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>> No. 373312 Anonymous
23rd March 2014
Sunday 8:25 am
373312 spacer
They've been at it for hours. Could I legally use an air gun to shut up these fuckers?
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>> No. 373313 Anonymous
23rd March 2014
Sunday 9:30 am
373313 spacer

/101/ lad.

And no.
>> No. 373318 Anonymous
23rd March 2014
Sunday 11:17 am
373318 spacer
23rd March 2014
Sunday 11:15 am 373317
Did we not have one of these threads in literally the last week or so, possibly even word for word with the same image?
Maybe I'm just going barmy in the bonce?

Also my phone tried to auto correct bonce into nonce, you won't get me that easily!!
>> No. 373319 Anonymous
23rd March 2014
Sunday 11:20 am
373319 spacer
Fucking hell, copy paste disaster. Forgive me lads I'm hungover sitting in a store cupboard phone posting at work.
>> No. 373320 Anonymous
23rd March 2014
Sunday 4:52 pm
373320 spacer

Depends on the species and how far away from the main road you are firing. Check U.K. sites for air rifles, they should have some info.

If you live in the country, you should be fine. I have found that using air rifles and pistols in gardens in built up areas nearly always causes trouble with the neighbours.

>> No. 373185 Anonymous
20th March 2014
Thursday 9:59 pm
373185 WBC RIP
Fred Phelps is dead!

I'm genuinely pleased. In fact - it's a blue label moment.
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>> No. 373276 Anonymous
22nd March 2014
Saturday 12:06 pm
373276 spacer

>Some people continually learn as they age

Exactly, you'd think their bigoted misgivings would slowly fade away given their life experiences, etc. All I'm saying is that I don't feel any kind of sadness when these unenlightened troglodytes leave this world and take their backwards world view with them.

Oh sod fuck off...
>> No. 373284 Anonymous
22nd March 2014
Saturday 2:26 pm
373284 spacer
Yes, death to these unenlightened bigots. If only I could be like you, enlightened by your own intelligence.
>> No. 373292 Anonymous
22nd March 2014
Saturday 5:26 pm
373292 spacer
RIP; the loss of every white Christian challenging a media establishment that seeks to maintain optimum growing conditions for liberal gangrene is the destruction of a light filament that illuminates the stars of the American flag as a beacon for human advancement. Once more the slaves flock to SlaveBook to express the self-righteous enmity granted them by the media in return for their subscription. Once more the vociferous masses chant their slogan and look to see it chanted to obtain proof that the slave chain to the front and the rear is in fact buffered. Once more accidental observers of the phenomenon are disgusted that they share a physiology with weakness.
>> No. 373293 Anonymous
22nd March 2014
Saturday 5:47 pm
373293 spacer

>> No. 373297 Anonymous
22nd March 2014
Saturday 7:42 pm
373297 spacer

Audible mirth.

>> No. 372802 Anonymous
14th March 2014
Friday 2:38 pm
372802 Weekend thread 14-16/3/14
What are you fa.gs up to this weekend? Anything of note?

Waiting in at the moment for a parcel for my brother who doesn't live here anymore because he is incapable of changing the delivery address when ordering things online. This is making it impossible for me to go even just down the road to get a good and more up to date reference for my CV for a job application I am in the middle of. I had a call this morning with the bank to get my overdraft sorted, which is good.

Tomorrow: I have no plans.

Sunday: I have no plans.
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>> No. 373263 Anonymous
21st March 2014
Friday 10:24 pm
373263 spacer
Surely just open an account in any of the many rival banks or building societies operating in this country? I can't imagine that banks are exactly sharing their account holders' details with the competition.

Also you should still learn to be more careful with your spending, lad, learning to budget is an integral life skill and you'll be better off in the long run if you get it right now.
>> No. 373265 Anonymous
21st March 2014
Friday 10:33 pm
373265 spacer
Wait until you're flush and then phone her apologizing profusely for even asking, saying you've fucked up and begging her to front you £50 for some shopping because you have no money then when she tells you that you don't need it you've got her bang to rights.

If you don't mind getting her sacked/jailed then simply relay this evidence to the relevant authorities.

If you don't want to see her get into trouble however, simply do nothing and just get a cash-in-hand job if such a thing even exists anymore. Remember though, by not exposing her you are leaving the way open for much nastier people in the same position as her to do the same thing. Abusive husbands spying on their exes, blackmailers, con-artists etc.
>> No. 373266 Anonymous
21st March 2014
Friday 10:41 pm
373266 spacer
> If my suspicions are true then she is monitoring my spending and there is little I can do about it
>> No. 373267 Anonymous
21st March 2014
Friday 11:55 pm
373267 spacer

>> No. 373268 Anonymous
22nd March 2014
Saturday 12:09 am
373268 spacer
I understand why people do this now.

Spent the last few hours making the site functional and everything so I had started making it pretty. Even though I have the technical knowledge I am awful at designing. So far it looks like a site from 2003, perhaps worse. I don't believe I get marked down for having a shit looking site but it's just an eye sore at the moment.

At least I can copy and paste bits of reports I've done in the past and get this assignment submitted.

>> No. 372933 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 12:21 am
372933 spacer
How does a younger person go about smoking a pipe and not looking like an absolute twat?
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>> No. 373141 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 8:05 pm
373141 spacer
Quite. Rappers do, and so do the police.
>> No. 373142 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 8:05 pm
373142 spacer

Ask any politician they'll tell you it's true...
>> No. 373143 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 8:07 pm
373143 spacer
Great bunch of lads to go out on the lash with.
>> No. 373144 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 8:10 pm
373144 spacer


>> No. 373180 Anonymous
20th March 2014
Thursday 8:44 pm
373180 spacer


>> No. 373151 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 11:50 pm
373151 spacer
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>> No. 373154 Anonymous
20th March 2014
Thursday 1:16 am
373154 spacer
It was an election-winning budget.

Also, /pol/ you utter fucker.
>> No. 373164 Anonymous
20th March 2014
Thursday 9:40 am
373164 spacer
There aren't any cities near me. I guess the Conservatives aren't going to help me much?

>> No. 373086 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 5:34 pm
373086 Surveillance
Good evening.
So, I`m doing a project on surveillance and stuff and I need your help. It`d be great if you took part in the survey.
I`ll post the results in this thread this weekend, alongside with 4chan` scores and we `ll see how they compare.

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>> No. 373101 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 7:01 pm
373101 spacer
Yeah this was my main issue as well.
>> No. 373102 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 7:09 pm
373102 spacer
I'd also recommend that you fix all the other grammatical mistakes and bad English in it, and in the rest of your posting. If you're doing a project on this you're probably expected, at some point, to go through it with a fine-tooth comb and fix these shortcomings before you turn it in - it'll also put you in better stead for communicating effectively with the rest of the world what the hell you're banging on about.

And make judgmental nitpickers like myself more willing to fill your little questionnaire in.
>> No. 373104 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 7:28 pm
373104 spacer
> What type of surveillance invades your private life the deepest? *
Why can't I answer "all of them"?
Take this, mate: http://longurl.org/expand
>> No. 373159 Anonymous
20th March 2014
Thursday 2:47 am
373159 spacer
Bias questions though.
>> No. 373160 Anonymous
20th March 2014
Thursday 3:09 am
373160 spacer
These questions aren't thought out very well.

>> No. 346596 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 7:15 am
346596 spacer
Another breakout of the paedogeddon has struck home!

Rolph Harris being named as the next* chap what done a noncing

All just rumours at present, but he has a weird moustache, and worked with kids, therefore, nonce.
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>> No. 372417 Anonymous
4th March 2014
Tuesday 6:11 pm
372417 spacer
No need for misogyny, lad.
>> No. 372753 Anonymous
13th March 2014
Thursday 9:31 am
372753 spacer
>Steve Klein, who was asked to leave New Found Glory in December, has been charged with sexual conduct with a minor and Child Pornography offenses. The former New Found Glory guitarist is charged with two counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14, three counts of lewd conduct with a minor 14 or 15, one count of intent to commit leywd act with a minor, and one count of possession of child pornography.

They've toured with LostProphets. Maybe H led him astray or they bonded over each other's collection of kids getting pissed on.
>> No. 372771 Anonymous
13th March 2014
Thursday 7:10 pm
372771 spacer

Will I get put on the sex offenders register if I procure a collection of children being pissed on simply because I don't like kids?
>> No. 372774 Anonymous
13th March 2014
Thursday 9:30 pm
372774 spacer
I think you'd have bigger things to worry about than the register if you're collecting children.
>> No. 373106 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 8:17 pm
373106 spacer
>Max Clifford jury told to 'settle down' after laughing at penis size evidence


I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up topping himself, it's utterly demeaning.

>> No. 373068 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 2:26 am
373068 spacer
Lads, I've found over the past few years I have been pumping both more often and louder. The small merciful release from my balloon knot has given way to a thunderous applause from the arsecheeks if you will.

My understanding on the matter is that as a man ages he generally starts to become more of a trumpet trousers so I was wondering if you could share some nuggets of wisdom on the topic along with some of your own experience on the matter. Doing my reading the best way to fight this menace is the typical response of not eating anything fun. Have you lads had any luck finding nice food that doesn't contain anything good for my gut bacteria? Do you know of any other solutions to my problem?
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>> No. 373069 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 3:00 am
373069 spacer
My problem with that has decreased considerably since cutting out meat and dairy, so yeah, don't eat anything fun.
>> No. 373077 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:28 pm
373077 spacer


Wait until you start getting piles teenlad. Then you will realise how quickly even the simplest pleasures in life can be taken away from you.

I'm a martyr to my levers.
>> No. 373105 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 7:52 pm
373105 spacer
Routine is key. A diet high in meat and dairy is workable if you balance it out with vegetables and acceptable roughage (brown bread, rice or oats). As long as you're eating roughly the same things, day in and day out, your farts will become less dramatic.

>> No. 373041 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 7:53 pm
373041 spacer

This could be the beginning of a new age in which all the labour needed to run civilisation is done by robots and the government provides us all with a basic income leaving us free to pursue our interests. Or the beginning of a new age of mass unemployment and people struggling to survive.

Will our politicians make the right decisions???

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>> No. 373067 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 12:39 am
373067 spacer

Robotic automation can be seen in a similar way to women's rights or mass immigration, they have the same fundamental effect - loosening the Labour market at the unskilled end.
>> No. 373070 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 7:32 am
373070 spacer


But is survival simply a matter of not starving in the modern West?
>> No. 373071 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 10:01 am
373071 spacer
>maybe a struggle to survive above the undulating nominal 'poverty line' but that's about as relevant to survival in the medical context as Sunderland's struggle to survive the Premiership; whether they do or don't, they're not going to starve
I think having to rely on charity to eat is somewhat indicative of a struggle to survive, but maybe that's just me.
>> No. 373072 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 10:04 am
373072 spacer
The situation can obviously be improved, but what he said is still true - they are not going to starve unless they choose to ignore all help available to them. Nobody in the west is fighting for their survival in an animalistic sense.
>> No. 373075 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 12:24 pm
373075 spacer
There's less help than you'd think. Food banks don't make a habit of giving food to the same person many times. Still, I don't think such a narrow view of what constitutes a struggle to survive is really helpful. We all understand what is inferred by the phrase.

>> No. 372881 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 7:47 pm
372881 spacer
Tasty poshlass into weird dead things. THE DREAM

She's in her 40's btw.

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>> No. 372974 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 1:12 pm
372974 spacer
She actually left Four Rooms because of a certain portion of the viewership leering over her. It's pretty shite to be a creepy fucker that makes people feel so uncomfortable they quit their jobs IMHO.
>> No. 372977 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 2:50 pm
372977 spacer

If I had to have a girlfriend who lived in a palace of death then I'd rather it be Polly Morgan. She's an artist, see, whereas the lady in the OP just seems like dead things, which is fine enough, I'm just not sure what else we'd talk about.
>> No. 372981 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 4:37 pm
372981 spacer

>>I'd crawl a mile over broken glass just to wank over The Shadow.

Fixed that for you ladm8
>> No. 372982 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 4:41 pm
372982 spacer

>>the sort that want you to tie her up and she calls you daddy

I did this a few weeks ago...I quite enjoy daddy/daughter roleplay, it's my ex girlfriend's fault, she got me into it.
>> No. 373004 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 9:42 pm
373004 spacer

>It's often hard to tell if these ones are the sort that want you to tie her up and she calls you daddy...

>> No. 372160 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 2:34 pm
372160 Fun fact thread
Fire away, .gs!

Random, useless fun facts that you carry in your head.

- - -

The Scoto-Norman surname "Sinclair" is derived from the French Norman clan "de St. Clair", which came to Britain with William the Conqueror and was given tracts of land in Scotland. Which is why "Sinclair" is today perceived as being a typical Scottish name.
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>> No. 372641 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 12:42 pm
372641 spacer

Out of curiosity I searched for some videos of the 2008 "chanology" protests in my town, I found one with a 3 second snippet of me blabbing something stupid in the background as the camera man panned around.

Its my cringe dosage for the year.
Hold me.
>> No. 372642 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 12:48 pm
372642 spacer
The only meme I encountered was scrawled across the backside of a sleeping attendee - one conceived by persons present at that. >>372469 was describing an entirely different event, you berk.
>> No. 372644 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 1:37 pm
372644 spacer
Socially awkward perhaps not, but in a group with that prevalence of mood/personality disorders and drug use you have to question precisely how well-adjusted they are.
>> No. 372649 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 2:11 pm
372649 spacer
I know he was. I was only lifting his description. Cool your jets holmes.
>> No. 372754 Anonymous
13th March 2014
Thursday 11:40 am
372754 spacer

I learned the other day that there is a strong anthropological/archaeological tradition of researching 'string games' in world history.


One Esquimaux string game is theorised to originate in folk memory of mammoths, pic related.


>This figure, widely known to the Inuit, actually represents a legendary creature called kilivfaq. Stories describe it as a large animal, with either six, eight, or ten legs, and a short tail, and (in some stories) a human face. Being large and strong, it is dangerous to hunt, but apparently well worth the risk, because as long as the bones are not scraped completely clean, the meat regrows on it, and can be harvested again, up to three times.

>Stories about kilivfaq are told as far east as Greenland, but the origin of the legend is in Alaska and the Yukon, where the frozen remains of woolly mammoths and mastodons are occasionally found. These remains are apparently the source of the legend.

>> No. 372630 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 10:27 am
372630 RIP Bob Crow
Divisive, yet showed the fighting spirit that still remains in the trade union movement. RIP. :-(
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>> No. 372675 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 12:39 am
372675 spacer
It's annoying when hipsters turn out to be useful isn't it?
>> No. 372678 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 8:47 am
372678 spacer

I think it's less hipsterism, more that they seem to have a knack for actually employing intelligent journo's, who at least on the surface, don't follow the party political group wank of the more regular media.
>> No. 372679 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 9:17 am
372679 spacer
They don't really. Vice's staff is mostly incompetent but they are good at hosting freelance content like the guy in Crimea ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4579785/ ).

Their home-grown content is usually just complete shit.
>> No. 372680 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 10:28 am
372680 spacer

Ah, my mistake; although I did suspect it was probably this way around (employees on contract? surely not!)
>> No. 372737 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 11:43 pm
372737 spacer
So he died due to blocked tubes... oh the irony.

>> No. 372662 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:08 pm
372662 spacer
BBC Four's Weird Nature just now showed this mouse that SHAGS itself to death. Simply amazing, I just had to post it.
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>> No. 372663 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:10 pm
372663 spacer
Gotta get those genes into the next generation even it kills you!
>> No. 372664 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:14 pm
372664 spacer
For two weeks of the year the male mouse does this having sex with as many females as possible non-stop until he dies.
>> No. 372665 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:28 pm
372665 spacer

I bet they bum a few bloke mice by mistake in their frenzy...
>> No. 372666 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:56 pm
372666 spacer
Don't judge are mice by your own standards ladmate.
>> No. 372667 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 10:29 pm
372667 spacer

I've no doubt they realise their fate at some point and decide that, being capable only of shagging, a bit of man on man is as varied as it's going to get.

I'm sure two weeks is a mighty long time for a mouse.

Goldfish - orange and black shutterstock_88614085.jpg
>> No. 372075 Anonymous
28th February 2014
Friday 3:02 pm
372075 Weekend thread
Now then cats, what are you all up to this weekend? Work or play? Any days out or trips planned, any events? Or will you just be just slouched on the couch or lying in after a colossal hangover?

Me? Watch footy and chat a lass I like up, which probably won't go anywhere.
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>> No. 372558 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 12:56 am
372558 spacer
Have a word with Dennis, who owns The Albion Beatnik, in Oxford. He seems to be coping. Still has both hands and is open.
>> No. 372559 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 1:05 am
372559 spacer
That's an odd reference to make.
>> No. 372560 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 1:07 am
372560 spacer
Seemed quite pertinent to me.
>> No. 372564 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 4:24 am
372564 spacer
I just heard a really weird noise outside my flat, and the doors leading up to where I sleep/stay up all night watching True Detective are unlocked, but because they're French Windows the outside spooky would see me all back lit if I tried to lock them.

I know it's Monday, so technically this thread is forbidden to care. However, if I am to die tonight, then I want someone to make it clear I was not "trolled to death" by .gs. If one of you could turn up to my funeral and tell everyone you saw me having sex with a woman that'd be cool too.

Farewell, ye Angels.
>> No. 372565 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 4:39 am
372565 spacer
Oh man, I'm watching the finale right now, it's fucking great so far. I'm going to have to close .gs in case it gets spoiled for me now though.

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