they've got shops all over England and they're an English company.
>> No. 22457 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:50 pm
22457 spacer

Could have been a well spoken Welshy, m8, don't bloody trust 'em.
>> No. 22458 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 5:51 pm
22458 spacer
Fair enough. English people who can't actually write English that well aren't unheard of.
>> No. 22459 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 11:30 pm
22459 spacer
I'll accept my half of the blame for the wrong assumption, but perhaps you should have been more expressive than to mention a vague sense of foreignness about a completely unspecified piece of "their writing". How could someone who doesn't share your feeling possibly know? On the other hand, I'm definitely able to discern from the rest of his post the only email message present without you pointing out the colour used to quote it.
>> No. 22460 Anonymous
11th July 2014
Friday 3:54 am
22460 spacer

Mate...calm down. It was a brief misunderstanding, in a thread about vaporisers on an anonymous imageboard of absolutely no consequence.

Chill out.
>> No. 22461 Anonymous
11th July 2014
Friday 10:01 am
22461 spacer
>imageboard of absolutely no consequence
Ouch. You just going to take that, purps?
>> No. 22751 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 6:18 pm
22751 spacer
Turns out that they're killers after all.

>Exploding E-cigarette may have caused death of Merseyside man

>> No. 22752 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 6:38 pm
22752 spacer
Was probably a charger or e-cigarette with shit components and circuitry as described in the other thread.
>> No. 22753 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 6:41 pm
22753 spacer
Yes, that's what the article says.
>> No. 22754 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 7:43 pm
22754 spacer

Also it was in the same room as an oxygen generator. Even a minor fire will quickly rage out of control in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

The local fire brigade have reportedly engaged in a "reassurance campaign", which suggests that they're treating it as an isolated incident caused by an unusual set of circumstances.
>> No. 22755 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 7:47 pm
22755 spacer
The article says it's the ninth e-cig fire in Merseyside since the start of last year. THEY'RE EXPLODING DEATH TRAPS. It's probably safer to have a love and cherisher explode his beefy load into your mouth than to put an e-cig in there.
>> No. 22756 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:01 pm
22756 spacer
Why don't you just not smoke anything in the first place you thick bastards?
>> No. 22757 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:04 pm
22757 spacer

As mentioned in this thread >>22598 the problem is shit chargers, not e-cigarettes. The same thing is happening with mobile phones and tablets - the market is flooded with cheap Chinese chargers that don't meet EU safety standards and pose a fire risk.

Because the market is quite new, people tend to buy e-cigarettes from market stalls and local traders rather than reputable companies, increasing the likelihood that they'll end up with an unsafe charger. E-cigarette kits are often shipped from China with an EU or US charger, so the seller is incentivised to substitute it with the cheapest possible UK charger to maximise their profits.

>> No. 22758 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:05 pm
22758 spacer

Because nicotine is fucking lovely.
>> No. 22760 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 3:24 pm
22760 spacer
Is it really though? It smells like shit and the hit you get is very poor quality and short lasting just like you are in bed with your smoker's lungs.
>> No. 22761 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 6:26 pm
22761 spacer
>>22760 It's either that or be a smug, herbal tea drinking cyclist in Lycra shorts. I'd rather greatly shorten my life expectancy and look cool.
>> No. 22762 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 6:30 pm
22762 spacer

That's why I took up smoking. The reality is that I smoke like a bumder though, so it doesn't really work for me. I imagine if I looked like Clint Eastwood circa A Fistful of Dollars it would help immensely, but then if I looked like that I wouldn't need cool-aides.
>> No. 22763 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 9:57 pm
22763 spacer
I don't even vape with nicotine anymore.
>> No. 22764 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 10:01 pm
22764 spacer

Fags smell like shit, my e-cigarette smells lovely - peach, blueberry, vanilla, caramel. I often get comments from strangers on the nice smell. I regularly work in a local cafe and the proprietor is always keen to get a sniff of whatever I'm vaping that day. I've taken to vaping weird flavours just to amuse her; Red wine and ylang ylang went down well, mentholated bacon not so much.
>> No. 22765 Anonymous
9th August 2014
Saturday 10:25 pm
22765 spacer
Hahaha bacon cigarettes. That's just rank.
>> No. 22767 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 12:02 am
22767 spacer

Smoky bacon.
>> No. 22779 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 3:42 pm
22779 spacer

That guy's accent is absolutely ludicrous; he sounds like a shitty 80s stand-up, pretending to do a ridiculously exaggerated scouse accent, rather than an actual scouser.
>> No. 22781 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 3:45 pm
22781 spacer
Maybe he's from somewhere in Merseyside with an obscure variation of Scouse not generally heard.
>> No. 23005 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 12:22 pm
23005 spacer

Here's the new toy: Kanger Aspire tank and iTazte vv. Really liking the variable voltage and adjustable airflow with this, it's very fun for producing ridiculous clouds of vapour. Only downside is that it's so heavy (mostly due to the Aspire tank) that I'm petrified of dropping it and taking it outside. Being as I need to be able to vape everywhere to get me off smoking I'm considering buying a cheaper, shittier tank that I don't mind breaking if I drop it, and that doesn't look quite so flashy. Any ideas for one that would fit the bill?
>> No. 23007 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 1:15 pm
23007 spacer
> Being as I need to be able to vape everywhere to get me off smoking I'm considering buying a cheaper, shittier tank that I don't mind breaking if I drop it, and that doesn't look quite so flashy. Any ideas for one that would fit the bill?

You could buy a simple cartomizer [sic], like the ones that come with starter kits. They're dead cheap and very portable. I might have a closer look at your tank, sounds interesting, I really want to get a better vape than what I have at the moment.
>> No. 23008 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 2:07 pm
23008 spacer


If you're after a cheap and durable tank that still gives good vapour, you're probably wanting an Evod 2. It costs a fiver, has no glass parts and takes the same coils as your Aerotank. You'll probably want to stick with glass if you use citrus or cinnamon liquids (as these can cause polycarbonate tanks to crack), in which case take a look at the Evod Glass.


I'm a huge fan of the newly-released Kanger eMow kit, it's my top recommendation if you're looking for something better than a standard eGo kit but don't want a complicated mod setup. The Mow clearomiser is based on the class-leading Aerotank, uses the same coils and has adjustable airflow, but is smaller, narrower and has a metal shroud protecting the glass sleeve.

The matching eMow battery has excellent capacity (1300mah), basic variable voltage (switchable between 3.7v, 4.2v and 4.8v) and looks similar to a standard eGo battery but is slightly wider. The complete unit is relatively short in length, nicely balanced and looks quite discreet. Yours for £32 on eBay, complete with a charger and five spare coils. The Mow tank also fits flush with the Vision Spinner 2, if you prefer precise voltage adjustment.
>> No. 23009 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 2:26 pm
23009 spacer
I was already considering the plastic Evod - I just need to remember to not put my peppermint blend in there. I'm not going to blow money on glass when there's every possibility I'll drop the bloody thing in a pavement pizza. Thanks for the recommendation.
>> No. 23011 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 4:31 pm
23011 spacer
>Info re eMow etc

Thanks lad, will investigate further upon receipt of monthly paycheque.
>> No. 23012 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 4:48 pm
23012 spacer

Further, thanks for the info in this thread everyone. This is now my 9th week without any tobacco intake at all, with zero cravings, even in the company of smokers offering me fags, and it's almost completely thanks to this thread and other vaping communities online.
>> No. 23013 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 8:45 pm
23013 spacer
Nice one mate, I gave in and had a fag after dinner today but after that pack's finished I won't have any excuse to go back to fags.
>> No. 23049 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 11:33 am
23049 spacer
Is it possible to add a couple of drops of caffiene to one of the baccy-free liquids and have inhalable caffiene? I drink way too many energy drinks and they truly are full of shit. I don't smoke cigs so I don't really want to get dependent on a second substance.
>> No. 23050 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 12:08 pm
23050 spacer
If you need that caffeine that badly, start drinking espresso only or using energy pills/Pro-Plus. Those are just caffeine and a bit of glucose. If you wanted to find out whether a liquid caffeine solution would vape properly, you're going to need to find out at what temperature it vaporises, then find a setup that'll provide that. I think you're rather overcomplicating things by going straight for a vape.

There are easier ways to get your caffeine fix, or improve your energy levels. Go have a look in /A/ for discussions on nootropics and modafinil, or /fat/ on how to be healthier.
>> No. 23093 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 9:56 pm
23093 spacer

I'm in the market for a new setup myself. My faithful vision spinner died a month ago, and I bought a cheap battery to replace it. Nothing but problems with the cheap battery. The EVOD cleaoromiser I'm using is also getting old so I'm thinking might as well have a brand new kit.

I like the look of this one. Those Aspire batteries are apparently good and heard good things about those Mini Nautilus tanks too.

Has anyone got experience with these Aspire goods, before I depart with £45?

(I been vaping for a few years and had most luck with using kanger, vision and joycetech parts in the past, but fancy a change, especially if this is superior)
>> No. 23094 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 11:47 pm
23094 spacer

Aspire and Kanger are very closely matched. The old Aspire dual coil was almost identical to the Kanger dual coil, with a slightly different arrangement of wicks. They both give excellent, reliable vapour at reasonable voltages. Some people prefer one system or the other (I'm a loyal Kanger user), but there's no clear consensus as to which is better. The new BVC coil head is very highly regarded and some reviewers are calling it the best atomiser ever, though I haven't had chance to try one yet myself.
>> No. 23095 Anonymous
8th September 2014
Monday 11:25 am
23095 spacer

Cheers m8. Right going to have to order as i'm smoking to much tobacco at the moment. That's the issue when you don't have a decent setup!
>> No. 23096 Anonymous
8th September 2014
Monday 8:58 pm
23096 spacer

Bought one of these. The main body came broken (after experimentation is was revealed that the positive wire isn't actually attached to the positive terminal and it is too short to do so.

A new one is in the post. Also bought some base and flavours to mix my own liquid.
>> No. 23193 Anonymous
2nd October 2014
Thursday 1:53 pm
23193 spacer

A quick heads-up if anyone is looking for an e-cig kit and isn't sure what to buy.

I've just received the brand new Kanger eMow Mega kit, and it is an absolute corker. Vaping performance is a gnat's fart away from a high-end mod, but it's as easy to use as any eGo setup and the full kit (battery, clearo, charger and five spare coils) costs just £36 from myepack.co.uk or on eBay.

Build quality is excellent, it's surprisingly compact and balanced, and it looks brilliant especially in the metallic colours. It totally trumps the standard eMow kit for a couple of quid more.

I have been recommending the Vision Spinner 2 with the Kanger Mow tank, but the eMow Mega is a better option and works out slightly cheaper.
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