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>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years


That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 19478 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 8:42 pm
19478 spacer

Maybe forcing cyclists to use the road is a good idea after all.
>> No. 19479 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 9:01 pm
19479 spacer
U wot?
>> No. 19480 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 9:10 pm
19480 spacer
I think he was off his tits on coke at the time. I can see the type of person who goes bright marple when they have their mugshot taken to make motorbike noises after running someone over.
>> No. 19481 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 9:26 pm
19481 spacer

There is something off about the lad in the picture.
>> No. 19482 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 9:30 pm
19482 spacer
Good one. Too bad when he hit her they were both firmly in the middle of the road.

If he'd stayed on the pavement she'd still be alive today. Case closed.
>> No. 19483 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 12:15 am
19483 spacer

I say ban cyclists altogether. Most of them are traffic rules ignoring cunts who will give you the middle finger when you honk at them. Or put number plates on bikes so that they won't get away that easily. That'll discipline them.
>> No. 19484 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 12:51 am
19484 spacer
I did once, while cycling, flip off a bus driver despite nearly getting myself squashed by his vehicle. In my defense I was still very angry about the Manchester Arena Bombing at the time.

Also I get off on playing chicken.
>> No. 19485 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 11:54 am
19485 spacer
We're in the midst of a climate emergency and for that reason and many others it'll be personal cars that will continue to be banished from urban centres. I can't wait until you fat fucks are stuck at home.
>> No. 19486 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 1:06 pm
19486 spacer
I'm just gonna run you over in my Tesla. You won't hear a thing.
>> No. 19487 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 1:51 pm
19487 spacer

You obviously struggle with the concept of sarcasm.
>> No. 19491 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 2:37 pm
19491 spacer
Don't talk with your mouth full.
>> No. 19492 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 2:54 pm
19492 spacer
15 years on and still as relevant as ever

>> No. 19537 Anonymous
20th June 2019
Thursday 6:45 am
19537 spacer

jelly babies.png
Ah yes, the most deadly vice of them all... Jelly babies.
>> No. 19596 Anonymous
5th July 2019
Friday 6:29 pm
19596 spacer
>A young mum who tried to frame her neighbour as a machete thug in a frantic 999 call was caught out after she forgot to hang up and was overheard saying: ''I’m blagging it - this will get him nicked now.''

>During the hoax call which triggered a major security alert, Ravenscroft who had been locked in a feud with Mr Hall told a call handler: ''He's running around with a machete and I’m now hiding in the car with my boyfriend. He’s got a big machete in his hand and he just tried to get me with it - he held it against my throat.''

>Armed police were scrambled to the scene in Handforth, near Wilmslow, but officers smelt a rat when Ravenscroft failed to end the 999 call and was overheard telling her boyfriend: ''I’ve said Dan came out with a machete but I’m blagging it. He’s getting locked up tonight. This will get him nicked now.'' She was subsequently arrested. Mr Hall, who denied any wrongdoing, was not detained.

>> No. 19597 Anonymous
5th July 2019
Friday 7:28 pm
19597 spacer
I suppose I'll continue being one of the few who understands what this thread is then.

Dunno what this meant but it made you sound like a cunt, I know it was two weeks ago, but you should be made aware of these things.
>> No. 19598 Anonymous
5th July 2019
Friday 9:19 pm
19598 spacer

I bet he told each of them

>I'm going to bite your head off, a ha ha

The degenerate.
>> No. 19599 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 12:28 am
19599 spacer


>OFFICERS are reminding the public again about the consequences of harassing dolphins after recent reports.

>The warning comes after reports of jet skiers harassing an animal near North Shields Fish Quay today (Thursday).

>Acting Marine Sergeant Paul Spedding, of Northumbria Police, said all water craft users need to be responsible around animals and marine life.

>He said: “Everyone has a responsibility to protect our wildlife and anyone found to be in breach of any laws will be prosecuted.

> “It is illegal to harass, feed, chase and touch marine mammals in the wild and we’re urging all water users to be vigilant and respectful. If dolphins do approach you then maintain a slow, steady speed and refrain from turning back towards them.

>“Keep your distance and never get closer than 100m and if you’re unsure of their direction then simply stop and put the engine in neutral.
>> No. 19600 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 2:26 am
19600 spacer

I havent read the article but I dont think it is Jeff Wode.
>> No. 19601 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 12:15 pm
19601 spacer

Dolphin rape is an actual maritime issue that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society needs to look into.
>> No. 19602 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 10:07 pm
19602 spacer


Yeah, it's a big problem
>> No. 19604 Anonymous
7th July 2019
Sunday 11:50 am
19604 spacer
Crossed is just James Herbert's The Fog for people too illiterate to read James Herbert.
>> No. 19605 Anonymous
7th July 2019
Sunday 11:43 pm
19605 spacer


While I appreciate the artistry of this image, a small bottlenose dolphin weighs about 150kg, with the average being closer to 300kg. Even leaning back for that upside down fireman's carry, it would be difficult to get enough purchase on it with just two knives and your nob to really get any good blowhole action in.

What that gentleman is doing is really more akin to a strongman workout than the tender lovemaking scene the caption purports to be.
>> No. 19606 Anonymous
8th July 2019
Monday 7:25 am
19606 spacer
>A female swinger reportedly had a heart attack at Europe's largest sex festival after 'pushing herself too hard during group activities'.

>The 52-year-old swinger is said to have suffered a medical episode during the secretive Swingfields festival in Malvern, Worcestershire, on Friday.

>> No. 19607 Anonymous
8th July 2019
Monday 9:00 am
19607 spacer
There's also the issue of the slippery and rocky footing.
Artists just don't think these things through, do they?
>> No. 19608 Anonymous
8th July 2019
Monday 11:46 pm
19608 spacer
I'm only 5'7 and can squat 135kg. I'm perfectly willing to accept there are men strong enough to shoulder a dolphin for that porpoise purpose. As you say, purchase is the main issue here.
>> No. 19609 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 11:57 am
19609 spacer

Also bear in mind the dolphin fucker in the comic is essentially a reaver/bezerker/28 days later style angry bastard - more than capable of enduring severe pain and bodily damage just to fuck a dolphin.
>> No. 19610 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 12:20 pm
19610 spacer

Respectable squat, but holding out that slippery weight in front of you? Especially with enough stability for a back-and-forth in a wet blowhole? This sounds like a major challenge.
>> No. 19611 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 12:35 pm
19611 spacer

You've got two massive knives in it though, they're like handles.
>> No. 19620 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 6:35 pm
19620 spacer

Derbyshire police hit back over joke flip-flop cordon outcry

>> No. 19623 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 6:50 pm
19623 spacer
I look forward to seeing this posted by every Seppo and pseudo-American as an example of why the UK is a "police state!".
>> No. 19624 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 6:59 pm
19624 spacer

All coppers are bastards and I don't want to defend any of them, but who the fuck in their right mind thinks putting four cones out and taking a picture is a 'waste of taxpayer money?' how much do they think policemen get paid? £1000 a minute?
>> No. 19625 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 7:14 pm
19625 spacer
Can we all just agree that Twitter is a fucking godawful cancer on society?
>> No. 19626 Anonymous
9th July 2019
Tuesday 7:17 pm
19626 spacer

Probably, but this site is basically twitter for alcoholics and autists anyway.
>> No. 19633 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 3:39 am
19633 spacer

I think we can, but I also think we should try and examine exactly why that is.

When you see terrible opinions becoming consensus on a place like Reddit, it makes sense. There's the karma incentive to agree with the circlejerk. On a place like 4chan, it makes sense. It's largely edgy teenlads and the slightly older, bitter neckbeards venting their unpopular views.

But Twitter is a different beast. Twitter's audience would appear, more than any other public platform, to represent "normal people". That's the worrying part. I had hoped that as I grew older, I would grow out of my misanthropic assumption that the majority of humans are inconceivably fucking stupid. But there's Twitter to remind me every single day, that I was more horribly correct than I expected.
>> No. 19634 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 8:12 am
19634 spacer
There's not a chance that Twitter users are more representative, normal, well adjusted or any of that in comparison to Facebook users.
>> No. 19635 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 10:24 am
19635 spacer
Honestly I hate Twitter for the opposite reason to it representing normal people. It's always shoving abnormally lucky people in my face. People who earn more in a few years than I will in a lifetime, people who spend more on furry art than I'd spend on a car, But of course they're not just rich, they're also talented and were given the capacity to unlock that talent. People who's parents decided that since they liked planes it'd be nice to spend a few tens of thousands of dollars to get them a licence and a small plane. People who were taught piano from an early age, who can draw or animate or code or write books or do complicated mathematics for fun on top of their wealth, living in the nice pictureesque parts of West Coast America blissfully isolated from all the nightmarish parts of living in that country or indeed reality itself. For any single thing I could ever dedicate the remainder of my (mediocre, normal) life to obtaining middling ability in, these people will have at least 3 of them combined. Half of will make it worse by insisting that they're socialists, that they care about us normal people, that a revolution would be to their benefit, that they're still just workers like the rest of us - while they socialise with their rich friends and infest communities creating social norms of paying money for things we used to do for fun.

I can't even really get angry anymore. I've lost the will to fight it, or even to get really angry when talking about it, or wish some socialists would come along and alter the balance a bit. I just wish they would go away. Not disappear necessarily, just get out of our sight. Were our worlds fully segregated, I could live a life of blissful ignorance with my fellow normal-lucked human beings discussing our normally distributed lives, and they could live their lives of luxury as they currently do. Sticking us on the same platform or in the same community only leads to a damaging realisation of having no status whatsoever for the vast bulk of the population.
>> No. 19636 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 10:51 am
19636 spacer
>furry art

Also, you should have a whinge to your girlfriend about this. I hear they love listening to working class people who have a chip on their shoulder.
>> No. 19637 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 11:06 am
19637 spacer

You are suffering from the worse effects of social media exposure. My advice is to not go near the thing and discover your own passion rather than trying to measure yourself against others.... Then once you've mastered it you can rub it in their faces on social media.


extra points if their dad was a fucking orthopaedic surgeon
>> No. 19638 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 11:12 am
19638 spacer
Different lad, m8.
It's not really about the money. I play up how much there is, but there are plenty of rich British people who don't use it for such conspicuous consumption who are easy to ignore. My objection is more social and cultural than financial, more from the talentless centre of the middle class than the working class, just as much about social capital as financial.

That's true, but it's pretty hard to disconnect from it all in a world that's constantly online.
>> No. 19639 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 11:50 am
19639 spacer

>That's true, but it's pretty hard to disconnect from it all in a world that's constantly online.

Sure what it is, is low hanging fruit stimulation, I find myself regularly reading through the history of a sub reddit for an hour, and then coming to the realisation 'what the fuck am I doing', even if I sat on the couch and played through a FPS game during that time it would be more valuable. We need to break the habit and do more constructive things with our time, social media has become a way to procrastinate from life it self.
>> No. 19644 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 3:34 pm
19644 spacer

Follow all your mum's Facebook friends, it'll cheer you right up.
>> No. 19645 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 3:50 pm
19645 spacer

Thing is it didn't used to feel like a waste of time., I remember as a teenlad I used to scroll through obscure old messageboards, those random websites dedicated to esoteric and obscure knowledge made by nerds with nothing but passion and time on their hands. I felt like that was valuable, I learnt a lot that made me into the at least somewhat insightful person I am now, it's the reason I find myself posting here after so long.

But it's not like that any more. It's just meaningless piss and drivel by your average fucking moron and teenagers who have just discovered how to make rudimentary "memes" in mspaint. It's depressing.


True, but Facebook isn't technically public. There's at least some level of gatekeeping to what you see on Facebook, based on accepting group invites and friend requests and so on. It's easier to filter out the garbage.
>> No. 19673 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 7:34 pm
19673 spacer

Claverham 'gimp suit' man terrifies woman in village

She was walking in Claverham, Somerset, when she saw "someone charging at me in a full black rubbery suit".

The man advanced towards her, "grunting and breathing heavily" before fleeing the scene, she said.

Police said there had been a small number of reports of a man jumping out at people in the area.

Officers were called to the scene at about 23:30 BST on Thursday and used a helicopter and sniffer dog in an unsuccessful search for the man.

>> No. 19674 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 7:42 pm
19674 spacer
Would a sniffer dog be able to find someone in a gimp suit?
>> No. 19677 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 10:04 pm
19677 spacer
>>19673 Poor bloke was just putting the bins out, by the look of it.
>> No. 19679 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:03 pm
19679 spacer

I have a vague recollection of a 90s post-pub TV programme that featured a caged gimp who would occasionally be released to run amok in the studio audience. Did I hallucinate this?
>> No. 19681 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:50 pm
19681 spacer
Possibly, but Channel 4 would definitely have done something similar in the past. Gosh, I miss good Channel 4.
>> No. 19684 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 6:53 am
19684 spacer

>> No. 19686 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 7:46 pm
19686 spacer

Couple face having home repossessed after disagreement with neighbour over HEDGE


"What we want you to do is crudely outline the disputed area in Paint, moderately making it look like a cock."
>> No. 19687 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 7:51 pm
19687 spacer
Even in Paint there's a better way to do that. That looks like the fence is doing a corkscrew.

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