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>> No. 373041 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 7:53 pm
373041 spacer

This could be the beginning of a new age in which all the labour needed to run civilisation is done by robots and the government provides us all with a basic income leaving us free to pursue our interests. Or the beginning of a new age of mass unemployment and people struggling to survive.

Will our politicians make the right decisions???

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>> No. 373067 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 12:39 am
373067 spacer

Robotic automation can be seen in a similar way to women's rights or mass immigration, they have the same fundamental effect - loosening the Labour market at the unskilled end.
>> No. 373070 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 7:32 am
373070 spacer


But is survival simply a matter of not starving in the modern West?
>> No. 373071 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 10:01 am
373071 spacer
>maybe a struggle to survive above the undulating nominal 'poverty line' but that's about as relevant to survival in the medical context as Sunderland's struggle to survive the Premiership; whether they do or don't, they're not going to starve
I think having to rely on charity to eat is somewhat indicative of a struggle to survive, but maybe that's just me.
>> No. 373072 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 10:04 am
373072 spacer
The situation can obviously be improved, but what he said is still true - they are not going to starve unless they choose to ignore all help available to them. Nobody in the west is fighting for their survival in an animalistic sense.
>> No. 373075 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 12:24 pm
373075 spacer
There's less help than you'd think. Food banks don't make a habit of giving food to the same person many times. Still, I don't think such a narrow view of what constitutes a struggle to survive is really helpful. We all understand what is inferred by the phrase.

>> No. 372881 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 7:47 pm
372881 spacer
Tasty poshlass into weird dead things. THE DREAM

She's in her 40's btw.

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>> No. 372974 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 1:12 pm
372974 spacer
She actually left Four Rooms because of a certain portion of the viewership leering over her. It's pretty shite to be a creepy fucker that makes people feel so uncomfortable they quit their jobs IMHO.
>> No. 372977 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 2:50 pm
372977 spacer

If I had to have a girlfriend who lived in a palace of death then I'd rather it be Polly Morgan. She's an artist, see, whereas the lady in the OP just seems like dead things, which is fine enough, I'm just not sure what else we'd talk about.
>> No. 372981 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 4:37 pm
372981 spacer

>>I'd crawl a mile over broken glass just to wank over The Shadow.

Fixed that for you ladm8
>> No. 372982 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 4:41 pm
372982 spacer

>>the sort that want you to tie her up and she calls you daddy

I did this a few weeks ago...I quite enjoy daddy/daughter roleplay, it's my ex girlfriend's fault, she got me into it.
>> No. 373004 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 9:42 pm
373004 spacer

>It's often hard to tell if these ones are the sort that want you to tie her up and she calls you daddy...

>> No. 372160 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 2:34 pm
372160 Fun fact thread
Fire away, .gs!

Random, useless fun facts that you carry in your head.

- - -

The Scoto-Norman surname "Sinclair" is derived from the French Norman clan "de St. Clair", which came to Britain with William the Conqueror and was given tracts of land in Scotland. Which is why "Sinclair" is today perceived as being a typical Scottish name.
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>> No. 372641 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 12:42 pm
372641 spacer

Out of curiosity I searched for some videos of the 2008 "chanology" protests in my town, I found one with a 3 second snippet of me blabbing something stupid in the background as the camera man panned around.

Its my cringe dosage for the year.
Hold me.
>> No. 372642 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 12:48 pm
372642 spacer
The only meme I encountered was scrawled across the backside of a sleeping attendee - one conceived by persons present at that. >>372469 was describing an entirely different event, you berk.
>> No. 372644 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 1:37 pm
372644 spacer
Socially awkward perhaps not, but in a group with that prevalence of mood/personality disorders and drug use you have to question precisely how well-adjusted they are.
>> No. 372649 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 2:11 pm
372649 spacer
I know he was. I was only lifting his description. Cool your jets holmes.
>> No. 372754 Anonymous
13th March 2014
Thursday 11:40 am
372754 spacer

I learned the other day that there is a strong anthropological/archaeological tradition of researching 'string games' in world history.


One Esquimaux string game is theorised to originate in folk memory of mammoths, pic related.


>This figure, widely known to the Inuit, actually represents a legendary creature called kilivfaq. Stories describe it as a large animal, with either six, eight, or ten legs, and a short tail, and (in some stories) a human face. Being large and strong, it is dangerous to hunt, but apparently well worth the risk, because as long as the bones are not scraped completely clean, the meat regrows on it, and can be harvested again, up to three times.

>Stories about kilivfaq are told as far east as Greenland, but the origin of the legend is in Alaska and the Yukon, where the frozen remains of woolly mammoths and mastodons are occasionally found. These remains are apparently the source of the legend.

>> No. 372630 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 10:27 am
372630 RIP Bob Crow
Divisive, yet showed the fighting spirit that still remains in the trade union movement. RIP. :-(
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>> No. 372675 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 12:39 am
372675 spacer
It's annoying when hipsters turn out to be useful isn't it?
>> No. 372678 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 8:47 am
372678 spacer

I think it's less hipsterism, more that they seem to have a knack for actually employing intelligent journo's, who at least on the surface, don't follow the party political group wank of the more regular media.
>> No. 372679 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 9:17 am
372679 spacer
They don't really. Vice's staff is mostly incompetent but they are good at hosting freelance content like the guy in Crimea ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4579785/ ).

Their home-grown content is usually just complete shit.
>> No. 372680 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 10:28 am
372680 spacer

Ah, my mistake; although I did suspect it was probably this way around (employees on contract? surely not!)
>> No. 372737 Anonymous
12th March 2014
Wednesday 11:43 pm
372737 spacer
So he died due to blocked tubes... oh the irony.

>> No. 372662 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:08 pm
372662 spacer
BBC Four's Weird Nature just now showed this mouse that SHAGS itself to death. Simply amazing, I just had to post it.
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>> No. 372663 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:10 pm
372663 spacer
Gotta get those genes into the next generation even it kills you!
>> No. 372664 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:14 pm
372664 spacer
For two weeks of the year the male mouse does this having sex with as many females as possible non-stop until he dies.
>> No. 372665 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:28 pm
372665 spacer

I bet they bum a few bloke mice by mistake in their frenzy...
>> No. 372666 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 8:56 pm
372666 spacer
Don't judge are mice by your own standards ladmate.
>> No. 372667 Anonymous
11th March 2014
Tuesday 10:29 pm
372667 spacer

I've no doubt they realise their fate at some point and decide that, being capable only of shagging, a bit of man on man is as varied as it's going to get.

I'm sure two weeks is a mighty long time for a mouse.

Goldfish - orange and black shutterstock_88614085.jpg
>> No. 372075 Anonymous
28th February 2014
Friday 3:02 pm
372075 Weekend thread
Now then cats, what are you all up to this weekend? Work or play? Any days out or trips planned, any events? Or will you just be just slouched on the couch or lying in after a colossal hangover?

Me? Watch footy and chat a lass I like up, which probably won't go anywhere.
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>> No. 372558 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 12:56 am
372558 spacer
Have a word with Dennis, who owns The Albion Beatnik, in Oxford. He seems to be coping. Still has both hands and is open.
>> No. 372559 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 1:05 am
372559 spacer
That's an odd reference to make.
>> No. 372560 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 1:07 am
372560 spacer
Seemed quite pertinent to me.
>> No. 372564 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 4:24 am
372564 spacer
I just heard a really weird noise outside my flat, and the doors leading up to where I sleep/stay up all night watching True Detective are unlocked, but because they're French Windows the outside spooky would see me all back lit if I tried to lock them.

I know it's Monday, so technically this thread is forbidden to care. However, if I am to die tonight, then I want someone to make it clear I was not "trolled to death" by .gs. If one of you could turn up to my funeral and tell everyone you saw me having sex with a woman that'd be cool too.

Farewell, ye Angels.
>> No. 372565 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 4:39 am
372565 spacer
Oh man, I'm watching the finale right now, it's fucking great so far. I'm going to have to close .gs in case it gets spoiled for me now though.

Brewer%27s Blackbird singing_02[1].jpg
>> No. 371750 Anonymous
18th February 2014
Tuesday 3:43 am
371750 spacer
These cunts are at it already.
Doing my head in.

Is anyone else hearing it or am I dealing with a couple of rogue operators who've decided to start early this year?
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>> No. 372424 Anonymous
4th March 2014
Tuesday 8:40 pm
372424 spacer
It was a nice morning and I was laying in bed, sleepy and satisfied. There was an occasional chirp from outside the window, but nothing major. It contributed to the peace of the scenario. But then some kind of bird of prey flew over. I don't know what it was but it's impossible to mistake that cry as anything other than a big bastard hawk or eagle. And as soon as the cry reached my window? All 300+ birds that nest in the hedges in my garden started shitting themselves.


>> No. 372439 Anonymous
5th March 2014
Wednesday 7:31 pm
372439 spacer

Our old house had a blackbird that lived in an old garage out the front. As soon as you stepped outside the front door for a smoke, it went mental and wouldn't shut up. I seriously considered taking the air rifle to it, but my housemates promptly went mental and they were able to make a lot more noise. So the bird lived to torment another set of housemates.
>> No. 372440 Anonymous
5th March 2014
Wednesday 8:47 pm
372440 spacer
Should have taken the airrifle to the housemates, m8.
>> No. 372448 Anonymous
6th March 2014
Thursday 10:10 pm
372448 spacer
>> No. 372452 Anonymous
7th March 2014
Friday 1:45 am
372452 spacer

They started 20 fucking minutes ago... this is just taking the piss. Everytime I hear them at night I feel a little tired. Like it's 6am and I'm on the 16th straight hour playing World of Warcraft. Ah the teenage years.

>> No. 371855 Anonymous
21st February 2014
Friday 9:31 pm
371855 spacer
I've been trying to give the house a bit of a clear out, do you chaps know where I could get rid of some of this shit without having to throw it out?

Electronics and DVDs are all to the Cash Generator and books are all to the Sally Army but I don't know what to do with mugs, glasses, general kitchen stuff and other misc shite.
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>> No. 372421 Anonymous
4th March 2014
Tuesday 8:04 pm
372421 spacer
Freecycle is run by pedantic cunts who will make you list every trinket separately.
>> No. 372422 Anonymous
4th March 2014
Tuesday 8:16 pm
372422 spacer

Yeah, I spent nearly a year around 2001-2 just making shit tracks on Ejay and posting them on my Lycos site thinking I would be the next Liam Howlett.

Delusional, to say the least.
>> No. 372423 Anonymous
4th March 2014
Tuesday 8:34 pm
372423 spacer
Those were the days. DanceEJay tracks always ended up sounding the same.
>> No. 372425 Anonymous
4th March 2014
Tuesday 11:49 pm
372425 spacer
DanceEjay is a name that had faded to the back of my mind. I remember getting free cd demos of it somewhere (cereal packets maybe?) and playing around with shit beats and whatnot. Back in the day etc.
>> No. 372428 Anonymous
5th March 2014
Wednesday 2:23 am
372428 spacer
I still have a knock off version with the extra beats expansion, if I remember right it wouldn't work on win7.

how fucking edgy does it get.png
>> No. 372113 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 12:24 am
372113 spacer
Oh goodness, Wikipedia. A new low.
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>> No. 372117 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 12:37 am
372117 spacer
Eh, it's not really in the same league as "Virgin Killer", is it?
>> No. 372119 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 12:42 am
372119 spacer

Call my Bluff - bluff card.jpg
Erm ... ?
>> No. 372120 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 12:43 am
372120 spacer

Do explain your point, OP.
>> No. 372130 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 2:44 am
372130 spacer
Not really a point so much as a general 'oh come on' sentiment.

Think of the kids!
>> No. 372149 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 12:30 pm
372149 spacer

>Think of the kids!

oh, not this again.

If we really cared about our kids, we wouldn't let them grow up in such a hysteric, unhealthily-fixated-on-them environment.

>> No. 362929 Anonymous
28th October 2013
Monday 12:29 am
I remember when I first got on the internet and free, anonymous internet chat rooms were abound. Now, that era seems to have gone. Sure, you've got your omegle, you've got your chatroulette, but even these bastions of ill-conceived connectivity with the unknown have become sanitised, if not to the point of dicklessness, at least to the point of soullessness.

It doesn't even have to be about the webcams! Yes, of course, we all hope for a cheeky cybershag somewhere down the line. Yes, we hope for a bit of improptu bespoke 'romantic thriller'. It doesn't have to begin that way, though. Where's the extended text-only interrogation? Where's the careful avoidance of the term, "a/s/l"? I mean, you don't want to be too forward about it, you want to come across as more than five sausage-like appendages greasily moving back and forth across a sixth.

Okay, sure, it was perceived as something of an avenue for paedos. Haven't we moved on from that, though? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the vast majority of people who were twelve in the early noughties are, by now, raising children themselves. Oughtn't they be savvy to the techniques of yesteryear, oughtn't they have forbade their spawn to stay up to the wee small hours, staring blank white rectangle resplendent with ASCII? Heaven forbid, might they have learnt to make their presence superior to the aformentioned embrace of the VDU?

I miss chat rooms. Fuck it, I've aged thirteen years and, as much as enjoy the tête-à-tête avec les britfa.gs, I miss the one-to-one mystery that could erupt from entering a nickname, entering a private chat, and then swapping emails, no signing in, no logging on, no permanent record of details required.

I wouldn't mind so much, but what are the alternatives? Go t' pub? They're all fucking closed down! Is it so wrong to want to sit down, get pissed, and have a random banter with a complete stranger?
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>> No. 363642 Anonymous
7th November 2013
Thursday 3:25 pm
363642 spacer

New Recruits.jpg

Demon Internets motherfukah!

I think inevitably we will end up going back onto metered/pay per minute downloads. I have nothing to back this up other than an opinion. It's just the amount of data is growing faster than internet connection speeds so it seems inevitable that we'll run out of bandwidth and start having to have it metered again.
>> No. 363643 Anonymous
7th November 2013
Thursday 4:28 pm
363643 spacer

Core bandwidth is really cheap, the expensive bit is the infrastructure between your ISP and your router at home. Your ISP don't even pay for bandwidth, they just lease switch ports from their peering providers.
>> No. 363644 Anonymous
7th November 2013
Thursday 4:57 pm
363644 spacer
I remember x-stream being free but having to reconnect after an hour, and it was only open between 6pm & midnight.
>> No. 363645 Anonymous
7th November 2013
Thursday 5:02 pm
363645 spacer

This is exactly what it is like on the job for me every day and why I learned all I could about computers and networks.
>> No. 372067 Anonymous
28th February 2014
Friday 11:38 am
372067 spacer
There ARE still chatrooms around, just need to know where to go.

>> No. 371653 Anonymous
15th February 2014
Saturday 11:01 pm
371653 spacer
which one would you fuck?
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>> No. 371676 Anonymous
16th February 2014
Sunday 2:00 pm
371676 spacer

Staffies, pitbulls, boxers, bulldogs. They all have the same goofy, stocky, clumsy sort of charm about them. They move like they don't know their own strength, I love them.
>> No. 371978 Anonymous
26th February 2014
Wednesday 12:18 am
371978 spacer
Why do I keep looking at OPs picture thinking it goes great lengths towards illustrating the .gs user base?
>> No. 372011 Anonymous
26th February 2014
Wednesday 10:10 pm
372011 spacer
Because we all want a treat and a belly rub from ARE PURP.
>> No. 372013 Anonymous
26th February 2014
Wednesday 10:19 pm
372013 spacer

Not after last time, the man doesn't file his nails. It was like being rubbed all over by a pan scourer, which wouldn't normally bother me but I had just gotten out of the bath and had scoured myself raw.
>> No. 372033 Anonymous
27th February 2014
Thursday 3:37 pm
372033 spacer
My friend has a bulldog and he's fucking ace. Massively inbred big fucker with face all over and about as much brain as a goldfish. Forever running into stuff and breaking it. Quality.

>> No. 371939 Anonymous
24th February 2014
Monday 7:06 pm
Harold Ramis aka 'Egon' dead aged 69


What I want to know is, will his ghost bust itself?
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>> No. 371945 Anonymous
25th February 2014
Tuesday 7:01 am
371945 spacer
Eating hot dogs, always a sombre occasion.
>> No. 371949 Anonymous
25th February 2014
Tuesday 2:52 pm
371949 spacer
Is it odd that I know him (or knew him rather) as that guy that directed Groundhog Day?
>> No. 371951 Anonymous
25th February 2014
Tuesday 5:15 pm
371951 spacer

Could have sworn I saw this posted again, earlier today
>> No. 371952 Anonymous
25th February 2014
Tuesday 5:16 pm
371952 spacer
I think I read it somewhere too.
>> No. 371953 Anonymous
25th February 2014
Tuesday 5:38 pm
371953 spacer

Who ya gonna call?

>> No. 370329 Anonymous
23rd January 2014
Thursday 8:36 pm
370329 spacer
If you went back in time 500-1,000 years what wondrous inventions would you personally be able to show people as a man from the future?

I think I could create a crude bicycle, albeit one without any proper brakes, and explain a fair few concepts that I understand a bit further than 'you put the plug in and switch it on', but I reckon I'd struggle.
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>> No. 370933 Anonymous
31st January 2014
Friday 3:30 pm
370933 spacer
A mac vs PC debate..really lads? Is this how low we've sunk? There really is nothing more tedious on the internet. Are you not bored of it? Have you not had or read this argument a thousand times?
It really is beyond fucking boring. Christ, I honestly can't fathom why people even give a shit. It's just an endless well of bleak grey tedium and eye gouging banality.

Truly awful.
>> No. 370935 Anonymous
31st January 2014
Friday 4:00 pm
370935 spacer
Shut up Macfag.
>> No. 370944 Anonymous
31st January 2014
Friday 5:32 pm
370944 spacer
>> No. 371922 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 1:30 pm
371922 spacer

Christ I completely forgot about this image.
>> No. 371927 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 9:43 pm
371927 spacer

burgundian warriors.jpg
Re-paganise Europe. For the mega lolz.

>> No. 371535 Anonymous
14th February 2014
Friday 2:08 pm
371535 spacer
Woke up this morning to find this at my bedside. That's half a bottle of highland park and a steak poo regurgitated, with obligatory bit of carrot (I don't remember eating any carrot). Any advice on how I clean this up? Some of you are probably experts at cleaning vomit.
It's gone to a semi-solid pizza topping-like consistency.

Anyway, weekend thread.
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>> No. 371907 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 10:32 am
371907 spacer
>Are women like that?
Some women are like that. Not all of one group will always behave like specific examples of said group.

>If you play it cool and calm enough, will something materialize?

Also this.

Think how you would feel if you were her boyfriend, and some smarmy cunt in the same position as you was trying it on with her. There's something innately disrespectful about trying to cop off with someone who's already taken; I can't really put it into words why it is this way but it just seems rude.
>> No. 371908 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 11:12 am
371908 spacer

Calm down, nothing has happened, nor probably will. I seriously doubt you've never imagined banging someone who happened to have a SO.

I haven't "tried" anything either, literally when we moved in, it was simple "hello/goodbye" relationship - less than that in fact. Just 2 humans getting on with the drudgery of life. Recently there have been some parties that gave the excuse to finally properly chat, and she's alright - I felt that she knew the same about me - so we actually have conversations now.

I've never cheated on anyone, on the contrary, I've been cheated on and lied to a few times - it's really shitty and I don't wish it on anyone.

I feel bad now - just thought I'd put forward a hypothetical question and I've got my response.
>> No. 371909 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 11:14 am
371909 spacer
Please don't forget the collection plate on the way out.
>> No. 371910 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 11:16 am
371910 spacer

aye father, I hope dollars are fine
>> No. 371912 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 11:36 am
371912 spacer

Finding someone attractive is one thing, what you suggested is another entirely.

That you have the empathy to see why it was a bad idea is a testament to your character though, so don't feel too bad about it.

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