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>> No. 37942 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:37 pm
37942 spacer
'They took everything from me' - Father Ted creator breaks down on Northern Irish talkshow

The creator of Father Ted broke down on a late night Northern Irish talk show while discussing the impact his involvement in trans discourse has had on he and his family. Graham Linehan became emotional during a virtual interview with Stephen Nolan on Nolan Live today, stating, "They took everything from me. They took my family."

He said on the show: "Before this, all I was doing you know [was] writing comedy and playing board games and being silly on the internet, and then I just said 'Hang on a sec, stop calling these women terfs, stop sending them abuse, let them speak' and for that they just destroyed me."

The comedian and writer confirmed the breakup of his marriage following strain from financial insecurity due to loss of work.

When Mr Nolan prompted Mr Linehan about whether he truly felt destroyed, he responded with: "No, because the one thing about this that keeps me going is that I know I'm right. I know I'm right. When you open up a newspaper and see words, as I have many times, about sexual offenders who have suddenly decided they're women and the words 'her penis' comes up, well every time I see something like that I just think 'Well I'm right and everyone else is wrong'." He continued: "It's a very strange position for me to be in, it's the opposite position to one I've been in for my whole life. Sex is important, women are real, women's language is important, women need words like 'woman' to describe themselves, these are all just basic things."

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>> No. 37943 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:38 pm
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>> No. 37944 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:39 pm
37944 spacer
I don't have any skin in the trans/evangelist christian korean youtuber game, but Graham Linehan is a pathetic, hypocritical, cunt. Wonky faced fuck.
>> No. 37945 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:42 pm
37945 spacer
Yeah I don't care that much for the whole trans-rights debate, but Glinner self-destructing really is something.
>> No. 37946 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:56 pm
37946 spacer
Glinner. These women you are white knighting for will never fuck you.
>> No. 37947 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 6:03 pm
37947 spacer

It's funny how everyone calls a simp out for what he is when the women he's simping for are TERFs, but at all other times simping is a protected occupation.

I've got an idea: Men should just ignore women's problems, leave them to it. I bet they'd solve them overnight without men to interfere because they would suddenly cease to be at all relevant to anybody or anything.
>> No. 37948 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 6:46 pm
37948 spacer
Linehan seems to me like the object example of why in the modern world one of the most important skills you can cultivate is just ignoring things that make you angry. Practically all of social media is oriented towards making you argue, and that particularly preys on those who aren't complete idiots because they're so easily baited into trying to show how smart they are, how right are they are, and how wrong everyone else is. Linehan admits as much in the last paragraph and it's brought home something I've been thinking for a while: that being right doesn't mean anything. What matters is your relationships with other people, your own personal goals, your enjoyment or at least satisfaction in life. Having the right little viewpoint in your head counts for less than nothing, and it ought to be in the DSM if you'd throw any of the other things away just to "win" an argument. It's very hard to know or to admit you're wrong - and as he says, it's thinking he's right that keeps him going - but as a second best you can always ignore things. Take up planespotting. Far more relaxing and unlike in politics, you're under no illusion you've the power to change things well outside your control. You either see the plane or you don't, if it's cancelled it's cancelled.

I don't think he is right - I think he's ruined his life tilting at windmills - but my line of argument works better if you accept his own assertion that he is. That makes it clearer that his problem is an obsession, rather than a particular set of right or wrong beliefs.
>> No. 37949 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 7:00 pm
37949 spacer
It's amazing how much he's thrown away because some people didn't like an episode he'd written.

>> No. 37950 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 7:52 pm
37950 spacer
The majority of the pundit class agree with him and barely a week goes by without one of them writing about this exact subject in a Sunday paper, so I don't rightly understand how he can blame all his woes on trans men and women on Twitter, which is who I assume he refers to when he says "they". I sincerely doubt Father Ted the Musical was going to upturn the comedy applecart and usher in a new age of Linehanarchy, nor do I think the breakdown of his marriage can solely be attributed to his Twitter obsession. If the latter is the case then once again, that's noone's fault but his own. He repeatedly claims his opinions aren't anything controversial, but he and his comrades love to more or less state outright that "trans ideology" is being pushed by mysterious forces unseen, which I would consider quite a wild conspiracy and a very harmful one as well. One that almost resulted in government sanctioned kidnappings in, iirc, Florida only a week ago.

I basically agree entirely with >>37948 . I find Glinner far more interesting for his bizarre personal life than anything he actually has to say. I wanted to remind myself why he was banned from Twitter all that time ago while writing this post, but that's been completely overshadowed by what he did immediately afterwards. He logged onto Mumsnet and posted the following: “I’m really sorry to barge in on you Mumsnettters with my problems, but I’ve been finally suspended from Twitter and I have a feeling they’re either going to ban me or just take my verified tick”. He did this at 3am. I said that lad who emailed his MP at nearly 2am might look odd; complaining about your Twitter ban at 3am to the "Mumsnetters" should be an immediate sectioning under the mental health act, nevermind a minor source of social embarrassment.
>> No. 37951 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 8:15 pm
37951 spacer

"They took my family" is such a fascinating insight into his mindset.
>> No. 37952 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 8:58 pm
37952 spacer

>> No. 37953 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 10:46 pm
37953 spacer
>When you open up a newspaper and see words, as I have many times

I know the evangelist christian korean youtubers and the alphabet mafia have more than their fare share of nutjobs, I think this one sentence from Graham really says a lot. Actual cases of abuse and assault perpetrated by people who have named themselves trans are vanishingly rare, but newspapers and social media personalities are talking about such situations on a daily basis because it sells.
Meanwhile every single days hundreds or thousands of women are abused by plain old regular cis men, and plenty of trans people are abused and assaulted by other cis men and women.

Yeah a few trans people are proper wronguns but no more than the rest of the public. They're just easy targets, and one of the few minority groups left whom it's still somewhat socially acceptable to publicly ridicule and insult.
>> No. 37954 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 1:27 am
37954 spacer
Trans issues really affect (in real terms) no one. Does your Jenny have to compete with a trans Johnny? No. Do you on the daily deal with cis men in dresses invading toilets? No, I guess.

So who the fuck cares? So this guy wants to be called soem other name now.

I get that having a "penis haver" in a female rape support group is an issue,but given thise people can be counted on one hand (maybe two if you squint) why on gods green earth does anyone care?
>> No. 37955 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 2:19 am
37955 spacer

>why on gods green earth does anyone care?

Because for a while now, the levels of sympathy and support for trans folk a (piggybacking on general LGBT support) and their issues has slowly crept up in the public consciousness, and eventually taken over the position good old fashioned fisherpersonry used to hold quite comfortably alone.

The fisherpersons weren't happy about that, and declared war; because think about it from their position. They spent all this time earning special protections and exemptions for having two X chromosomes, and they'll be absolutely damned if they're going to allow somebody with a Y chromosome to enjoy those protections and exemptions. To them trans ideology is an existential threat.

Imagine it in terms more relatable to current affairs if it helps- Fisherpersons are Vladimir Putin, and trans rights are Ukraine joining NATO. In objective terms there should be nothing stopping Ukraine joining NATO of it's own free will, they have every right; but in realpolitik terms, Putin is simply flat out never going to stand for it, because it goes directly against his critical interests.

Of course this caused a rift in the fisherfolk community, and the left in general, because this hostility made it quite plain to see something fisherpersons had long tried to disguise- That their movement isn't really about equality at all. Thus battle lines also had to be drawn internally, and the TERFs designated as a splinter faction of heretic fascists. But the truth is, the TERFs are the ones most coherently sticking to the established ideological framework of 20th century fisherpersonry.

So in summary, if our popular media and establishment wasn't already so thoroughly saturated with fisherpersonry, none of this would be blown up as a huge issue- it's not a huge issue, it's fuck all, but there's an agenda at work. It's just like when Jeremy Corbyn was suddenly the worst anti-semite since Hitler, and all the Jewish people of the British upper-middle class all came out at once to slag him off, then mysteriously went silent on it like it had never even happened as soon as the election was over.
>> No. 37956 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 7:46 am
37956 spacer
I think we know how much attention we have to pay to you when you say things like "feminism isn't really about equality at all", lad.
>> No. 37957 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 8:21 am
37957 spacer
Recently a load of "Woman = Biological Human Female" stickers appeared around town, stuck on lamp posts, cashpoints etc.
For a chuckle I added a bunch of Trans pride flag stickers with them. Waiting to see what happens next
>> No. 37958 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 9:13 am
37958 spacer
I know it's not the same now, decontextualised, but this sentence fragment
>When you open up a newspaper and see words, as I have many times
is making me smile.
>> No. 37959 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 9:20 am
37959 spacer
What happened to plastering Britfa.gs stickers about?
>> No. 37960 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 9:41 am
37960 spacer
>He said: 'My original bet was that the Ted musical was too big to fail. I simply thought, if they come after it, then that will be good because then people will see how crazy this is, how absurd and how censorious, how anti-female, how homophobic that this movement is.’ But he claimed producers have ‘rolled over’ to lobbyists’ demands and pulled the plug, even though the show had gone into rehearsal.

>Linehan revealed, adding that The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon had ‘written some of the best music you'll ever hear’ for it. 'We have songs for every character, we have a great story, it was ready to go,’ he said. ‘And just because a group of people have decided that anybody who speaks up against this ideology is evil, they've just kind of rolled over for those people. No one is standing up for me.’

>As he complained about cancel culture, he added that no one in showbusiness had offered him support, saying: ‘I'll tell you why other comedians won't stand up for me even if they agree with me. Every comedian at the moment is living under a kind of state of permanent blackmail. Every comedian knows that if they step on the wrong side of any particular line, it could be this or it could be any other number of things, there's a few hot button issues where you have to follow a certain line and if you don't, you'll be destroyed.


He's in the right and he's so in the right that nobody is standing up for him but the reason they're not standing up for him is because they're scared of the trans-lobby, which only demonstrates further how right he is.
>> No. 37961 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 9:45 am
37961 spacer

Am I alone in having been totally unaware the musical was happening?
>> No. 37962 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 9:58 am
37962 spacer
Huge FT fan here. I was aware of it, but there is no way it would have been anything but self projection shite.
>> No. 37963 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 9:58 am
37963 spacer

Absolutely unhinged.
>> No. 37964 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:02 am
37964 spacer
It was announced about four years ago, I vaguely remember reading about it being based on Ted becoming pope, but I hadn't heard anything about it since until the end of last year when Glinner was whining in The Mail that Hat Trick had repeatedly told him to shut up about transfolk and he couldn't so they'd given him the ultimatum that either his name was removed from it or they'd pull the plug on the funding. In his own words:

>Hat Trick had asked Mr Linehan to remain silent on the subject, but he had found it difficult.

>‘The warnings from the production company became more insistent,’ explained Mr Linehan. ‘After a while, I had a very funny meeting with a top public relations guy at the company. I’d hoped it might help improve my image. Instead he said: “Graham, I have to tell you, there are some people in the office who won’t work for you”.’

>Mr Linehan added: ‘In almost every company I’ve worked with there are now young employees who are ferociously authoritarian. They seem to think that unless you believe the same things as them then you have no right to take part in society.’

In other news, Father Damo and Eoin McLove are starting a new podcast about Ted.
>> No. 37965 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:07 am
37965 spacer
T-bender inclusivity is what third-wave feminism actually is. The term has been co-opted to just be the worst things that everyone hates about sanctimonious green-haired professional bloggers, but originally, in academic feminism, the difference between second- and third-wave was about whether people who become women can be included in the struggle experienced by people who have always been women.
>> No. 37966 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:15 am
37966 spacer
So what are the chances that Graham, you know, is one? There's a notoriously high correlation between Those People and mental health difficulties, and Graham Shesaman is clearly suffering from some quite severe emotional disturbance. And we all know how often those militantly anti-gay Republicans and church preachers in America get caught with rent boys.
>> No. 37967 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:17 am
37967 spacer
That's likely half the problem.
>> No. 37968 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:29 am
37968 spacer
I think it's more a case of very extremely doubling down. He couldn't take it that some people didn't like a trans character he wrote in The IT Crowd and he's just gone deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole since.
>> No. 37969 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:40 am
37969 spacer

He's not trans, he just hates trans women and their thick, juicy, mouthwatering cocks. IT'S NOT NORMAL! I WAS NEVER CONFUSED.
>> No. 37970 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:59 am
37970 spacer

Then how come so many of them hate trans people? Well, it's because TERFs are not true Scotsmen is what you're about to tell me, but when you don't have that to fall back on, what's the answer, smart arse?

No, it's because trans women have penises and a Y chromosome, they are biologically male, thus they're not allowed in the special women's club; the special women's club is exclusive to women. The reason it's exclusive to women is because if everyone was allowed in, the game would be up.

The clash between TERFs and trans/LGBT people reveals the false premise modern feminism is based on.
>> No. 37972 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 12:17 pm
37972 spacer

>It's easy to see why TERFs would have trouble accepting evangelist christian korean youtuber and I can only assume you're being deliberately ignorant at this point.

I'm not arguing about that. I think the point I'm actually making has gone over your head.
>> No. 37973 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 12:20 pm
37973 spacer
The way I see it is hubris on his part. It's pretty transparent how he's all about his own free speech for his own crusade but that this is totally different to that Nazi dog, Laurie Penny or whatever it was when he was all on board with the hate speech train. He was clearly a knobhead before all of this but much like Channel 4 he was a bit cool in the 90s and early 00s.

Pretty sad to see he's lost everything for it though. I'm sure some vindictive people will jump for joy but I can't imagine how lonely it must be to lose your family and your career plus nobody is named Graham anymore and he probably thinks about that sometimes.

In a sense it's a symbol of a growing acceptance of Kimchi in the community - if it was 1+1=3 then everyone would just dismiss it as mental and not even engage.

Of course it's also the case that it's an intersection between competing forces and it just happens to be the current battleground. So you get death threats directed at 'TERFs', transpeople and hand-wringing politicians dishonestly advocating extreme solutions on both sides because being a dickhead gets you engagement.

>Linehan revealed, adding that The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon had ‘written some of the best music you'll ever hear’ for it. 'We have songs for every character, we have a great story, it was ready to go,’ he said. ‘And just because a group of people have decided that anybody who speaks up against this ideology is evil, they've just kind of rolled over for those people. No one is standing up for me.’

Actually quite gutted about this. Neil deserves better.

It's easy to see why TERFs would have trouble accepting Kimchi and I can only assume you're being deliberately ignorant at this point. If men and women are the same and the gendered brain doesn't exist then trans doesn't make any sense at all, if a group of biological women want to sit in a circle and discuss the latest boybands, men leaving the seat up and rejecting science for ideological reasons then they shouldn't get death threats or be made to play with others.
>> No. 37974 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 12:22 pm
37974 spacer

>Absolutely unhinged.

>Hat Trick had asked Mr Linehan to remain silent on the subject, but he had found it difficult.

As at 22.12.2019 Glinner had made 183,297 tweets. By 07.05.2020 that'd risen to 193,008 tweets. He was banned from Twitter the following month.


That's 9,711 tweets in the space of 138 days. That's an average of 70 tweets a day, every single day. In the first 14 days of February he tweeted a total of 1,628 times, averaging over 116 per day. I believe his most prolific day was 03.05.2020, when he tweeted a grand total of 334 times in one day; he tweeted a further 221 times the day after.

This is excluding deleted tweets, for example on 14.03.2020 the overall number of posts by his account decreased by 10, so the true number could be even higher.

He's completely lost it.

Lads, if you want to talk about TERFs, trans-rights and fisherpersons fuck off to (>>15041) rather than derailing this thread away from Glinner's absolute mentalism.
>> No. 37975 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 12:28 pm
37975 spacer
I followed a evangelist christian korean youtuber on twitter for a bit to try and be equal minded but it meant I got shown various threads where they were just plain being hateful; what appeared to be adult women engaging in real '90s Mean Girl bitching about people's appearances and sexuality. It's hard to see that and believe they're engaging in good faith in other contexts.
Anyway she started retweeting Andy Ngo and posted fits of herself wearing "not a proud boy's uniform the trim on this black Fred Perry shirt is mustard not yellow" and that's where I checked out.
>> No. 37976 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 1:16 pm
37976 spacer
Is this a new one, or are you using a word that hasn't been used until now? It obviously relates to the Korean aspect of the evangelist christian korean youtuber wordfilter.
>> No. 37977 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 2:16 pm
37977 spacer
Odd, it's the word to do with Bibimbap so I'm just as surprised as you.
>> No. 37978 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 2:46 pm
37978 spacer
I used to be able to keep up with the wordfilters on here but now that just leave me baffled.
>> No. 37979 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 3:13 pm
37979 spacer

At least they haven't filtered Gochujang.
>> No. 37980 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 3:33 pm
37980 spacer

Oppan Gangnam Style.
>> No. 37981 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 3:45 pm
37981 spacer


>> No. 37982 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 5:21 pm
37982 spacer
I don't really think it's genuine feminism, but not so much because I believe in a "true" feminism which I subscribe to as because of the nature of who I find falling into evangelist christian korean youtuber circles. Often, it feels like the middle class mother type. The type who'd in past days would insist that they're not a fisherperson, because a fisherperson is an annoying student who believes in things. They got into TERFism not because they've got complex views on the oppression that women face, but more because of how fun it is to get angry, and perhaps (at the risk of sounding rather prejudiced myself) because of needing a hobby once empty nest syndrome. Feeling under threat and getting angry, feeling privy to some special knowledge about the importance of "women's sex-based-rights" (a phrase that feels far too clunky and state-dependent for 'real' feminism, even of the trans-exclusionary variety) it's all fun, it all makes you feel a part of something. If I wanted to go further, I might even say something about having had the experience of being a parent, of having kids who've already grown up and grown distant, and now substituting fantasies of how the transcult™ might've gottem for actual familial engagement - or to reassure yourself that you did a good job, or that any parent of a evangelist christian korean youtuber person must be awful because you remember when your son picked up a doll and he turned out alright without insisting on becoming your daughter. They may now call themselves fisherpersons, but they became "fisherpersons" because of a loathing of evangelist christian korean youtuber people, and the impression is usually hollow enough that if you bring up (say) the wage gap they'll often be the first to explain that men and women do different jobs so it's not fair to go around...
My issue with your line of argument would be that there are hardly any trans people out there, so the fisherperson game in your version of things wouldn't really be up at all if you let transwomen in because there's just not that many of them, and even if you doubled or tripled the numbers there'd still be plenty of victimhood to go around.
>> No. 37983 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 6:35 pm
37983 spacer
Fuck off.
>> No. 37984 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 7:15 pm
37984 spacer
I just think it's worth pointing out that we all agree that men who cut their dicks off are a vanishingly tiny minority that can easily be ignored, but the vanishingly tiny minority of fisherpersons who are TERFs are suddenly at least 50% of all the fisherpersons and this is why fisherpersons are evil. You people are barmy.
>> No. 37985 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 7:33 pm
37985 spacer
See >>37983.
>> No. 37986 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 7:46 pm
37986 spacer
TERFs are not Fs the same way the HRE was not R.
>> No. 37987 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 8:11 pm
37987 spacer
I'd have gone with:
>TERFs are not Fs the same way MtFs are not Fs.
>> No. 37990 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 3:27 am
37990 spacer
You can't tell me what to do anymore, mum.
>> No. 37991 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 3:39 am
37991 spacer

But they are, they're RFs with a bit of extra seasoning. And an RF was always mental and barmy and wrong about most things. Nobody minds a mild, sensible F who just wants to have the same opportunities in her job and generally agrees that men get fucked a lot of ways by gender roles too, such as paternity and so on. But nobody likes an RF, because RFs are the mental ones who actually hate men, and are the just the opposite side of the coin from a misogynist.

This is the bit most people have trouble getting around. It's not the TE bit that's really important, it's the R. The RF already hated men, and therefore by logical extension of her values, that's why she's TE. evangelist christian korean youtuber is a redundant phrase, because it's pretty rare to find a RF who isn't also a TE. The trouble is that for years, RFs have disguised themselves as mild, sensible normal Fs; and shielded themselves from criticism with the motte and bailey defence of being a mild, sensible F, who just wants the thing a mild sensible F does.

It's like the bloke in They Live puts on the glasses and he can tell everyone's aliens- The trans debate is that, but for RFs, because they simply can't keep a lid on their insanity and reveal their true form. That's why they lose their shit when you suggest the impenetrable penis-deterrent forcefield on women's bathrooms be disabled, because in the ridiculous, delirious mind of the RF she truly is, anything with a penis succumbs to wild instinctual rape frenzy when exposed to middle aged women in the act of defecation. That's how they view men, and ergo, trans women. They are simply hysterical bigots, through and through.
>> No. 37992 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 9:21 am
37992 spacer

I've noticed this in person; on one hand you meet people calling themselves fisherpersons who were telling us that women are slightly magical, creators of human life who we should shut up around and just do what they say, follow their lead - they were also vocally anti-porn in the same way that religious types are (trans issues didn't come up). On the other were "listen to women but don't expect us to do all the leading, vaginas aren't magical, step up too", who I've never heard mention porn but they get on fine with trans people. I'm guessing these are your RFs and Fs.

It echoed my experience with race campaigners too; there are some who say you should quietly follow the lead of those with the relevant characteristics and some who ask you to use your initiative to help lead alongside them because leading is hard work.

In all four instances it's hard but the ones seeking allies rather than subordinates have always seemed like easier people to respect, on a personal level. They don't have that far-away manic gleam in their eye or the sensation of having to walk on egg-shells around them.
>> No. 37993 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 10:29 am
37993 spacer

As a society, we've largely forgotten just how odd the second wave of radical fisherpersons were. Valerie Solanas remained a highly influential figure after shooting Andy Warhol and getting sectioned. Germaine Greer wrote a book about how much she likes looking at young boys in the nude. Janice Griffith argued that transsexualism was a conspiracy to co-opt feminism, saying "All transsexuals rape women's bodies by reducing the real female form to an artefact, appropriating this body for themselves".

Radical fisherpersons do a terrible disservice to women.
>> No. 37994 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 11:35 am
37994 spacer
What a strict Catholic upbringing and gender dysphoria does to a MF.
>> No. 38141 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:24 am
38141 spacer

I'll post some of his madness next.
>> No. 38142 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:37 am
38142 spacer
>For Graham, a vocal defender of women's rights, has lost everything he holds dear in life because he dared to challenge a 'subculture' of trans activists over the 'insane' (his word) belief that a person with a penis can be a woman. He began to share his views with his 800,000 Twitter followers five years ago and the fury of the Left rained down on him. Today his marriage is over, his once glittering career has been laid low and he is, as he says, 'thoroughly cancelled'.

>Graham is giving his first interview about what he has endured in the same week a brave group of women's rights campaigners launched what they call 'the most significant female movement since the Suffragettes'. In mobilising voters to quiz politicians about their stance on women's rights with the slogan 'Respect My Sex if you want my X', they are determined to put a simple and very direct question to our elected representatives: 'Can a woman have a penis?' Indeed, such is the toxic nature of this febrile evangelist christian korean youtuber debate, few want to be drawn into it, including Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who this week refused to say if a woman can have a penis as he floundered during a trans rights debate on LBC radio.

>'It's mad,' says Graham. 'Politicians can't answer simple questions because these people [trans activists] have persuaded them it's complicated and difficult. It's not. All you have to do is stick to the principles we all know: the birds and the bees. People are terrified of getting into the debate, terrified of saying something wrong. If you disagree with them — if you say it denies biology or that it [the right to self-identify] is a gift to sex offenders and conmen who are able to completely erase any mention of who they previously were — they will try to destroy you. I'm not talking about trans people. I'm talking about trans rights activists. They tried to destroy me. They have taken everything from me. They took my family, my ability to earn a living. I haven't considered suicide but that's what I believe they want me to do. You know, I'm so cancelled that there were two shows called Cancelled and I wasn't asked to appear on either of them.'
>> No. 38143 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:40 am
38143 spacer
>During the five-year campaign waged against him, Graham, 54, has been condemned as a bigot, accused of harassment and Twitter has shut down his account. He has been reported to the police on three occasions. Officers have turned up at his home twice. Family members have been attacked by trolls. His wife of 18 years, Helen, with whom he created the hugely popular comedy series Motherland, was threatened and her address released online. They separated during lockdown.

>'It puts you under so much stress that you don't have room for anything else in your life. You don't have room for love or anything like that. You're just under attack all the time. I was fucking bullied and beaten for years. I've been smeared by Pink News, The Independent and The Guardian — none of whom have ever asked for an interview, by the way.'

>On one occasion, two years ago, after trans activist Dr Adrian Harrop accused Graham of transphobia, Graham and Helen awoke to find police at the door. Dr Harrop has recently been suspended by the General Medical Council for sending offensive tweets to some of those who challenge evangelist christian korean youtuber ideology online.

>'We were lying in bed on a Sunday morning. I opened the door and let the policeman in. I said, "This is the guy who abuses women online. He threatens them and he's using you to intimidate me." The policeman shook hands and went off. My wife and kids were still in the bedroom. I just shook it off but my wife was incredibly upset. She was horrified the police had come to her house. It was confusing for her — and is for anyone close to victims — because she just didn't know if I was doing anything wrong.'
>> No. 38144 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:42 am
38144 spacer
>'Basically what happened with my wife is I wouldn't shut up,' he says. 'They couldn't shut me up. I refused. I thought 'this is too important'. We're talking about women's rights. So they started going for her. They released her address online. They tried to get her animated children's series taken out of an animation festival in Ireland. They just turned their attention to her and, you know, it's frightening. The stress has its effect. You're losing opportunities, losing work, losing commissions, losing friends.'

>He was once firm showbusiness friends with Matt Lucas and David Walliams — but not any more. Executives at leading production companies who used to fall over themselves to wine and dine him in London's swankiest restaurants won't so much as take his calls. Then, earlier this year, he was offered £200,000 to 'walk away' from Father Ted The Musical by Hat Trick Productions, which produced the comedy series.

>'It was going great. Neil Hannon [the Irish singer songwriter] has written some brilliant songs. We'd rehearsed it twice. Then they're saying I have to walk away from it and offering me £200,000. I was really close to taking it because I could use the money, but they're saying I can't even have any creative involvement. I can't even go to rehearsals. What the fuck is going on?

>'These people, I thought, were my friends. They were saying they won't be able to get financiers for it unless I step away. I don't think that's true. I think the truth is that, like every other company, they are being ordered about by their under-35s who all seem to believe this shit. I've been called a bigot for years and no one stood up for me. Not Matt Lucas or David Walliams, who I made very famous. I directed the Little Britain pilot and they only got the meeting at the BBC because of me. Neither of them has had the guts to say "I know Graham Linehan and he's not a bigot".'
>> No. 38145 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:45 am
38145 spacer
>A few weeks ago, Graham heard the mother of one of the swimmers competing against Lia Thomas — who identifies as a woman but is a biological male — talking about how her daughter had said she didn't know what she was allowed to do if Lia came into the dressing room.

>'She was in tears, saying she had to explain to her that she didn't have to put up with anything like that. She couldn't believe she had to have that conversation with her daughter in 2022. I heard that and thought, 'fuck it. I'm not walking away. This has nothing to do with my toxicity and getting people to fund the show, it's about women's rights. There's a huge failure of the celebrity class. If only one or two big names said something, it would change the whole debate. They're cowards. Despicable cowards.'

>Graham is a passionate fisherperson who campaigned for years with Helen to repeal the Eighth Amendment in Ireland which prohibited abortion. They loved each other deeply then and made a hugely powerful video about having had to abort a child of their own on medical grounds. The country voted to repeal the Act in 2018 by an overwhelming majority.

>His battle with trans activists began during this campaign, when he liked a tweet 'no one could have a problem with, that said trans people should be respected but women need single spaces'.

>A Twitter user responded calling him a evangelist christian korean youtuber [trans-exclusionary radical fisherperson]. 'I responded saying, 'Please don't use the word evangelist christian korean youtuber.' It's a misogynist hate slur that's used to tag women as acceptable targets for violence — rape threats, death threats. That was what started the ball rolling. It was my first crime. I read the tweet I'd liked again and thought, 'There's nothing hateful in this. Nothing bad. It's just common sense.' So I kept going.'
>> No. 38146 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:48 am
38146 spacer
>Graham says he hates bullies: 'I was bullied as a kid. I was tall and my mum and dad told me never to get into fights, so I was kind of an easy target,' he explains. 'I particularly hate to see women being bullied. I fought back. At one point, if you fought back, the trans activists would reply, 'OK Boomer', meaning, 'OK old person'.

>Graham says he, in turn, would reply, 'OK Groomer', as he feels strongly that children — and society as a whole — is being groomed into this line of thinking: 'Kids are walking down a really dangerous road. They're going to be medicalised for life, but no one was picking up on it.'

>Within a year, Graham had attracted the fury of trans activist Stephanie Hayden, who was born male and holds a female gender recognition certificate. As well as identifying as a woman, Stephanie identifies as a lawyer and has a law degree, although she is not listed as a member of any professional legal body and has issued multiple lawsuits against those who have challenged gender identity ideology.

>Hayden and Graham became embroiled in a civil legal action. 'Around that time [of the civil suit] I got cancer of the testicle. It's fine. It's the best type for a man. They just took it away,' he says. 'I got £250,000 [critical illness insurance] and said to my wife, "Look, I'm going to start talking about this stuff because it's important. I know they're going to come after my livelihood but now I've got this money. Let me use £30,000 to fight [Hayden] because if we can expose this I'll show that I'm really about people using evangelist christian korean youtuberism to harass others. The rest of the money will keep me going until Ted The Musical happens."

>'I genuinely thought it was so mad it wouldn't last. I never thought we'd have Labour politicians unable to say what a woman was. I thought, "This will clear up soon. People will realise how crazy this is." So I started explaining to my 800,000 followers that there was a group called TERFS who are not bigoted and not hateful, but are being driven offline by a group of trans activists.'
>> No. 38147 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:51 am
38147 spacer
>Within a year, he had lost 300,000 followers. 'The activists wrote to friends of mine who followed me, saying, 'why are you following Graham Linehan, he's a bigot.' As the campaign against him became increasingly venomous, friends told him to 'shut up' for his own good. When he wouldn't listen, the showbusiness world began to freeze him out.

>'It started gradually with people not answering me publicly or privately on Twitter. I don't think there was one particular point that I noticed, I was just very befuddled by the coldness I was experiencing. I was asking people to sign a petition stating that they oppose the death and rape threats sent to JK Rowling. Everyone had an excuse not to. I realised too late that it wasn't necessarily that they didn't agree with me, but they were terrified and they certainly weren't going to defend me. I had a thing cancelled in Australia where I was supposed to talk about comedy writing. I was asked to write a companion piece to the play Black Comedy, one of my favourite pieces, and a couple of weeks after asking me they took it away.

>'Then one day in June 2020, I checked into Twitter. I got a load of weird flurries and then it disappeared.' Twitter had banned him, accusing him of 'misusing the platform'. They banned me simply because there was a mass reporting campaign against me. They went back and found tweets that weren't illegal or against their terms and conditions when I wrote them.'

>Graham stops. He looks truly weary. Throughout this lengthy interview, his knee has been going up and down and his hands tremble. You realise it is not only his career and marriage that have been deeply affected by this nastiness. In the two years since Twitter closed him down, he has written regularly on the online platform Substack, in the newsletter The Glinner Update, where he has thousands of paid subscribers who help him pay his bills.

>'I just keep thinking people will realise what's going on and I'll be vindicated. Sometimes you just have to say, "that's a bloke". You have to protect women. That's what keeps me going. And every time I get people like rape victims writing to me saying, "thank you for doing what you're doing", I know I'm on the right track and I'm not going to stop. But when is someone in authority going to say, "Hang on a second. This is insane. When will the adults finally enter the room?"'
>> No. 38148 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:51 am
38148 spacer
>As well as identifying as a woman, Stephanie identifies as a lawyer and has a law degree, although she is not listed as a member of any professional legal body and has issued multiple lawsuits against those who have challenged gender identity ideology.
I only skimmed it but that's a deftly delivered nugget.

Anyway, calm down on the Glinner spam.
>> No. 38149 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 10:56 am
38149 spacer
That's the full lot. The thing that caught my eye in the article, which isn't even about Glinner, was the part saying a women's rights group are going to keep asking politicians whether a woman can have a penis. Labour are fucked.
>> No. 38153 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 4:21 pm
38153 spacer
What an awful interview that is. But he says he's a committed fisherperson. How many women worked on his shows? How many episodes of Father Ted were directed by women? There are plenty of female directors looking to break into the industry, and not getting the opportunities because they are women. Did Graham care about that? So many people in his say that no, actually, they're not bigots, they're actually just too fisherperson for the rest of us. But given opportunities to help women, to promote women, to fund women's charities and to do their bit for gender equality, they are mysteriously silent. It was very nice of him to campaign for abortion rights in Ireland; that's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. He did it once, and the interview concedes that basically everyone supported it anyway. Perhaps he should go and campaign in America, where women's abortion rights are being eroded. But he isn't. He's only interested in women's rights when it works as an excuse to explain his other comments. He talks in the interview about how his poor wife was so upset by the big mean policemen who made her cry. Poor little wifey. She's such a sweet girl. Not exactly empowering terminology, is it? This man is a professional writer who claims to be very passionate about such things. Well, he clearly isn't.
>> No. 38156 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 5:31 pm
38156 spacer

What will they actually do if someone just says "yes" to that question?
>> No. 38157 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 5:53 pm
38157 spacer
Presumably, the correct answer is "a trans woman can have a penis, but a cis woman cannot"?
>> No. 38158 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 6:15 pm
38158 spacer
I'm a big fan of
>She can have my penis any time! Phwoooaaarr!
>> No. 38159 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 6:33 pm
38159 spacer
>Well, he clearly isn't.
Not when you're the lead act at a drum & bias show. You simply can't judge someone's ideology by what they haven't done, that's crap.

You even actually mentioned him going out of his way for feminism, then handwaved it as 'everyone else was doing it anyway so it doesn't' count. Falling back on quibbling specificc terminology during a single segment of a stressful interview (note the use of emotive adjectives I'm copying off you) is just transparent - do you see all wording at all times as precisely illustrative of the exact internal biases of any single person?

He's off the fucking deep end clearly, but your post was also a mess.
>> No. 38161 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 7:36 pm
38161 spacer
>emotive adjectives I'm copying off you
And I was being emotive because the article was deliberately and needlessly emotive.
>a single segment of a stressful interview
If he thought that supportive softball interview was stressful, I'm not surprised he's gone mad.
>> No. 38167 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:46 pm
38167 spacer
What about the mad ones that have their cock chopped off? And then there's the fact that trans-women keep their vagina while gaining a pseudo-cock, a reverse-futa.
>> No. 38168 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:53 pm
38168 spacer

Does it mean I'm gay if I would fuck Blair White?
>> No. 38169 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:57 pm
38169 spacer

No, but it does make you a bit of a gammon.
>> No. 38170 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 4:32 pm
38170 spacer


Go for Kim Petras instead, if you like watered-down white K pop and don't want to mess with dangly bits.
>> No. 38171 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 4:42 pm
38171 spacer
>a gammon
I don't get it.
>> No. 38172 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 4:56 pm
38172 spacer


>Blaire White (born September 14, 1993) is an American YouTuber and political commentator. Politically right-wing, White has been critical of third-wave feminism, activists she views as social justice warriors, and activist movements such as Black Lives Matter.

>> No. 38173 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 5:02 pm
38173 spacer

She's gone off the rails a bit since her K-pop phase...

>> No. 38174 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 5:20 pm
38174 spacer
Ah right well I'm not interested in her politics I just want a blowie.
>> No. 38175 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:32 pm
38175 spacer


Just too much of everything.

She was very pretty and natural when she was about 18-22, in a way that put many real women to shame, but nowadays, she's really more a glorified drag queen.
>> No. 38176 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 9:03 pm
38176 spacer

I'm not calling you a carpet-bagger, but I'm not not calling you a carpet-bagger.
>> No. 38177 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 10:10 pm
38177 spacer

Save it for the lad who's frolicking over Greta.
>> No. 38178 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 12:36 am
38178 spacer
If women can have penises then why do evangelist christian korean youtubers go through all the bother to have their johnsons inverted? Do the ones who want to have the surgery suffer from ingrained heteronormative oppression and gender stereotyping? If not, does it become an aesthetic choice like a woman getting surgically enhanced boobs or a man getting jaw surgery?

My best guess is that they think they'll be able to snag someone 100% straight instead of one of those weirdo evangelist christian korean youtuber chasers, but the neo-vagina technology isn't there yet so they often end up alienating both groups.

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