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>> No. 78448 Anonymous
7th October 2016
Friday 5:25 pm
78448 spacer
I voted leave but isn't this all going a bit too far now?


>Leading foreign academics acting as expert advisers to the UK government have been told they will not be asked to contribute to government work and analysis on Brexit because they are not British nationals.

Coupled with the listing of migrant workers (what does this achieve anyway?) it's all getting a bit out of hand.
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>> No. 78577 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 11:29 pm
78577 spacer
Did they say after the vote, or after actually leaving?

Because there is of course the minor fact that nothing has happened yet.
>> No. 78579 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 11:38 pm
78579 spacer
I don't know about this, someone tells a Pole to fuck off and I see a connection but I've not heard anyone complain about gays coming over 'ere sucking all our dicks. Homophobic attacks have gone up for the past 10 years so there is that but then again 'LGBT anti-violence charity' sounds a bit biased and we have the problem of rises in reported crime. Nothing against LGBT and voted Remain I just question the data.

>Nik Noone, Galop’s chief executive, said: “UK responses to hate crime are among the best in the world but our hate crime laws are far from perfect. The highest prison sentence a court can give for homophobic, transphobic or disability common assault is six months.

I mean its obvious they have an agenda and one that I don't agree with (raising sentences that is) therefore its doubly suspicious. The conclusion that should be reached is that treating causes of offence differently doesn't work because you just end up with a long list of special crimes and people upset that they aren't covered them. Lightly touching a someone in a threatening manner (without being ABH) doesn't in my mind justify more than 6 months in prison even if it motivated against a minority group and the money spent on punishment would be better used educating and the like.

Galop of course would love to put pressure on the government to raise sentencing and they look at the data to support that. You get me?
>> No. 78580 Anonymous
8th October 2016
Saturday 11:48 pm
78580 spacer


And your point is.....

Go on, tell me.
>> No. 78592 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 2:56 am
78592 spacer
>I've not heard anyone complain about gays coming over 'ere sucking all our dicks

Good point made ladm8. The Guardian is up it's arse on such Brexit scaremongering matters. Pun intended.
>> No. 78596 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 7:38 am
78596 spacer
If you look at the figures in the report, the 200% rise in gay hate crime or whatever is an increase the numbers being reported to that specific charity from like 7 to 21.

>> No. 75000 Anonymous
1st July 2016
Friday 12:18 pm
75000 spacer


What would ol' Powell think of all this Brexit malarky?

Why are our politicians so shit today vs. back then? Powell was a University Professor by the age of 25 and thus deserves a modicum of elitism, whilst most of todays MPs are bred-to-rule fuckwits who are bland badly dressed facsimiles of the inbred monarchies democracy was supposed to usurp.

When I worked in an old folks home, the old yins used to sing his praises, but I used to think Powell was no more than a bigot.

Watching this, I find him to be a lot more sympathetic. I'm behind his views that Caucasian people should be able to be ethnocentric as other races are, although I would probably phrase my concerns using different language. His 'rivers of blood' speech seems pretty relevant with regards to the 'refugee' crisis.

He clashed with Heath, who we know now to be a dirty nonce so that's a positive for him. But Thatcher is singing his praises, and we now know her to be a dirty nonce enabler and potentially the anti-christ.

He was also a Unionist in Ireland and probably contributed to a shitstorm of the troubles, right? I'm not so up on my Pre-Blair political knowledge.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 77497 Anonymous
9th September 2016
Friday 7:39 pm
77497 spacer
>We were talking about New Labour.
And that would be how you invited it. The rest of us were talking about Enoch Powell.
>> No. 77504 Anonymous
9th September 2016
Friday 10:16 pm
77504 spacer
I think it's fair to assume that someone with a massive poster of Lenin has more than a passing acquaintance with the works of Trotsky as well.
You would imagine he had read about the various branches of communism before picking a favourite.
>> No. 77505 Anonymous
9th September 2016
Friday 10:25 pm
77505 spacer
There are 100s of thousands of Trotskyists or Leninists in the UK then. Right.

>I think it's fair to assume that someone with a massive poster of Lenin has more than a passing acquaintance with the works of Trotsky as well.
The funny thing about the Labour Right's obsession with Trots is that for half of them, it goes back even to their radical youth, when they were anti-Trotskyist Stalinists.
>> No. 77506 Anonymous
9th September 2016
Friday 10:26 pm
77506 spacer

To be fair, some probably just picked someone out of this lineup without knowing much about them.
>> No. 77508 Anonymous
9th September 2016
Friday 10:44 pm
77508 spacer

You really are grasping at straws...

>> No. 77102 Anonymous
29th August 2016
Monday 7:54 pm
77102 spacer
Lads, I don't know if I'm a closet case Tory or something.

My dad was a factory worker and was, until recently, a lifelong Labour voter. Working class through and through, went on convoys to deliver food and supplies to mining villages during the strikes, absolutely delighted when Thatcher died, etc. The majority of my friends are Labour voters, with the few who aren't Greens. The notion of voting Tory shouldn't even be entering my mind, it's the sort of thing that gets ingrained as incredibly shameful, lower than vermin.

Then I moved to a Tory town. It was nice. After living in post-industrial shitholes which have been Labour strongholds for decades it was a pleasant surprise. People actually took pride and responsibility in their surroundings. When there were issues the local community actually came together to solve them, whereas I'd been used to people who would only get off their arses if it was to complain because it never comes into their mind to do something about it themselves. Labour want to keep these areas in decline so they have a ready made supply of sedentary voters who want their arses wiping for them.

The thing is, it wasn't even an affluent town. It was simply an area where people wanted to improve their lot. It's been an eye opener and has made me reevaluate my worldview. I don't know if the modern left is right for me, as it seems too obsessed with identity politics than anything. I don't want to be a champion of the working class as I've grown up around enough of them to know, outliers notwithstanding, they're largely thickos who didn't value an education or didn't have the effort to make something of their life in another way. I just don't know if I could bring myself to vote for them, though. Whilst I agree work should pay more than benefits I don't agree with the way they are going about things and I don't agree with their obsession with privatisation.

Does this make sense? I've probably oversimplified things a bit here.
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>> No. 77258 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 4:29 pm
77258 spacer
Define "green".
>> No. 77259 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 4:34 pm
77259 spacer

>> No. 77260 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 5:11 pm
77260 spacer

Here, have some blue grass.
>> No. 77261 Anonymous
31st August 2016
Wednesday 5:18 pm
77261 spacer
Thanks, have some of mine.

>> No. 77458 Anonymous
9th September 2016
Friday 11:06 am
77458 spacer
I prefer this version.


>> No. 76826 Anonymous
24th August 2016
Wednesday 11:47 pm
76826 spacer
Policemen go around punishing women because of how they are dressed. What nation am I?

Afghanistan? No, but close. I am the great French Republic.

So lads, why is it okay when western governments police what women wear, but barbaric when the barbarians do it? I don't even see any feminist groups raising an eyebrow. Maybe people just hate Muslims and don't see the weird precedent that is being set here.
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>> No. 76971 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 10:22 pm
76971 spacer
HFCS 42 is around 100. HFCS 55, containing more of tehe sweeter fructose, is around 110-120, which puts it around the same level or higher than honey and maple syrup.
>> No. 76979 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 10:52 pm
76979 spacer
0.99 is HFCS 55. HFCS 42 is 0.92.


>The standard for intensity of sweetness is set by sugar with a sweetness level of 1.0. Compared to sucrose, 55% high fructose corn syrup has about 0.99 relative sweetness; 42% HFCS is 0.92

This is getting tiresome.
>> No. 76981 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 11:09 pm
76981 spacer

>0.99 is HFCS 55. HFCS 42 is 0.92.
Nope. 55 is 1.2.
>> No. 76991 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 12:44 am
76991 spacer
When I ate a lot of sugary, sweet foods, my sweat would smell sweet. If I didn't shower for a couple of days I'd smell fucking atrocious, but accumulated sweat over a few hours would smell sweet. Then when I started religiously eating at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg every day and cut out all processed food, I'd smell less sweet but I really wouldn't smell that bad at all, even if I didn't shower for 3-4 days. Even your piss smells better.

That's what I told my mrs anyway so she'd let me piss in her face.
>> No. 76994 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 1:23 am
76994 spacer
>That's what I told my mrs anyway so she'd let me piss in her face.
Poor show, lad. You were at completely the wrong end there.

>> No. 76530 Anonymous
14th August 2016
Sunday 11:20 pm
76530 spacer
On the back of this UN report that the pension ponzi is coming to an end, what's the future of pensions?
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>> No. 76634 Anonymous
20th August 2016
Saturday 3:26 pm
76634 spacer
>Thanks for the complete lack of any valid points of rebuttal.
What would be the point of those? You've already had plenty and shown yourself incapable of grasping them.
>> No. 76635 Anonymous
20th August 2016
Saturday 3:28 pm
76635 spacer
Which post are you even talking about now? Pretty sure I've read most of the posts you've claimed as your own more closely than you bothered to proof-read any of them mate. It's OK, we all get mad sometimes. No need to get defensive about it, we can move on like adults now.
>> No. 76636 Anonymous
20th August 2016
Saturday 3:30 pm
76636 spacer
>incapable of grasping them.

By which you mean I've not responded to your "All debt is baaaad!" strawman? Well no, if you make a proper point to what I'm actually saying I might consider it.
>> No. 76637 Anonymous
20th August 2016
Saturday 3:45 pm
76637 spacer
Yeah, no. The clear, unambiguous message from your posts is "saving good, debt bad".
>> No. 76638 Anonymous
20th August 2016
Saturday 4:39 pm
76638 spacer

You mean both of them? Have a cup of Bovril on me mate. Not a pint mind, lad, we don't want you over the limit.

>> No. 67793 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 11:25 pm
67793 spacer
>BERLIN — German police has described a series of sexual assaults against women in Cologne on New Year's Eve as "a completely new dimension of crime."

>Officers received numerous complaints from women who said they had been assaulted around Cologne's main train station next to the western German city's famous cathedral on the night from Thursday to Friday. Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers says witnesses described the assaults as coming from a group of up to 1,000 men whose appearance indicated they were of "Arab or North African origin."

>Some 60 criminal complaints have so far been filed, including one allegation of rape. German news agency dpa quoted Albers telling reporters on Monday that it was "an intolerable situation that such crimes are committed in the middle of the city."


Will we ever get our continent back?
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>> No. 76448 Anonymous
7th August 2016
Sunday 2:36 pm
76448 spacer

"man chucks rock" isn't exactly front page material.
>> No. 76449 Anonymous
7th August 2016
Sunday 3:09 pm
76449 spacer
Stoning the gays is a well known Arabic past time.
>> No. 76450 Anonymous
7th August 2016
Sunday 4:08 pm
76450 spacer

Having lived in B'Right'On, I can attest that hurling rocks at people down't beach is a common past-time.
>> No. 76451 Anonymous
7th August 2016
Sunday 4:10 pm
76451 spacer

To be fair, Cooky can look a bit gay at times.
>> No. 76467 Anonymous
8th August 2016
Monday 6:22 pm
76467 spacer

>laplanderstani Taliban faction has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack at the emergency department of a hospital in laplanderstan's Quetta that left at least 70 people dead.

>Monday's attack targeted a group of mourning lawyers, who were gathered to accompany the body of a murdered colleague.


Sometimes these guys are alright.

>> No. 75214 Anonymous
5th July 2016
Tuesday 11:00 pm
75214 spacer
Will she be a good Prime Minister?
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>> No. 75315 Anonymous
9th July 2016
Saturday 9:50 pm
75315 spacer

MJ 2014 Firmament Flood and creation.gif

Yes, the god excuse covers all hopelessly hopeless possibilities.
>> No. 76040 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 2:14 pm
76040 spacer

yet another Europhile blairite... now with VAGINA
>> No. 76041 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:02 pm
76041 spacer

I find it all very sad. All these people who could be reprobate shaggers, shackled in some dismal marriage by their own crackpot beliefs. They could have it all, if only they realised. I'd like to take Stephen Crabb to Holland for a long weekend.
>> No. 76042 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:15 pm
76042 spacer
Take your pills lad.
>> No. 76043 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 4:11 pm
76043 spacer
I bet he never had a stag.

>> No. 74118 Anonymous
23rd June 2016
Thursday 11:01 pm
74118 Referendum results thread
Headlines so far:

* Final on-the-day poll showed a small uptick for Remain.
* Turnout suspected to be higher than general election in many areas.
* Kipper-in-chief conceded possible defeat, but then recanted.
* Brexit MPs, including BoJo and Gove, have signed letter saying PM has "duty to stay on".

First actual results expected within the next hour.
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>> No. 75811 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 9:26 pm
75811 spacer
Employment being at record highs is literally meaningless. We have more people in employment in 2016 than we had in 1966 primarily because the population in 2016 is considerably greater than it was in 1966. Also bear in mind that we're still bouncing back from the recession at the start of the decade. It's like a cyclist saying their speed has reached a 10-minute high around five minutes after passing the top of the Tourmalet.

The reality is that investment in the UK was never going to go away after a vote to leave, but investors were only going to do it at a suitable price - hence the run on sterling and the collapse in share prices. If share prices reach the same level as before the referendum, that's still a real-terms loss of 15%. Apparently the pound has "surged" to $1.31. On the evening of June 23, it was at $1.48. The purchase of ARM Holdings by SoftBank was priced at £24b. That was Y3.3tr. Thanks to the vote, SoftBank have saved themselves around Y400b.
>> No. 75821 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 10:06 pm
75821 spacer

employment rate.png
>Employment being at record highs is literally meaningless. We have more people in employment in 2016 than we had in 1966 primarily because the population in 2016 is considerably greater than it was in 1966. Also bear in mind that we're still bouncing back from the recession at the start of the decade. It's like a cyclist saying their speed has reached a 10-minute high around five minutes after passing the top of the Tourmalet.

Not nominal, relative.
>> No. 75850 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 2:07 am
75850 spacer

There's a legitimate argument that high employment can be a bad thing. Are people working because the economy is working for them, or are they taking any job they can get just to escape the JobCentre?

We also know that underemployment is at a record high. Is it better for a graduate to take any job they can get, or wait for an opportunity with real prospects? Is a rise in part-time, casual and zero-hours work a sign of economic success?

The social contract is about more than just work. Traditionally, jobs provided security and opportunity. Fifty years ago, a job meant being able to save, support a family and have a secure home. Today, an increasing proportion of the labour market are surviving rather than thriving. Wages have stagnated, conditions of employment are worsening, the cost of living is rising.


The sale of ARM is a sad loss for Britain. Ferranti, Plessey, ICL, all these proud names gone. I hope that Softbank tread softly on my dreams.
>> No. 75854 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 8:58 am
75854 spacer
Plessey are back as a LED house, fabbing in the UK.
>> No. 75864 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 12:56 pm
75864 spacer

That's good to hear, although it's a bit of a comedown from Plessey's former status.

>> No. 74485 Anonymous
25th June 2016
Saturday 11:55 am
74485 bye dave
I'll remember you as a pretty good Prime Minister. Although you're a poshboy and therefore have little in common with me I've always thought you were the best man around at the time to do the job. It's a ridiculous job to do when you think about it.

Who is the next Prime Minister?
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>> No. 75681 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 9:11 pm
75681 spacer

>One of Theresa May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to move responsibility for climate change to a new Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Here we go.
>> No. 75682 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 9:22 pm
75682 spacer
What's the issue?
>> No. 75684 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 9:41 pm
75684 spacer
Well seeing as industry and business are essentially the root cause of climate change, yet bear most of the burden of limiting it, it never made much sense for Government policy to treat them in isolation from each other.

It helps that Greg Clark is most definitely not a climate change sceptic, he comes across as very passionate about the issue and I can see him keeping it near the top of his list of priorities.
His approach to limiting climate change is also very positive, his quotes in the past have been strongly in favour of promoting things which save money and create jobs in the long term. In the past decade our climate change policies have involved paying windfarms massive amounts of money to not produce electricity.
>> No. 75709 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 1:58 am
75709 spacer
Why stop there? The department for business should amalgamate with the department for education. After all what is education if not preparing people for work? And we can roll transport into it too because people use transport to get to school and work, and let's not forget sticking the home office in the same building too, because it doesn't make any sense for ministers to be talking about jobs, education and transport without involving how many people are migrating in and out of the regions of the country to make use of them. The Treasury, environment, international trade and development, foreign office, they're all related too. In fact all these departments are related to each other, the current system makes no sense. There should just be one department. And we could call it the department for business.
>> No. 75713 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:41 am
75713 spacer
>What's the issue?

p'akis in p'aki shops bumpng up a 10p bag to a 20p bag and all you get is a foam shrimp 2 gobstoppers a couple of haribos and chin pubes

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 66087 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:02 am
66087 spacer
>Former UK PM Tony Blair would support the US if military action was needed in Iraq, a top US official claimed in a memo written a year before the war.

>The document, written in March 2002 by ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George W Bush, has been published by the Mail on Sunday. It said: "Blair will be with us should military operations be necessary.

>The briefing note emerged after a court ruling in the US led to the publication of thousands of emails received by Hillary Clinton, who served as Secretary of State under President Obama.


>The sensational leak shows that Blair had given an unqualified pledge to sign up to the conflict a year before the invasion started.

>It flies in the face of the Prime Minister’s public claims at the time that he was seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis. He told voters: ‘We’re not proposing military action’ – in direct contrast to what the secret email now reveals.

>The classified document also discloses that Blair agreed to act as a glorified spin doctor for the President by presenting ‘public affairs lines’ to convince a sceptical public that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction – when none existed. In return, the President would flatter Blair’s ego and give the impression that Britain was not America’s poodle but an equal partner in the ‘special relationship’.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 75442 Anonymous
11th July 2016
Monday 6:53 pm
75442 spacer
Are SDP folded into Liberals or what?

I find it hard to believe that in the Alliance, the SDP got <1% of the vote while the Libs pulled in the rest, but there's no SDP line despite them getting allocated a colour.
>> No. 75443 Anonymous
11th July 2016
Monday 6:57 pm
75443 spacer
I suppose.
>> No. 75447 Anonymous
11th July 2016
Monday 7:13 pm
75447 spacer
Yes, SDP folded into Liberals for 1987.
>> No. 75448 Anonymous
11th July 2016
Monday 7:25 pm
75448 spacer
FWIW, it was a fairly even split in 1983 and around 4:3 in favour of the Liberals in 1987.
>> No. 75449 Anonymous
11th July 2016
Monday 7:31 pm
75449 spacer

Adapted it a bit. I'm not very good at Excel.

>> No. 73838 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 11:42 pm
73838 National Action?

Anyone here heard of these guys? The core membres seem young, I'd estimate 18-30, and they have used imageboard culture as a means to deliver their message. Not memes as such, just their sense of humour, the graphics and editing of their videos, they use a neo-retro style for some of their graphics and text, and they use phrases straight from fuck-chuckery ForeskinChan. There's a brief BBC interview of one of their core membres, and it's the classic case of him not having parents, not willing to discuss his situation, extreme beliefs on the back of an economic downturn, and finding companionship, brotherhood, and what these people deem to be adequate answers to the problems they face, in the form of participation in political activism.

The problem here, is that their ideology is firmly grounded in conspiracy. If you read their site, they're trying to present themselves as an intelligent, organised, contemporary, sexy, dominant alternative to the other nationalist movements in the country at the moment, through their use of media, the slant they put on their articles, and their tactics. In a recent video, they claim that they had been shut down by Liverpool antifascists. So in response, on their following demonstration, they misdirected the antifascists counter-protest by announcing they were headed to Manchester, then at the last minute put the word out for their followers to get to a location in Liverpool (they refer to this as 'experimental methods', but it's apparent that simply means to chat shit so as to throw off any spies and then tell everyone what's happening as late as possible), and claimed this as a huge victory while they were largely kettled into a corner at the top of some steps outside a church or whatever it was, I've forgotten.

Even the existing right wing are denouncing them - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RoVYOUJMcY - this chap from Liverpool who was formerly in the National Front says they are idiots, specifically, 'saddos', and that their methods are not what should be done to generate momentum for their cause.

And that's because their cause is national socialism; they are nazis and they are not hiding from it, they are proud, and on numerous occasions - there is footage of their Liverpool protest and the speaker is calling for all minorities and all of their defenders to be gassed.

In my opinion, these are a group of young, socially marginalised men, who are presenting themselves to be adept, in touch, intelligent, competent nationalists. There is some image on their website in which they ask readers to persuade baby boomers to stop watching television and use the internet. Wonderful advice, in my opinion, but clearly they are referring to part of the internet that is made up of all that 'killuminati jews did the titanic it was a goldbreg not an icebreg, 7/11 was a part time job, protect our women from the chlamydiots of ghengis khan's horde'. The kind of shit that could be misinformation, could be declassification, could be both mixed together to throw you off by mixing legit disclosure with bullshit from a shill on the CIA payroll so you question the source, it could only be pure speculation, as in - "look at these inconsistencies, the moon landings didn't happen because clearly a flag should not move like that in space despite this being the first ever journey to the money in the history of humankind but I as an unemployable nationalist am qualified to make that judgement" - the kind of speculation that is well constructed and really touches the nerve that has been bothering you for a while. And when you gather all of that stuff, and give it to a group of guys like this, guys who didn't have a loving upbringing or have been through hard times, or seen things that nobody should see, and so they want a scapegoat, this is their defence mechanism kicking in, they are fighting not flying, and they are preserving their ego and fighting for a cause that they think is not only justified, they think it is honourable.. Remembre, some of these people are intelligent, they are trying to recruit on university campuses. There is a video of James O'Briend from LBC radio that has gone viral following the murder of Jo Cox, and I think it says a lot in not so many words about this mentality (it appears to only be on Facebook):


And then there's this completely fantastic piece of poetry. Because we know all muslamic ray guns are nothing more than mindless barbarians at the gate of Rome, and we must go on our crusades to remove the threat we face in this noble year of 1216.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 73942 Anonymous
20th June 2016
Monday 10:55 pm
73942 spacer
He looks like shit since he lost his hair.
>> No. 74614 Anonymous
26th June 2016
Sunday 2:22 am
74614 spacer
Your writing has a very stream-of-consciousness vibe and is hard to follow. Whatever this is all about it looks very silly indeed and you sound like you've gone wibble.
>> No. 74616 Anonymous
26th June 2016
Sunday 2:39 am
74616 spacer
Is this the return of editorlad?
>> No. 74775 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 11:43 am
74775 spacer
>Even the existing right wing

I love it when people suddenly use someone they consider vile and never to be listened to as a reliable witness or expert opinion when it suits them. So shameless it makes me chuckle. Carry on.
>> No. 75042 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:46 am
75042 spacer

Your man there (you?) seems like a stasi-esk tool with a fatherly ego problem. giving "his side" advice and the low-down. What is his position exactly, his proposition? Seems like a conspiracy theorist himself now doesn't he.

>> No. 74497 Anonymous
25th June 2016
Saturday 12:43 pm
74497 united kingdom
Good work on Thursday Scotland. Stay in Europe and adopt the Euro to really finish it off. I wish ye well.

Sorry to inflict another referendum on you all, but shall we have it this time next year?
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>> No. 74514 Anonymous
25th June 2016
Saturday 4:49 pm
74514 spacer

Seems like a very short sighted move given her lassie bits.
>> No. 74876 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 7:35 pm
74876 spacer

FREEEEEDOM... to answer to the EU
>> No. 74879 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 8:18 pm
74879 spacer


Freedom hahahahahahahahhhhhhaaaaa. Enjoy your arsefucking from the EC Scotland.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 74891 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 10:48 pm
74891 spacer
Scotland is not an EU member.
>> No. 74961 Anonymous
30th June 2016
Thursday 10:22 am
74961 spacer
Scotland doesn't meet the Euro convergence criteria and probably wouldn't join ERM2 [which is also incidentally why it doesn't "have" to join the Euro. It may have to make a paper commitment to doing so, but like Sweden it could just say "ERM2 is voluntary and we don't volunteer :^) "]

Scotland has huge debts because it's assigned a population share of UK debts, not because there has been in-depth analysis of what a "fair share" based on actual spending in Scotland would be. That kind of analysis would be a nightmare.

Scotland has a large notional deficit partly due to the way it's calculated based on current policies [for a white-paper example, they are assigned something like 3bil "defence" spending even though only 2bil was actually in Scotland, or something to that extent.] and partly because of the oil price crash.

Neither are down to the policies of the SNP administration in Holyrood, however. Their funding primarily comes from a block grant. They just get to decide how it's spent. Even with the income-tax devolution [and consequentially smaller block grant] it's not really viable to alter the rates inside the UK.

Scotland meets all of the Copenhagen criteria except perhaps those on monetary union*, even though they fail the Euro convergence criteria.

*And when you look at some of the Eastern European states that got in but will probably never be allowed to use the Euro, this isn't such a big deal.

>> No. 73512 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 9:36 am
73512 spacer
How're you voting next week?

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>> No. 73614 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 8:38 pm
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Why aren't you voting?
>> No. 74729 Anonymous
26th June 2016
Sunday 10:16 pm
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All the polls were wrong
>> No. 74733 Anonymous
26th June 2016
Sunday 10:29 pm
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Where "wrong" means "at the extreme end of their margin of error" as usual.
>> No. 74734 Anonymous
26th June 2016
Sunday 10:52 pm
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>Most leavers are either poor or old, both useless components of society.

Another Remainjugend that needs throwing off a roof.
>> No. 74745 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 12:05 am
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No they weren't.

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