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>> No. 21528 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 3:42 pm
21528 spacer
Any of you lads want an Xbox-One Closed MP Beta code for Doom? Got it from buying Wolfenstein on the 360 but I don't own an X1 so have at it.

Expand all images.
>> No. 21533 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 12:19 am
21533 spacer
I was going to start a thread but may as well jump on this one - I think it looks fucking shit.

>> No. 21534 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 12:47 am
21534 spacer


I know the original game was playing to what was cool in the early 90s (metal and metally things) so I shouldn't be surprised at the route they took with the design here.
I'm still disappointed though, they could have run with the vintage aesthetic and turned it into something fun and memorable.

Instead we get fuckin plastic greeble marine stereotype. And the multiplayer looks like Halo. It all looks like Halo.
>> No. 21535 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 12:58 am
21535 spacer

I'm not saying whether it's good or not because I have no idea, but that entire video was just "it's not Quake! It's not Quake!".
>> No. 21538 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 1:02 am
21538 spacer
If being able to spawn with weapons of your choice and a fucking unlockable 'perks' system for a supposed 'arena shooter' is not an alarm button for you then you can't be helped. It looks like it has a skill ceiling smaller than spin the bottle. Mack is practically the only game reviewer I trust and I reckon he's bang on with this one, another casual cash grab off the back of a long dead franchise.
>> No. 21539 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 1:56 am
21539 spacer

I was taking issue with his reasoning, not his conclusion.
>> No. 21540 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 8:31 am
21540 spacer
MP doesn't look great. Was hoping for next gen demonic Quake III basically, having to pick up weapons around the map. Loadouts just don't seem like a very Doom thing.

Though I never really cared that much about the MP, I'm hoping the singleplayer campaign is good. I'm nervous because id's last game was Rage and that was shite, but the success of Shadow Warrior and Wolfenstein New Order/Old Blood should hopefully make them go for a more old school approach. Levels with lots of secrets, being able to sprint indefinitely, being able to carry 10 guns, actually have a long and varied campaign. Doom II is my favourite game of all time, so my expectations are very high.
>> No. 21541 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 3:17 pm
21541 spacer
Shadow Warrior was a huge letdown for me. Started great but the enemies got very dull and samey fast, and the levels got worse as the game went on in terms if exploration and general layout IMO.

Would have benefited hugely from level creator tools and multiplayer but it came with neither.
>> No. 21542 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 3:25 pm
21542 spacer
He seems to ignore the fact a large chunk of the playerbase are going to be playing with their thumbs, expecting an arena shooter when this is the case is just plain stupid.
>> No. 21543 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 3:46 pm
21543 spacer
I enjoyed listening to how angry he was.
>> No. 21544 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 4:08 pm
21544 spacer

Is anyone making FPS games just for the PC any more?
>> No. 21545 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 4:13 pm
21545 spacer

I don't think it's that bad an idea when everyone's on an equal playing field. Plenty of oldschool shooters were ported to consoles, including things like Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament.
>> No. 21546 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 6:33 pm
21546 spacer
The multiplayer will be good in it's own right, but it does seem to be a blatant hit towards Bungie. The whole thing looks more like Halo/Destiny than anything else. I'm sure I'll be able to get sucked in for a few months considering it's about that time for me to start hankering after a new multiplayer shooter- The last one I got into was Battlefield 4.

However, it all really begs the question of why it has to be called "DOOM". And the only answer you can possibly keep comingback to is "because their last fresh IP died on it's arse, the dev team is a bunch of faceless nobodies running on leftover tech and ideas from before everyone of note left, but the shareholders want their money this time".

Overall I'm predicting it's basically going to be The New Order over again, but with multiplayer. It'll be an 8-10 hour campaign with QTEs and a semi-hub level, the combat will be balanced like Quake rather than Doom but it will be fine because everyone seems to have forgotten the difference, the difficulty will come from enemies simply dealing and withstanding bullshit levels of damage instead of placement and item strategy, but the critics will lap it up and give it 9/10 because "We haven't had a game so pure and old school in years".
>> No. 21547 Anonymous
4th April 2016
Monday 9:49 pm
21547 spacer
>I'm nervous because id's last game was Rage and that was shite

Really? I massively enjoyed Rage, and only partly because it was one of the few games the devs bothered to optimise to run solidly at 60fps on the PS3. I mean, I'll freely admit that it petered out towards the end and the actual ending was a pile of horseshit, but the shooty gameplay was ace.
>> No. 21548 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 2:40 am
21548 spacer
I've been chortling at his videos all day.
>> No. 21549 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 7:33 am
21549 spacer
Mack is an absolute Top Lad. His is the only video game review channel I follow and trust.
>> No. 21550 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 8:03 am
21550 spacer

Then you're an idiot because Super Bunny Hop is like a bezillion times better.
>> No. 21551 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 12:01 pm
21551 spacer
Whoever they are, they probably can't compare to The Best Gamers.
They don't upload often but always worth the wait.

>> No. 21559 Anonymous
16th April 2016
Saturday 12:47 am
21559 spacer
Steam beta is out this weekend, in case anyone didn't know.

Very unsure how I feel about it. The movement and play style feels very arena-shooter; but the loadouts and weapon balance just don't seem to fit. Weapons like the rocket launcher that should feel punchy and meaty have been neutered, and the various rifles all feel too similar. Luckily they got the shotgun right, but compared to the other weapons it actually feels overpowered. Moreover, there's so little tactile, visceral response. Several times I've actually killed people without even realising it because there's so little feedback, especially on the melee kills.

There's still elements that feel very reminiscent of Quake 3, the demon runes acting essentially as a quad damage or BFG that you must control at all costs or else you get raped. But then there's the perks and such that just don't feel like they belong.

I think the problem is that it shows potential, and you can see how they've tried to mesh old-school mechanics with the sort of overall experience today's audience expects, but it isn't quite there. I'd like to be able to put it down as general lack of polish for an unfinished beta; but the fucking thing ships next month so we know this is the best they could manage.

I mean... It's not like I was getting my hopes up, I knew they'd fuck it up, but oh well. Guess I'll just have to hope the new Unreal Tournament comes out OK.
>> No. 21560 Anonymous
16th April 2016
Saturday 1:09 am
21560 spacer

Beta is "All but the bugs", you're thinking of pre-alpha builds. Any changes will be minor. They could fix gun balance no problem, but it is still fundamentally flawed in that it is intended to appeal to the mass market while providing the veteran Doom players enough curiosity to give it a try, so it doesn't have a proper identity as a game. They aren't hailing it as "The Glorious Return of the Prodigal Son of Shooters!" They're marketing it as a new take on an old concept and the principal platform is most definitely consoles, which is weak wristed.

I reckon it will be DOA on PC. Older PC gamers, the people they have to win over, have been burned too many times by Zenimax. They'll wait it out, watch the reviews and feedback carefully and then decide from there.
>> No. 21561 Anonymous
16th April 2016
Saturday 1:32 am
21561 spacer
I can't help but think that it'd be more fun if they just handed the guy who made Brutal Doom a pile of cash and gave it a full release.
>> No. 21566 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 8:47 am
21566 spacer
Played Quake 1 after 12 years and it's aged really well. Spooky atmosphere, good gameplay.
>> No. 21568 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 6:34 pm
21568 spacer

Played through the first episode as shareware under dosbox a couple of years ago and definitely enjoyed it far, far more than I did upon release. My hatred towards Quake at the time for not living up to the standards of Doom was really quite rabid.
>> No. 21569 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 12:20 am
21569 spacer
There are still active deathmatch servers for Quake, both netquake and quakeworld, but be prepared for a solid thrashing. People have got pretty good over the years.

Two decades.
>> No. 21596 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 2:55 pm
21596 spacer
This made me realise I've never played Doom MP.
>> No. 21597 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 12:09 am
21597 spacer
>>21533 RIP MOATY
>> No. 21598 Anonymous
15th May 2016
Sunday 9:31 pm
21598 spacer
Full WAB review is out.

>> No. 21599 Anonymous
15th May 2016
Sunday 10:14 pm
21599 spacer
D44m is great. It's not perfect, but it's pretty great.

I was thinking before it came out that it will be like this, and it turns out I was right- It's pretty much the same deal as Wolfenstein: The New Order was. It's fast and old school and frantic and there's no regenerating health and it's great.

The only thing that lets it down is the fundamental gameplay balance, which is what will prevent it from having anywhere near the level of long term appeal that the old Doom and Quake games had. I played it on UV, and much like in Wolfenstein, the difficulty feels completely artificial, your character feels way too fragile, and you have an artificially restricted pool of resources thanks to the levelling system.

It's no game breaker, and I think they deserve enough credit for making a convincingly fast paced, old-school feeling shooter in today's market. But the fact is that on a fundamental level, you take damage far too quickly, and you rely on the health/ammo dropped by slain enemies to keep going. The ammo and health you find in the environment is almost completely inconsequential, and as a result, the encounters feel very samey throughout, regardless of what sort of enemy mix or terrain type they occur with.

In the earlier levels, Doomguy can be killed by about two stray imp fireballs, and that's just all kinds of wrong. You feel artificially gimped until you've spent at least five or six points to bring your health, armour and ammo capacity up. And then from there, all fights drop in challenge considerably. It's not about managing your ammo because you pick it up from enemies. It's not about managing health because you pick that up from enemies too. The level design has no impact whatsoever beyond providing a bit of varied terrain to pursue identical gampley over for six hours or so.

And it's a bloody god fun six hours, don't get me wrong- But I can't see any particularly creative use of the map editor being made. There will be nothing to rival those clever placements of a soulsphere here, a stash of rockets there, that little alcove with a box of plasma and a medikit that makes all the difference if you dare kill the hell knight guarding it, etc... Because this game is just arena after arena, and ultimately, it doesn't really matter if you go into a fight with 25 health and a few shells, or a full inventory. The difficulty will be roughly the same.
>> No. 21600 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 1:53 am
21600 spacer

Don't really want to start a new thread just for this but I covered an important switch in so much gore that I couldn't find it for a good 15 minutes. Brutal Doom's great fun.
>> No. 21601 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 2:52 am
21601 spacer

I'm very ashamed of how long I spent trying to figure out how you made a typo like "D44m".
>> No. 21602 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 4:38 am
21602 spacer
The maps are pretty but I do agree they're more functional than exciting. What did tickle me, though, was the mini map. It struck a nice balance between making sure you wouldn't get lost and not giving you enough detail to straight up tell you where "secrets" are.
>> No. 21603 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 3:42 am
21603 spacer
This game is very fucking dull and I can't understand why. It's faster than most FPS games nowadays, it has some fun over the top weapons, the levels themselves are quite twisty and open, it seems to have everything that would make a fun FPS.

But I'm not having fun with it. Maybe it's because the environments tend to be bland and dominated by murky reds, or the focus on glory kills to regain health means you end up watching the same few animations interrupting the flow of the game 1000s of times through the repetitive campaign, or the bits where you're forced to listen to people do uninteresting plot in front of you. But they're all things I can overlook, but something about the core gameplay feels hollow. Doom II is my favourite game, I love arena shooters like UT and Q3, so I should enjoy this Doom but I seem unable to enjoy it. It's vexing.

Also the main thing I think they needed to do was be a bit less serious about it all. If I'm going to be forced to watch a story happen in a Doom game, I don't want it to be a joyless sci-fi story played straight. It's a game about demons invading Mars and the main character going to Hell, they can afford to be a bit out there and over the top instead of going generic sci-fi.
>> No. 21604 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 7:49 am
21604 spacer
>glory kills

This was one of the stupidest fucking ideas I ever saw. Making you cycle the same animations, as if they would always be as impressive or 'awesome' as when they were first shown. I've never designed a game in my life but know this was skull-fuckingly stupid.
>> No. 21605 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 10:46 pm
21605 spacer
I enjoyed it so far as a mindless murder romp, but I can see why you'd be bored. Up front, let's not forget that no one will face D44m with the sense of amazement and wonder that people had for Doom. Partially it's because we've become jaded, but mostly it's because while Doom was treading truly new ground in terms of technological achievement, D44m obviously does not.

"Classic" Doom required maze navigation and resource management. As >>21599 says, ammo management and weighing the pros and cons of resource acquisition (possibly save-scumming to make a pick-up worthwhile) were a solid part of the game. This aspect is a big part of all the id 3D shooter games up until Q3A at least. I mean heck, in high level Q3A/QL matches where twitch aim is a given resource control is what decides games.

D44m on the other hand is more of a mix of Painkiller and "Warhammer 40k: Spacemarine". It uses the "lock the door, kill the stuff, proceed" system which the former exemplifies with basically no navigation problems thanks to the map design, the mini map and the objective marker on screen. So gone is the maze aspect. ExecutionsGlory kills take care of most health problems while using the chainsaw to create an ammo piñata takes care of ammo in a pinch. Once I upgraded my ammo capacity enough, I could basically pick and choose which gun to use at any moment to match the situation rather than being forced to economise or make do. At least the glory kill animations are blessedly short most of the time, so they slot in rather than stick out.

The upgrade system is another problem. It has none of the subtlety that "adrenaline" in Q2 had for example, where you'd slowly build brick-on-brick, each improvement minor but the sum significant. Instead it's a (by now) bog standard progression system. The BFG as a Get Out Of Jail Free card is another issue. It really does feel like an "Oh Shit" button in a way that BFGs in both Doom and Quake never did.

So what we're left with is a reasonably fast paced shooter in a gorgeous environment where movement is your cover, where the old "PROTIP" really is the best option, where you won't have to think too much and where they still managed to weave a story into the mayhem. It has less story and voice acting than Raven Soft's Wolfenstein, but makes up for it with more aggressive action. And no £%^&%£^ forced stealth sections like New Order.

It's not Doom, but it's enjoyable in its own right. If you get on with the Bethesda published style of id's games, this is no different.
>> No. 21606 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 11:15 pm
21606 spacer
The game is very good looking, beautifully rendered and all, but the overall aesthetic does look a bit off to me. The original Doom had a more scummy industrial feel to it, with dripping barrels of explosive fluid and such, as though UAC weren't exactly a slick operation to begin with. I also quite liked that the original weapons looked makeshift and scavenged and silly, or futuristic and unpredictably dangerous. The new ones are all very military looking. Even the hell sequences look less 'metal' and more like the realm of Oblivion.

Am I being picky? I'll just play Brutal Doom where everything still looks charmingly cartoonish.
>> No. 21607 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 11:17 pm
21607 spacer

Actually I just rewatched a bit of gameplay footage, and I partially take this post back. Both the hell and Mars environments are bloody beautiful.
>> No. 21608 Anonymous
31st May 2016
Tuesday 4:45 pm
21608 spacer




Interesting look at how they got the sound down for modern Doom.

Also, there's meant to be an Easter egg hidden in the waveform itself of 'Cyberdemon' if you look at its FFT spectrum (pic related).
>> No. 21609 Anonymous
1st June 2016
Wednesday 6:19 am
21609 spacer
Did you find out about Mack on .gs? I remember linking him (might have been a Battlefield WAB) some time ago. I agree, he is the only reviewer worth trusting for me.
>> No. 21610 Anonymous
1st June 2016
Wednesday 6:41 pm
21610 spacer
I think so, yes. He's a top lad.
>> No. 23269 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 7:27 pm
23269 spacer
Lately, I've been observing people circle-jerking themselves into a wild frenzy over the teasers of Mick Gordon's new soundtrack for Doom Eternal.

Except it's fucking shit. Utter, irredeemable fucking dross. It's garbage WWE intro wub-wub metal for people who wear ear stretchers and have sleeve tattoos of marine animals and have given themselves penile numbness by gripping their dick too hard when they jack off. I simply cannot put into words how bollocks it is, but what infuriates me more is dickheads who couldn't name a metal band to save their lives going on about HOW METAL it is.

The original Doom had music ripped off from Slayer, Metallica and other 80s thrash legends. It's not as if fast, intense metal like that doesn't exist today, and it's certainly not all about this pretentious hipster BRO ITS LIKE CURRENT YEAR IT CAN STILL BE METAL AND USE A DRUM MACHINE BRO nonsense. You could rip off a contemporary crossover or powerviolence style if you want something zoomers might have heard, and it'd be fucking great for Doom.

I mean shit. You can even go the industrial route if you really want. But this utter fucking anal seepage? This is no Devin Townsend Project we're talking about here. It just sounds sounds like he listened to some early Nine Inch Nails, some Gojira and then said "Fuck, I got this. Hand me my 8-string and my Diezel amp."

It's really, really, fucking shit.
>> No. 23270 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 8:00 pm
23270 spacer

It is just music. It isn't that important what other people think about it.
>> No. 23271 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 8:22 pm
23271 spacer

Shouldn't bother you that I think it's shit then mate.
>> No. 23273 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 9:02 pm
23273 spacer
I'm a big fan of his Killer Instinct work. A bit wub wub but it really gets you in the mood for fighting. Doom 2016's OST I found fairly inoffensive but not to KI's calibre.
>> No. 23274 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 9:30 pm
23274 spacer

It doesn't at all. I'm more intrigued that you care so much, I couldn't imagine being that upset over anything that I didn't have a personal involvement in. I hadn't even heard the music.

The fact that you assume I would have the same level of emotional attachment and make a badly veiled attack back is the oddest part. Even if I too didn't like the music I would find your behaviour odd.
>> No. 23275 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 9:39 pm
23275 spacer

Nah, you're definitely bothered.
>> No. 23276 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 10:18 pm
23276 spacer

By your attempt to reduce our conversation to something you would tell across a pub to start a fight, sure that bothers me a lot. This conversation doesn't have to be a fight. Itis okay if something isn't your cup of tea but getting angry and defensive when someone questions that anger doesn't make sense to me.
>> No. 23277 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 10:38 pm
23277 spacer
>"it's just music"

Reductio ad cuntum
>> No. 23279 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 11:19 pm
23279 spacer

You're right, I do have a heavy level of attachment to Doom. It's my favourite game. I also fucking love heavy metal. These are two of my favourite things.

Imagine your favourite thing is steak and peppercorn sauce. Someone offers you a steak with delicious creamy peppercorn sauce, and then instead of peppercorn sauce, pours the extracts of a dog's anal gland over it.

So yeah. Of course I'm bothered, you fucking complete spacker, my post is positively frothing at the mouth. I'm not trying to disguise the fact that I'm bothered, I'm about as obviously bothered as it's possible to fucking be.

The question is why you find it so bothering that I am bothered? Am I not allowed to be upset that something I had hoped to like a great deal indeed is going to have a significant flaw?

Makes no difference to you, except that you've made it your business. You tit.


is not me, for the record.
>> No. 23284 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 10:50 pm
23284 spacer
>It is just music
What an insipid point of view.
>> No. 23288 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 6:59 pm
23288 spacer

I mean it is, that's all it can be, because that is what it is. Let's put this in perspective, I wasn't the one who had a teary because a game that hasn't been released yet might not have my exact taste in music. I couldn't imagine ever being that entitled.

And let's be honest here the music sounds fine.

>> No. 23289 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 8:21 pm
23289 spacer

No mate, you're just bumsore because I accurately called out your ear stretchers and marine-life based tattoo sleeve.

If you don't understand how it's possible to be passionate about something, subjective or otherwise, and have such a dearth of feeling towards it as you exhibit, then frankly I feel sorry for you.
>> No. 23290 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 8:50 pm
23290 spacer

Lad by definition if I was as dispassionate as you say I would be incapable of being bum sore, being bum sore requires caring.

This is a different thing it is about growing up and realising the world doesn't service you and that it is okay for something to not be your taste.

I'll admit the idea that a new thing might threaten my love for an old thing seems daft to me. The fact that alien resurrection exists doesn't ruin my love of Aliens or Alien for me. I think people who like the prequels of star wars need their head examined but it doesn't ruin the first 3 for me. Neither does new Ghostbusters ruin old Ghostbusters or 20+ seasons of the Simpsons ruin the first 10 for me.

No one is taking away the fact that you liked doom. But by crying because you might not like the music of a game that hasn't been released seems like you are willing yourself to hate it because you aren't capable of managing your emotions. It doesn't have to be a threat to your ego.

Of course first episode of Picard is tomorrow let's see how I feel when it becomes apparent they've turned dumb action show. I suspect I'm still going to like TNG.
>> No. 23292 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 10:27 pm
23292 spacer

I can't imagine being this upset over somebody having a different opinion on something. Dry your eyes lad.
>> No. 23293 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 10:36 pm
23293 spacer

Oh okay. You trolled me good.
>> No. 23294 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 1:16 am
23294 spacer

Some people care about things, it's fine if you don't but try not to pull down other people just because you were molested as a child.
>> No. 23297 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 2:31 pm
23297 spacer

Making a public declararation of how something is going to be awful and anyone who likes it doesn't know what real music is transcends just caring about things into a lack of self control and black and white thinking.

They pulled themselves down, I didn't say the thing they like was shit, they did, and that anyone who liked it as a result is an idiot. I pushed for neutral.

I really don't understand why it hurts your ego that someone might not feel something has to either be the best thing ever or total shit. It can just be not for them.
>> No. 23298 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 3:24 pm
23298 spacer
Was Doom actually good? I ummed and arred about whether or not to buy it during Steam's most recent sales, but it looked really repetitive and quite repetitive so in the end I gave it a miss.
>> No. 23300 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 4:25 pm
23300 spacer


It runs really well considering how good it looks, there's a huge variety in the weapons, the levels vary nicely across the game and the combat is really polished. I'd say it's worth it.
The closed combat arena formula does wear on me a bit compared to the flowing level design of the classic but I enjoy it overall. It's almost like a first person character action game in a way.

I've also played it for nearly 40 hours (twice through and then some levels a few times) which is rare for modern shooters for me.
>> No. 23301 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 5:45 pm
23301 spacer

It's just a bit puzzling why, if you claim to be so neutral on the issue of music, you feel compelled to make so many posts about somebody else having vocal feelings about it. That's a bit hypocritical lad.

Ultimately it's not harming your enjoyment of it for them to vent their dissatisfaction. And I think when we're all adults, I think we are grown up enough to understand the obvious hyperbole behind a statement like "anyone who likes x is a cunt" and take it with the appropriate pinch of salt.

He's right though, the music is very incongruous when they've made everything else deliberately "old school". I'd prefer some kickass speed metal too.
>> No. 23302 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 5:49 pm
23302 spacer
I'll give it a shot when it's a fiver again then. Also embarrassed I managed to post "repetitive and quite repetitive" without noticing, but whatever.
>> No. 23303 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 6:40 pm
23303 spacer
Holy shit can you both shut up about it already?
>> No. 23304 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 7:00 pm
23304 spacer

Just because you can read between the lines of what someone 'meant' doesn't mean their behaviour is appropriate.

I've only carried on because people seem to be incapable of accepting I'm saying music is just music without them projecting it is a personal attack. Whist making personal attacks.

Which seems terribly ironic; if a person says 'only a thick cunt likes this'- that must not really mean they are making a value judgement, gate keeping, and think people are a thick cunt for liking it.

But if I say 'it is just music' people holler and jeers at me because aparenttly grounding tautologies to try regain perspective it is an undermining value judgements.

The bias is obvious I don't know why I tried to engage the people here like they were reasoned adults rather than entitled fanboys crying over nothing but I won't make the mistake of talking to people here like they matter again.
>> No. 23305 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 7:05 pm
23305 spacer

Here's how it actually went you deranged fucking lunatic. Some bloke gave a serious but semi-comical analysis of something he was interested in and you questioned whether he had the right to speak on something you deemed trivial with what you deemed passion. You are fucking insane and there's a reason nobody invites you to parties. Hint, this is the reason, what you're doing here.
>> No. 23306 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:36 pm
23306 spacer

>The bias is obvious I don't know why I tried to engage the people here like they were reasoned adults rather than entitled fanboys crying over nothing but I won't make the mistake of talking to people here like they matter again.

I was pretty neutral on you until this. Feel free to fuck off if that's how you feel, I haven't read anything further up in the topic. Just saw this.

Was going to castigate >>23305 for being a bit mean but you invited it.

Stop being a spaz and lighten up.
>> No. 23307 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:52 pm
23307 spacer
Fuck me, it's a mediocre reboot of a mediocre '90s FPS. Stop pushing this shite to the top of /*/.
>> No. 23308 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 10:09 pm
23308 spacer

Blame Purp for the Sage implementation. The most popular thread on news is premised on the replacement of some old shutters in Huddersfield, it doesn't reeeaaallly matter. Threads get derailed and rerailed, the joy is in the experience.

Fuck, forgot to post this from the internet caf. Bye lads.
>> No. 23348 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:25 pm
23348 spacer
Just realised it was me that posted this originally almost 4 years ago.

Wonder if anyone took the code.
>> No. 23349 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:42 pm
23349 spacer
I don't need to try redeeming it to know someone definitely took the code, mate.

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