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>> No. 400346 Anonymous
7th March 2016
Monday 10:41 am
400346 spacer
So I sold a fairly high value model train on ebay. It arrived to the buyer in a damaged state (although it could probably be fixed by a very skilled modeller), but he thankfully paid extra for insurance. The insurance claim has come through and I am now in a position to give the buyer a full refund.

What's the correct course of action from here? I was planning on giving him a full refund and letting him keep the train, but a jewish friend of mine says that I should ask for the damaged model train back before refunding him, because the buyer shouldn't get to keep both the train and the insurance money.
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>> No. 400380 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 3:53 pm
400380 spacer
I'd take a lateral thinking approach to OP's moral quandary. If the person is geographically east, let him keep the train. Something in the packing was overfull, something unforeseen happened in transit, whatever - the train itself is now worthless. Trains going east to mysterious holiday destinations, these things happen.

If he is in any other direction, ask for the train back and tell my fellow jewlad he's a tight prick.

10/10 thread.
>> No. 400381 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 4:25 pm
400381 spacer

You are just too stupid to see the obvious Sopranos references. The Jew friend is obviously Hesh and the debt is the vig that was only paid off after his moolinian goomad had died. OP is some sort of train model master Tony, he takes insurance on all of his major business investments, but circumstances beyond his control break the various systems (or toy trains) that he owns. Vito, Richie Aprille, Ralph Cifferetto, Tony Blundetto, Chris Moltasanti and even his own son end up failing OP toy train tony.

The religious conatations are quite striking, the Catholic representation of Jesus and the stark contrast between his Jesus killing friend's stinginess often relates to how toy train Tony had behaved throughout his life.

OP is just operating on a troll level that is above the average .gs user, only a few enlightened understand the tragedy he is enacting through this humourous train thread. Perhaps you should just imagine an Italian mob version of Thomas the Tank engine and his mates.
>> No. 400382 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 7:31 pm
400382 spacer
You're all idiots! You think this thread is set in the past but it's actually set in the future!
>> No. 400383 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 8:42 pm
400383 spacer

>moolinian goomad

Haha what?
>> No. 400384 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 11:43 pm
400384 spacer
You know, an eggplant mistress.

>> No. 400225 Anonymous
27th February 2016
Saturday 2:13 am
400225 spacer
Most homeless people as for money or cigs.

I'm totally fine giving them cigs and having a chat while I roll it, but now I've realised that I'm unambiguously hastening their death. I mean, it'd be easy to murder a homeless person by giving them something tainted, and since cigarettes are already essentially poisonous, am I not just doing the same thing?

Should I stop giving them cigarettes because I feel guilty that I'm slowly murdering them, or should I keep giving them cigarettes because it makes them happy?
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>> No. 400325 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 7:58 am
400325 spacer
>After two hours, I’d made £23.13, plus donations of a jumbo cup of tea, a can of Coke, and a Kit-Kat Chunky, bringing the total value to about £26. All that from 24 separate people, making the average donation more than a pound.


If you're not making £13 an hour after tax and NI then you should consider becoming a professional beggar.
>> No. 400326 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 8:22 am
400326 spacer
Well if it happened once then I'm sure it's accurately representative of every single homeless persons experience then.
>> No. 400327 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 8:44 am
400327 spacer
If they can make it in Wolverhampton then they can make it anywhere. You never see a poor beggar.
>> No. 400328 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 9:16 am
400328 spacer

That journalist should be careful, or his wife might see him and he'll get arrested for murdering himself.
>> No. 400332 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 8:18 pm
400332 spacer

Especially not the ones that a hacks.

>> No. 400311 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 10:33 pm
400311 spacer
He's done it again.


Not as funny as the FIFA one.
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>> No. 400318 Anonymous
3rd March 2016
Thursday 11:40 pm
400318 spacer

>do these stunt have any sort of impact at all?

On the blokes career? Probably. I'm sure someone is at least pitching a show based on this stuff now.

On the issues that he draws attention to? None whatsoever. If anything he's shifting the story from "VW attempting to recover from emissions scandal" to "look at this British knob"
>> No. 400319 Anonymous
4th March 2016
Friday 7:09 am
400319 spacer
This video has been removed by the user
>> No. 400320 Anonymous
4th March 2016
Friday 1:27 pm
400320 spacer
Well, if you're interested, it was "Comedian Simon Brodkin interrupts Volkswagen stage show by pretending to be engineer fitting a emissions 'cheat box' to a car".
>> No. 400321 Anonymous
4th March 2016
Friday 3:43 pm
400321 spacer
I'm glad we still live in a world where I can break into at a televised event with a mysterious box and not be shot.

>I'm sure someone is at least pitching a show based on this stuff now.

Hasn't BBC Three been axed?
>> No. 400322 Anonymous
4th March 2016
Friday 4:19 pm
400322 spacer
Interesting point you make. To be fair I think militant daft wogs tend not to invade stages and public events, they just shoot people and blow things up indisriminately, and then leave the publicity for future statements claiming responsibility or their bizarrely extensive Twitter network.

>> No. 400170 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 2:42 pm
400170 Tinder problem
So I against my better judgement I installed Tinder. The disappointment and rejections haven't started yet, partly as I am stuck after having my landlady turn up as a match. How to I go past her profile without having to swipe?

Other advice?
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>> No. 400293 Anonymous
29th February 2016
Monday 7:30 pm
400293 spacer
I have happn, and a few people use it around here. I like everybody.
>> No. 400294 Anonymous
29th February 2016
Monday 7:35 pm
400294 spacer
Of course you do, lad, you're presumably male and that's just the modus operandi for those of us with a cock.
>> No. 400304 Anonymous
1st March 2016
Tuesday 8:53 pm
400304 spacer

Perhaps. Its not like I want to actually bone even a fraction of the people I like, though. I just like them for self esteem-boosting reasons, and kind of hope that - if they like me back - they don't try and talk to me.
>> No. 400305 Anonymous
1st March 2016
Tuesday 9:01 pm
400305 spacer
And that's perfectly reasonable. I've a mate that's amassed 2,000 Tinder matches, but I still don't think he's met up with any of them.
>> No. 400306 Anonymous
1st March 2016
Tuesday 9:49 pm
400306 spacer
Get him to message all of them telling them to meet him at the same place and time.

>> No. 400259 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 1:34 pm
400259 Good Night Fecking Prince.

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>> No. 400260 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 2:42 pm
400260 spacer

No article or information about his death? Just this lame duck. What is the point in the thread if everyone has to go and use a search engine to look it fucking up.

2/10 SEE ME.
>> No. 400261 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 2:45 pm
400261 spacer

Or, the fact he dropped his clogs on the same day, 18 years later, as Dermott fucking Morgan. That's some spooky shit.

Here is the article from the Beeb.

>> No. 400262 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 3:12 pm
400262 spacer
Arse. 2016's turning out to be a really shit year so far.
>> No. 400265 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 6:23 pm
400265 spacer
His version of the Seven Days of Christmas reached number twenty-six in the charts in 1983/1984.


>> No. 400145 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 4:00 pm
400145 spacer
Afternoon lads.

I'm headed to the Netherlands on Friday. What's my best option for being able to call UK mobiles for cheap-ish? EE want to charge me 20 QUID for the privilege of having 250 minutes, the bunch of cunts.

I was looking at prepaid cards and local pay-as-you-go SIMs, but I wondered if any of you have any first-hand experience.
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>> No. 400192 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 7:59 pm
400192 spacer

>We can get all that stuff without being in the EU.

As I've said in another thread, maybe we can get most of the benefits of EU membership by joining EFTA, but there's a huge amount of uncertainty over what we stand to lose. We'd be in a very weak negotiating position, because we'd need to very quickly replace half a century's worth of legislation, trade agreements and treaties. We'd also permanently lose most of our influence over EU policy. By becoming an isolated country on the periphery of Europe rather than an integral member of the European Union, we might end up with less control over our own affairs. We would need to conform to a lot of European standards or face significant barriers to trade, but we wouldn't have a say in those standards.
>> No. 400193 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 9:38 pm
400193 spacer
We are the Eurozone's biggest export market and a significt trading surplus for European nations.

We just need the fucking balls to do it rather than pussying around with oh how terrible things might be. I don't think it'll have much effect for better or worse in the long run, economically.
>> No. 400194 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 9:46 pm
400194 spacer

It will be advantageous to be on the outskirts when the EU finally implodes.

Germany won't keep bailing out Greece (and friends) forever. Neither the Germans nor the Greeks will keep it up - because they are not EU member states first, they are sovereign countries. When Greece (or maybe Italy) drops out of the Eurozone, the whole system will crumble, and even the BBC will have to admit the ever-closer-union was not a good idea.
>> No. 400195 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 10:27 pm
400195 spacer
>the referendum provides a stick to hit the government with, and I am going to use it.
I suspect you're probably a troll, but on the off-chance that you are serious and really are this stupid, then don't vote Leave unless you really, genuinely do want us to leave. This isn't a referendum on Cameron or the Tory government. It's not an opportunity to make like Flower of Scotland and send him homeward to think again. This is not an opportunity for you to get one over on the poshos. That the referendum is technically not binding doesn't make it any of those things. It is a question on our membership of the EU, nothing more and nothing less.
>> No. 400224 Anonymous
27th February 2016
Saturday 12:51 am
400224 spacer
>>400186 Will never happen, my shafted crayfish friend. There will be no whipping boys anymore if the kingdom leaves and I doubt that your american master will allow it.

>> No. 400207 Anonymous
26th February 2016
Friday 3:14 pm
400207 spacer
I'm not sure if there's a better board to ask this, but here it goes.

What's stopping me from renting a self-enclosed office and living in it? Is there usually a term in the lease that prevents this? Will anyone really care?

My plan would be to hole up for about a year and use the HUGE amount of money I'd save for a mortgage deposit. I travel a lot for work anyway, so I'd probably only be sleeping there half the time.
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>> No. 400214 Anonymous
26th February 2016
Friday 5:31 pm
400214 spacer

I did assume the council would be probably the only people who would care (since I'd not exactly be paying them council tax)

But would they figure it out? Do the council often poke around office complexes for this sort of thing?

Alternatively considering buying a bit of land and a shipping container, that would be fun.
>> No. 400215 Anonymous
26th February 2016
Friday 6:15 pm
400215 spacer

One of your neighbours might grass you up, or the landlord could chuck you out.

It's fairly common in London for people to live in "artists studios". Many landlords of these properties advertise 24 hour access with kitchen and shower facilities, with a nudge and a wink towards living there.

If you want to do it legally, you could opt for a property guardianship scheme. These schemes rent out rooms in vacant commercial properties at a reduced rent to deter squatters and vandalism. The downside is that you have no security of tenure, so you can be evicted with no notice.
>> No. 400216 Anonymous
26th February 2016
Friday 6:15 pm
400216 spacer

There is one problem with this that would be a complete deal breaker.

If you try to register on the electoral roll using an address at a business premises, it will raise a massive red flag at the council.
However if you disappear off the electoral roll, you'll almost certainly find it impossible to get approved for a mortgage.

The only way around this would be to pretend that you're living at a family or friends address for all official/financial purposes.
>> No. 400221 Anonymous
26th February 2016
Friday 8:10 pm
400221 spacer
They do get a fair amount of information from data matching. If you take up services that look like residential services in property that doesn't have residential planning permission they'll certainly think about digging into it. The premises will be subject to rates, for which a debtor has even less protection than against council tax.
>> No. 400222 Anonymous
26th February 2016
Friday 8:36 pm
400222 spacer
Planning permission lad.

>> No. 399377 Anonymous
29th January 2016
Friday 5:17 pm
399377 Furrys send frosties twitter account a bunch of lewd tony pics,
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>> No. 400110 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 10:19 pm
400110 spacer
>taking me so literally
>never, but fucking never
>My point stands.
No it doesn't. You were very clear about there being absolutely none at all, rather than disproportionately few. I wasn't really trying to prove you wrong in the first place, I was just curious and brought back some of what I found.
>> No. 400112 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 10:31 pm
400112 spacer

Depends on your interpretation. I mean "see them" as in just seeing them around. You went actively looking for it.

But alas. Pedantry.
>> No. 400114 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 11:03 pm
400114 spacer

To continue the pointless pedantry because I want to - I don't often see any sort of fursonas around, in the literal or figurative sense.
Could we make the argument that any sort of self-insert or Mary-Sue character is actually a human fursona?
>> No. 400115 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 11:20 pm
400115 spacer
And the addition of useless and confusing words into my brain continues.
>> No. 400116 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 11:29 pm
400116 spacer

Well of course you don't, that's probably because you're not a hopless furfag.

I did see a lass in town wearing cat ears as an apparently everyday accessorry the other day though. Along with the proliferation of those animal hats and such, I'm starting to think furry is going mainstream.

>> No. 399475 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 7:26 pm
399475 spacer
You' know when you have to pick out something from the bottom of the sink but its full of hot water, anyone else noticed if you rinse your hand under the cold tap first it kind-of creates a barrier so you can quickly dip your hand in and out with it hurting you.

Whats the deal with that? Does the cold water create a temporary barrier like a liquid rubber glove or is it something to do with tricking your senses?

Google isn't being helpful and for some reason I'm the only one who knows about it. Like how if butter is being uncooperative you can heat the knife on the stove despite that being fairly logical if you ask me.
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>> No. 400073 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 10:59 pm
400073 spacer
When I was in secondary school I was partially responsible for a girl who had a seizure and managed to step on (and embed in her foot) an upturned plug as she was spazzing out. She was off school for a couple of weeks while her foot healed, and had to go around in one of those foot brace things when she came back. I've felt a bit bad about it ever since as she could've hit her head and things could've gone even more pear-shaped. Not sure why your post reminded me of that, I haven't thought about it in years.
>> No. 400074 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 11:05 pm
400074 spacer

It might work, but it feels grim.
>> No. 400075 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 11:52 pm
400075 spacer
I want a dog.
>> No. 400078 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 10:31 am
400078 spacer
Your post has in turn reminded me of something else I was told by a teacher (which I have no reason to disbelieve), that they used to teach a class that had an epileptic girl who would have seizures all the time, and the class were so used to it that when one started they would just push all the desks to the walls and set her down on the floor in the middle of the room and then carry on quietly working. And then afterwards if she had wet herself or something one of them would go and help her clean up.

Anyway, were you responsible for the seizure or the plug?
>> No. 400090 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 10:57 pm
400090 spacer
The seizure.

>> No. 399846 Anonymous
15th February 2016
Monday 4:15 pm
399846 Quick question
I didn't want to post in emo as there is no emotional issue here. What would you think if you had a friend who was 40+ who was shagging a 17 year old?
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>> No. 400063 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 7:43 pm
400063 spacer
You know, I really would have assumed that readers of the financial times would understand why a premium business model for an organ aimed at an economic elite may not be applicable to wider markets.
>> No. 400064 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 7:45 pm
400064 spacer
It isn't a 'premium business model aimed at an economic elite', for fuck sake lad it's only £11/week, I make just under £30k and that's more than affordable.
>> No. 400065 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 8:02 pm
400065 spacer
I think you've misread that. Just like any given victim of the VIP nonce ring, it's the organ that's aimed at the elite.
>> No. 400066 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 8:32 pm
400066 spacer
I didn't say you can't afford it, I said it's not aimed at you.

It is probably strictly speaking possible for most people to find room in their budget for £44 a month on a newspaper. But they don't. And they won't.

Also, it's worth noting that "just under £30k" is above the median income for every age group.
>> No. 400076 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 9:20 am
400076 spacer
Like their recommendation about walking to school, it would depend on the evidence base. Is there a sound scientific basis for the benefits of eating mud?

>> No. 399768 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 3:02 pm
399768 Goodnight sweet prince
Sushil Koirala (2 August 1939 – 9 February 2016)
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>> No. 399784 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 8:36 pm
399784 spacer

Particularly if it was pre-mortem.
>> No. 399787 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 9:50 pm
399787 spacer
>> No. 399975 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 2:20 am
399975 spacer
This is thinly veiled Nepal posting.
>> No. 400013 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 7:31 am
400013 spacer

Oh jog on!

It's a news story from Nepal. Do you assume every post about Trump is made by his campaign team?
>> No. 400015 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 10:06 am
400015 spacer

I'm fairly certain people outside a small clique on this website give a shit about trump in Britain.

>> No. 399721 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 2:01 am
399721 Late night thread
There haven't been many posts at all lately. It makes it quite lonely when this is the only site you browse regularly. I once made a late night thread here with a picture of same naked woman that go hundreds of replies within an hour.

What are you all doing?
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>> No. 400012 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 6:18 am
400012 spacer

There are others...
>> No. 400014 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 8:54 am
400014 spacer
Wait, you don't mean ...

Are there four of us now?
>> No. 400017 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 11:39 am
400017 spacer
Yeah, nah, I've been around here for a long time and I don't think I've ever witnessed such a baffling display of autismal rage as someone getting that angry about...how another person names their files. Never change, .gs.
>> No. 400024 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 2:04 pm
400024 spacer

That's because digital video is already compressed, you numpty.
>> No. 400026 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 2:06 pm
400026 spacer
Why are you calling me a numpty? I tried it out, it didn't work, so I stopped it. The otherlad did his entire collection and he said he gained a few gigs. Is he a numpty too?

>> No. 399484 Anonymous
1st February 2016
Monday 6:20 am
399484 Tying up loose ends.
Over the years we have had all manner of insights into people's personal lives. Sharing our dreams, fears and unrealistic building ideas have been a cornerstone of .gs since forever.

Some of us, including myself, genuinely care if Ambulancelad actually got his ambulance. So this is w they'd where we can ask our unanswered .gs questions from threads past and give answers if we are qualified to do so.

In a music thread there was once heavy hinting that Kunt and the gang have posted here due to some references in their lyrics. I have to know more, so please post the lyrics, scree grabs or whatever you maybe have.

Revengelad seems to have developed a myth around himself to the point that he gets confused with one of the screengrabbers as well as the teen who posted threats about taking the site down a few years ago. Clarification needed.

Did the guy who was going to hitchhike ad infinitum do so? Around Christmas someone also posted about having some money and a ticket to Thailand or similar. Are you there now?
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>> No. 400095 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 1:46 am
400095 spacer
>> No. 400096 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 2:34 am
400096 spacer
It's all right. I nicked his bike after that.
>> No. 400097 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 4:18 am
400097 spacer
Impossible, The Historia Dotgessia clearly indicates that crab killer and bike thief were two aspects of the same being, not discrete entities.
>> No. 400098 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 7:12 am
400098 spacer
Beach Litterer has never repented for his crimes.
>> No. 400099 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 8:09 am
400099 spacer

Which is what makes the bike theft such a perfect crime.

talking to yourself.jpg
>> No. 399797 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 7:40 pm
399797 spacer
Do you ever say certain sentences almost involuntarily to yourself which you repeat at least once a day? Lately I've found myself murmuring 'I need to stop being me' when I'm alone and thinking about my life.

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one or if I'm going crazy. Doing a quick google search there is some talk of it being an anxiety reaction but nothing from a source I trust.
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>> No. 399811 Anonymous
12th February 2016
Friday 2:25 am
399811 spacer
I do talk to myself, but no I don't think I have any catchphrases as such.
>> No. 399812 Anonymous
12th February 2016
Friday 3:07 am
399812 spacer
I'd say I talk to myself a fair amount. I've tried to cut down on it though so as not to be out of my head so much. As for repeated sentences..Not really. I say "Fuck off" if I suddenly find myself thinking of some embarrassing moment that happened years ago that there's no need to think about it, that's about it. Although when I do talk to myself I use "we" instead of "I" a lot.
>> No. 399813 Anonymous
12th February 2016
Friday 5:05 am
399813 spacer

I'd rather kill myself, 'kaythxbye seppolad.
>> No. 399817 Anonymous
12th February 2016
Friday 3:15 pm
399817 spacer
I get this OP, what is amazing is that it seems to be connected in no way to what I am doing it is like my mouth is on autopilot. Sometimes it's depeply insecure declarations of intent at suicide, other times it seems to be jargon related to strategy games. I find it flows pretty freely when I am concentrating on a problem that frustrates me.
>> No. 399941 Anonymous
16th February 2016
Tuesday 10:07 pm
399941 spacer
I have catchphrases that come in and out of fashion within my own head. For example, a bastardised version of a South African man shouting ZE PERI PERI SAUCE was popular for a while. These phrases have no meaning or relevance to anything but I find my mind saying them over and over again for no particular reason.

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