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>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years


That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 14934 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 1:09 am
14934 spacer
It's almost as if the bank had already thought of this and instituted the age policy precisely to prevent people doing exactly that.
>> No. 14935 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 11:51 am
14935 spacer

My parents paid back the final installment for their house a few years ago. After a little over 30 years, the house was finally well and truly theirs.

My parents are in their 70s now and the bank was increasingly becoming cuntish about the residual loan, which was only about £14,000 on a house valued at £350K at the moment. My parents were actually asked by the bank lad (early 20s, and still wet behind his ears) how they exected to pay back the loan in full, when the average life expectancy is around 78 nowadays. My parents then wrote a formal complaint to the bank and had the lad answer for telling my parents that they were pretty much going to be dead in six years.

So my parents dug into their life savings and paid them back the 14 grand in one lump sum. The people at the bank were a bit puzzled by this. I guess they normally make a point of enjoying fucking with the elderly who still owe them money.
>> No. 14936 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 4:10 pm
14936 spacer
So my parents dug into their life savings and paid them back the 14 grand in one lump sum.

Well, yes, surely that was their plan? Apart from the lad at the bank being a tactless dick, it doesn't sound like they were particularly hard done by. Borrow money, pay it back. It's not as if there was loan sharking going on or unfair terms (or was there)?
Fuck's sake, being 70 doesn't make you incapable and in need of protection from the nasty bank.
>> No. 14937 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 4:30 pm
14937 spacer

That's an odd question to ask, it's not like they suddenly have no way of getting their money back when you die. If anything they'd profit.
>> No. 14938 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 5:29 pm
14938 spacer
I imagine they'd rather have the money than be saddled with a share of a house to be cashed in if and when it is sold. They would have a fixed charge on the house, rather than a proportion of it, so the most they'd stand to gain would be the amount owed plus reasonable costs.
>> No. 15117 Anonymous
12th May 2018
Saturday 7:03 am
15117 spacer
>WHSmith has admitted it made more than £700 by selling single tubes of toothpaste for £7.99 in a hospital. The Pinderfields Hospital branch in Wakefield was caught selling Colgate, normally priced at £2.49, by a visitor.

>The retailer blamed a pricing error and said proceeds from the sales would be donated to charity St George's Crypt. In 2015, WHSmith was accused of exploiting hospital customers after the BBC found it was charging less on the high street.


By pricing error I imagine they mean they meant to charge £14.99 for the toothpaste rather than £7.99.
>> No. 15119 Anonymous
12th May 2018
Saturday 7:24 am
15119 spacer

When I was in hospital in Leeds for month and a bit, it was like living in a fucking airport. If I wanted anything other than terrible hospital food then the choice was an M&S where everything was motorway prices (so about three times what you'd expect) or a WHSmiths with pretty much the same pricing structure. I even had to pay about twenty quid a week to watch the TV, and I think it was another 20 or 30 for the wifi, but I had unlimited 4G so at least I didn't have to kill myself.

Amazon Prime Now came in very useful indeed. They delivered later than the bastard shops were open, anyway. There was also a night shift nurse who would bring me stuff from the outside world. We ordered a couple of takeaways, even. She was nice. I quite fancied her but I'm assuming the fact I had a bag full of infected fluid coming out of my abdomen probably got in the way of any romance she might otherwise have experienced.
>> No. 15152 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 7:56 pm
15152 spacer

Listen mate, you think the toothpaste is a cause for concern? You can't even get big eat crisps on the meal deal any more. I have to go to the Greggs on Eastmoor for my lunch now.
>> No. 15498 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 4:45 pm
15498 spacer

Someone got the date of Dara O'Briain's gig wrong and he tweeted to correct them.

That's it.
>> No. 15499 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 6:01 pm
15499 spacer
I can't read that article because it insists on putting a massive fucking GDPR banner on the screen with a hundred fucking checkboxes all pre-ticked with no way to untick then all.
>> No. 15501 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 6:14 pm
15501 spacer
Learn to use a form, mate. There are five categories of data collection on the left. Untick those and then the myriad individual partners are deselected in bulk.
>> No. 15502 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 6:15 pm
15502 spacer
He came into my work today. Caused quite a stir. He was only in for 5 minutes, but word got round fast and everyone came to gawk at him.
>> No. 15503 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 6:22 pm
15503 spacer

No, they're not.
>> No. 15504 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 6:52 pm
15504 spacer

Oh yeah?
>> No. 15505 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 7:00 pm
15505 spacer
I'm not sure that word means what you appear to think it means.
>> No. 15506 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 7:03 pm
15506 spacer
>> No. 15509 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 8:24 pm
15509 spacer


>> No. 15510 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 8:29 pm
15510 spacer

Deselect is one of those words that means pretty much what you think it means.

(Unlike press and depress.)
>> No. 15511 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 8:53 pm
15511 spacer
I think it means something was selected and is no longer selected. I don't think it means something was selected and is now gone. The purpose boxes are deselected. The partner boxes have just gone with no way to tell what state they're in. Given the response we've already seen to GDPR, assuming good faith doesn't really look like a sound strategy.
>> No. 15512 Anonymous
2nd June 2018
Saturday 8:59 pm
15512 spacer
>> No. 15513 Anonymous
3rd June 2018
Sunday 11:03 am
15513 spacer

Philippa actually got a VHS recorder as a prize.
>> No. 15514 Anonymous
3rd June 2018
Sunday 11:38 pm
15514 spacer
I'd slide my magnetic storage media into her slot IYWKIM
>> No. 15515 Anonymous
4th June 2018
Monday 2:18 pm
15515 spacer

Do remember that she's now 24 years older.
>> No. 15516 Anonymous
4th June 2018
Monday 3:03 pm
15516 spacer
So definitely legal yeah?
>> No. 15517 Anonymous
4th June 2018
Monday 5:02 pm
15517 spacer

This is how she looks now.
>> No. 15518 Anonymous
4th June 2018
Monday 5:06 pm
15518 spacer

>> No. 15519 Anonymous
4th June 2018
Monday 5:41 pm
15519 spacer

>> No. 15535 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 7:00 am
15535 spacer

>NEIGHBOURS have snapped a photo of their infamous local “poo jogger” who has been defecating on their paths by night in the Brisbane suburb of Greenslopes.

>Residents of an apartment block in the southeastern Brisbane suburb of Greenslopes say they have been plagued for a year by a mystery person repeatedly defecating on their private property.

>The unidentified man has been running past the block three times a week and ducking up a privately-owned path “like clockwork” in the early morning and pausing to poo on it. He is estimated to have committed the act about 30 times in the last 12 months.


>THE man outed as Brisbane’s alleged poo jogger has resigned from his corporate role at a leading retirement village.

>Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, was a senior manager at one of Australia’s leading retirement village operators. Mr Macintosh was a national quality manager with Aveo and a member of Brisbane City Council’s Inclusive Board.

>Mr Macintosh faced Holland Park Magistrates Court this week before his charge was downgraded to an infringment notice, resulting in a $378 fine.

>> No. 15572 Anonymous
13th June 2018
Wednesday 7:43 pm
15572 spacer
>Who doesn't love a Nando's, especially when you can bag something delicious for free at the same time.

>A savvy shopper has discovered how to get a rare discount, so whether you like yours smothered in lemon and herb or extra hot, your next trip to Nando's doesn't have to cost you the earth.

>So what's the deal?

>Well, it will mean that you can pick up a completely free quarter chicken (worth £3.95) or starter (worth £3.50), as long as you spend at least £5 in the restaurant.

>Sadly, you can't just walk in and ask for it. First up, you'll need to head to your local supermarket and pick up a bottle of Nando's sauce, complete with their new promotional labels, which will set you back at least £1.50 depending on which supermarket you go to. If you fancy taking your chances, the bottles themselves are often reduced to £1, so you could save yourself a few extra pennies by waiting it out for a reduction.

>Two sides will set you back exactly a fiver in total, costing £2.50 each, or you could go for one side and a drink, setting you back £5.20. If you really want to beat the system, go healthy and get a salad, then instead of adding chicken breast to it for a few quid, just claim your free quarter chicken and use that instead. Sorted.


The latest development in quality local journalism - how using a money off voucher code for Nando's can get you money off at Nando's.
>> No. 15573 Anonymous
14th June 2018
Thursday 12:08 am
15573 spacer

A majority of the articles in my local paper are clearly just cribbed from Facebook. It's tragic - we've got a full-scale gang war going on, the local council is gratuitously corrupt, but nobody has the resources to do real local reporting.
>> No. 15629 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 5:44 pm
15629 spacer

A-level student, 18, dies after suffering a 'catastrophic back injury' on family holiday - months after scooping £200 when he found a white Cadbury's Creme Egg

A student who was one of the lucky few to find a white Cadbury's Creme Egg worth £200 has died months later after a 'terrible accident' on holiday.

Charlie Dunne, 18, was celebrating finishing his A-Levels with friends and family in north Devon when he suffered a devastating back injury that sparked a cardiac arrest. Last Wednesday his family made the 'impossible' decision to turn off his life support after he failed to recover.

In January he spoke to MailOnline about his joy at finding a white Creme Egg and how he planned to use the £200 towards a dream holiday before university.

Charlie hit the headlines this year after finding a £200 white Cadbury's Creme Egg in January. He was on the way to a night out in Oxford with his friends when he stopped the taxi to nip into a nearby Co-op to pick up some sweet treats for the journey.

The student, who worked at Tesco at weekend, was over the moon to discover that the chocolate treat was one of Cadbury's winning Creme Eggs, meaning he'd scooped £200. Speaking to the MailOnline, Charlie said he was hoping to save the money or 'put it towards a party holiday' such as Magaluf in Majorca or Ayia Napa in Cyprus in the summer before he starts university.

'It really made my night out' Charlie said. 'It meant I had a better, and more expensive, night! I spent about £100 more than I usually would.'

Charlie ate the egg straight away after snapping a picture of it. He said: 'I was pretty tipsy and didn't think to savour it. It was delicious, much nicer than an normal creme egg, I'd buy it way more often if it was sold regularly. I'd seen the MailOnline article about the special creme eggs so I knew they were out there, but it was a one in a million chance so I didn't ever expect to find one'.


>> No. 15632 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 6:16 pm
15632 spacer
> 'terrible accident'
Sure, that's what Big Chocolate Egg want you to think.
>> No. 15633 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 6:24 pm
15633 spacer
White people just can't stop themselves perpetuating the idea that white is more valuable, virtuous and superior than black and brown.
>> No. 15634 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 6:40 pm
15634 spacer
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
>> No. 15637 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 8:20 pm
15637 spacer

You tell them.

Fuckin' eggcists.
>> No. 15640 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 8:39 pm
15640 spacer
He was a registered organ donor and three people will get organs from him. What a champion.
>> No. 15651 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 8:24 pm
15651 spacer
How I Live On a £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two-bedroom flat

When I started saving, I spoke to a mortgage broker who said I would be able to borrow £320,000, based on my salary. I knew I wanted to buy something for around £380,000, so based on that I worked out that I needed at least £60,000 for a deposit. With what I already had saved, it meant I needed to be saving £1,500 a month in order to buy at the beginning of next year. This felt like a stretch, but doable.

The first thing I did was move out of my old house share into a cheaper one, saving around £50 per month. Then I cancelled my gym membership, which was very expensive at £150 per month as it was in Central London near work, and started going running instead. I still play touch rugby on Saturdays, which is £10 per game.

I’ve also reduced how often I take taxis. Now, when I do take one, I link it to a specific credit card so I can track how much I spend per month. It really showed me how much I was spending on taxis.

I also made sure I have a good credit card for overseas spending so I don’t get stung for fees, as the one thing I do spend money on is weekend trips abroad. I always buy the cheapest flights, though, and I watch what I’m spending – if it’s an expensive place, I won’t drink alcohol. I bought my travelcard for the year up-front, but it works out to be £110 per month. Now I save the £110 I would usually spend on travel, transferring it into my savings account when I get paid. Buying an annual pass meant I also saved an extra £20 per month. I spend around £80 per week on food shopping. I cook vegetarian and do lots of meal preparation, including making all my lunches for work. I found it was a lot cheaper to fill out my meals with chickpeas and lentils and then occasionally eat meat on weekends. I spend around £100 per week on eating out and socialising, which I’ve cut down. I order less when I’m out now: in the pub I’ll have two drinks and then drink water, and on a day out I’ll get food from a street market rather than pay for a pub lunch, which means I pay £7 rather than £16.

For me it’s been about cutting out random stuff. I avidly read the book Barefoot Investor and watched a Netflix documentary called “Minimalism”. Both really changed my thinking when it comes to buying things that I don’t need. Recently I was going to buy a red jacket, but then I thought: “I don’t need a red jacket, I’ve got a navy one and it’s fine.” So I’ve changed my train of thought about what I really need to spend money on. By doing that I’ve been able to save even more than my target. The past two months I’ve saved an extra £200, by transferring out what I have left in my current account to my savings account at the end of each month.

I’m really close to my target now and excited about getting my own place. I live in Bethnal Green in East London and I’m hoping to buy a two-bedroom place near here, but I think I might have to settle for a one bedroom – it depends on the market.

>> No. 15652 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 8:46 pm
15652 spacer

London is absolutely fucking horrific.
>> No. 15653 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 8:52 pm
15653 spacer
The problem in this case is not London, it's the mongoloid who wrote the article and the editor who thought it noteworthy.
>> No. 15654 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 9:00 pm
15654 spacer
Even in london, how the fuck do you manage to bulk out your food with lentils, and STILL spend £80 a week?
>> No. 15655 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 9:20 pm
15655 spacer
Because that person is an idiot. Food isn't any more expensive in London.
>> No. 15656 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 9:43 pm
15656 spacer
She probably buys those pouches of 'gourmet' lentils that are about five times he price of a pack of dry ones.
>> No. 15657 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 9:58 pm
15657 spacer
Cities are full of cheap foreign shops too, right? I live in some vile tract of Anglo-Saxon suburbia and it’s Asda, Spar or bust.
>> No. 15658 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 10:01 pm
15658 spacer
It is a smidge more expensive sometimes. When I moved to London from the Midlands about a decade ago I noticed that things like supermarket own brand things were instantly a few pence more expensive.

But that said, when it comes to cheap bulk food the main chains really aren't the best place to go. The "ethnic" veg & misc stores will sell bulk veggies for next to nothing mostly by dealing in veggies and not pristine and perfect catalogue photography examples of Vegetables™. And they are everywhere if you live in an area comptible with saving on rent (which Bethnal Green is only sorta kind of maybe). And if not... get on your bike.

£80 when you're eating mostly vegetarian is not cutting back. Buy bulk rice, veg, tinned beans/lentils, eggs, simple cheese and the odd bit of meat and maybe the odd flat bread and it doesn't take much discipline to spend £40 or less.

>> No. 15659 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 11:42 pm
15659 spacer

>The "ethnic" veg & misc stores will sell bulk veggies for next to nothing mostly by dealing in veggies and not pristine and perfect catalogue photography examples of Vegetables™.

There is a small Iranian greengrocer's here in my neighbourhood which sells absurdly sized watermelons every summer. I just drove past them tonight and they had a wire mesh container out in front of the store with watermelons the size of two to three basketballs put in a row, and the sign on top of them read "£8 each".

I'm not sure where exactly they get them from, I've meant to ask them the times I was there and bought a few individual but still huge slices of watermelon, but it must be that they've got personal contacts to some growers in their home country or something. No other store I have ever seen here sells them that big, at such a bargain price.

The second question is, what do you do with a 50-pound watermelon. For a good number of people, that's one third of their entire body weight.
>> No. 15660 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 1:38 am
15660 spacer
>The second question is, what do you do with a 50-pound watermelon. For a good number of people, that's one third of their entire body weight.

Bore a hole in it and hope my parents don't see it.
>> No. 15668 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 1:07 pm
15668 spacer

>> No. 15670 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 1:40 pm
15670 spacer


Kind of fulfills certain racist stereotypes about black African-Americans and watermelons.
>> No. 15671 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 1:45 pm
15671 spacer

Black people like watermelon, racist people made it a cartoonish stereotype.
>> No. 15672 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 1:51 pm
15672 spacer

What about all the whiteys who like watermelon too?

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