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>> No. 394729 Anonymous
16th September 2015
Wednesday 6:47 pm
394729 Winter's Coming

According to our sensationalist media, ITZ COMING.

I'm talking about out annual 'snow chaos' panic where we shut our schools, moan on Facebook about the cold and everybody over the age of 55 is at risk of a sudden and unexpected death. Apparently though this year we can expect a very strong El Nino effect. Last time this happened was in 2010 and we had a reasonably tough bout of shit weather then. As a new homeowner this has set me thinking; other than stocking up on PG Tips and candles, what can I do to prepare for potential winter problems? I've got a set of winter tyres for the car (which proved to be 110% worth the money last year) and I might pick up a bottle of anti-icing additive for the diesel in case we see -20 again like we did around here in 2010. Anything else?
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>> No. 394757 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 3:30 pm
394757 spacer
I don't eat newspapers.

Also you're mostly talking about D3, I think the only edible source of D2 is mushrooms. Unless you scrape off lichen and lick your fingernails.
>> No. 394758 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 3:38 pm
394758 spacer

>I don't eat newspapers.

How did I just know... You're getting too predictable, lads.
>> No. 394760 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 6:22 pm
394760 spacer
Vitamin D2 isn't made in the body anyway.
>> No. 395024 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 5:46 pm
395024 spacer


>> No. 395126 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 2:42 am
395126 spacer
Fuckin love winter me.

People can't get in to work down the road after an inch of snow yet I can manage to get to the summit of mountains 150 miles away.

>> No. 395082 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 5:40 pm
395082 Bloodbus Locked
Special thanks to the lad that recommended Bloodbus, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't find the thread where it was posted so thought I'd create another.

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>> No. 395084 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 8:52 pm
395084 spacer
This should be in /lit/. Fuck the fuck off lad.

the 2000s decade.jpg
>> No. 394961 Anonymous
23rd September 2015
Wednesday 2:36 pm
394961 spacer
Be honest with me lads, how bad where the 2000s? If you think you can answer: How bad are the 10's turning out?

To me it seems the whole decade varies between bad and not notable but I can't work out if this is a thing of perspective given I was a teenager or if the world really should have just ended with Y2K.
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>> No. 395020 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 11:33 am
395020 spacer

>I think that the Conservative government have craftily turned "economic common sense" into a trojan horse for small-government conservatism, buoyed by the contrast with equally foolish anti-austerity campaigners who advocate a ludicrous and childish form of credit-card socialism.

It should not be forgotten that austerity measures which have been put into action in some southern European countries (not just Greece!) have had quite a stifling and all but devastating effect on national economies. Austerity wasn't about sensibly reducing spending with a view towards stabilising debt and national income relations in the countries affected. It was a slashing of the welfare state, and by that I don't mean they've put an end to a massive and outrageous free-for-all spending system, but it has hit the poor and the weak disproportionately. In Greece alone, austerity has meant that minimum pensions, which again affect the poor, were cut sharply, and VAT for the tourist industry has just been raised to, I believe, 23 percent. A sector which again provides income for many poorer people who work as low-level staff in anything from hotels to tourist supermarkets, souvenir shops and tourist attractions. Public spending on education and employment has also been cut drastically in southern Europe, which has rendered as much as a quarter of young people under 25 in Spain unemployed in recent years.

Austerity, as it has been practiced following the debt crisis in Europe, has been solely to the benefit of the rich. Multi-billion dollar creditors like international banks and the like. For them, austerity has indeed made it more likely that they will get their money back or that they will turn a decent profit on government bonds and debt obligations. But this money has been taken out of the pockets of the poor, and it has been taken away from the young who are left with a quite bleak future.

THIS is why anti-austerity campaigners take to the streets. Not because they are dreaming of some sort of socialist la-la-land.
>> No. 395021 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 12:10 pm
395021 spacer
There isn't one big thing called 'Austerity'. Cuts in different areas have different effects. As you point out, austerity in Greece has meant a collapse in pensions, whereas here we're increasingly them massively (wrongly in my opinion).

>For them, austerity has indeed made it more likely that they will get their money back or that they will turn a decent profit on government bonds and debt obligations.
I don't think you're entirely clued up on what the banks have to do with Greece. The answer is 'not very much at all' these days.

>But this money has been taken out of the pockets of the poor, and it has been taken away from the young who are left with a quite bleak future.
You can say thanks to the ECB and the EU for that. You also fail to recommend the alternative, which is default, and don't pay any attention to what the implications of that would have been.
>> No. 395022 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 12:55 pm
395022 spacer
With regards to taxation, ignoring the top band we've seen increases in middle rate income tax by the lowering of the tax bands and decreases in the low rate by increasing the personal allowance. I don't know the figures on income tax for the last few years, I'll have a look in a bit.

We have a separate problem here - we're overly reliant as a nation on a select few forms of tax. All our eggs are in one or two giant baskets, which is part of the reason why the deficit was so high in the first place as these giant baskets took giant hits. The tax base, not being too small, is too narrow.

As for income tax, putting it up on low earners wouldn't have many effects as low earners aren't really going to be looking as widely. In more professional and higher end roles though it would've made the issues more apparent as the higher end is more labour flexible internationally.

But really, we're going about this in the wrong way. People never ask less of their public services or whether they're necessary or whether the government needs to do them specifically. Furthermore, extra revenue doesn't simply come from increasing tax, increasing the tax base is just as important. Tax incomes have been growing rapidly whilst most taxe rates have been stagnant or rising in line with inflation.
>> No. 395023 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 3:44 pm
395023 spacer
> Will they understand that austerity isn't a permanent state of affairs?
Of course. Youth isn't magically torn off the past. To which extent they will understand, is another question.

Same goes for cassettes. For example, I may have never laid my hands on those reel-to-reel tape recorders but I know they had existed. I even vaguely know how to operate one.
>> No. 395025 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 6:30 pm
395025 spacer
Sub cultures are not dead. You just need to get out there a bit more, there's plenty of groups that have their own distinctive style and activities and music and all sorts of other menageries. There are moped gangs, DNB heads, psytrance hippies, posho upper class boys clubs, trap bongos, grime bongos, jungle bongos, poser nerds, actual nerds who play D&D, gamer groups and loads of other little sub cultures that still go on.

Perhaps people have begun to distance themselves from their hobbies a little bit more to make themselves not seem as if it rules their entire identity. But it usually does anyway because anyone in a subculture is more often than not a twat.

>> No. 394763 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 12:29 am
394763 spacer
Greetings, gentlemen of /b/.
I hope I'm not intruding upon your casual business here.
But I was wondering, if it won't do much trouble, to glance around my following text and suggest me the ways of saying what I tried to say in a more sophisticated and correct manner.
See the next post for my text. You'll find it that it's rather short as well.

So it's about a professor who teaches history.
I think the best way would be if you read 2-3 sentences, and then knowing what I'm trying to express, try to retell it (as if someone asked you), without losing any points, because sometimes when people retell they omit crucial details... and I'd rather not have that, every detail counts... In any case, I shall be glad for any help.
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>> No. 394822 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 6:57 pm
394822 spacer
Ah right, my bad.
>> No. 394904 Anonymous
22nd September 2015
Tuesday 1:21 am
394904 spacer

Do you mean krautchan? KC? The german imageboard? Cuz that's the only other board that I'd visit these days, and even that, seldom.
>a Brit can say almost the opposite of what they really mean
Oh Americans do it too, it's just known that irony is more pertaining to british humor.
I don't recall the name of the ad, but there was a British ad about some cereal/mush/porridge and how it was so bad that it was given to people in hell, and the ad was quite successful in the UK, because irony works the best on the British people.

While watching a documentary on Japan:
I liked the responses given by the Englishman the best, for unlike that other European-looking girl he didn't curb his honest opinions on Japanese people at the extend of being careful / non-offending, because oh, he lives in Japan and it might bite him in the ass. Of course, he didn't say "oh the Japanese are bad", but he, without any PC just pointed to what seemed off to him with Japanese society. He was the most honest and straightforward, I liked fancied that.

I think it has to do with being enlightened (renaissance and European culture) and intelligent. No wonder primitive cultures have primitive (and unfortunately) sense of humor.
For instance, if I say: "The Finns would've made good members at the Diogenes Club, they'd fit right in" Another intelligenté (yeah, and I had to insert that L’accent aigu in there, makes me sound kind of pretentious I guess) would get it, being aware of the stereotype (which is kind of true, btw).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 394958 Anonymous
23rd September 2015
Wednesday 2:28 am
394958 spacer
So, no actual help on the text then, eh, lads?
>> No. 394959 Anonymous
23rd September 2015
Wednesday 9:29 am
394959 spacer

Do your own bloody homework!

Here you go, it's still shit and I'm sure there's a ton of mistakes in there. It also still doesn't scan quite right and some of the phrasing/wording is probably off. Can't be arsed to spend more than 10 minutes on it though.

"To give credit where it’s due, the professor had great knowledge of the subject, and could shed more light upon the matter should you be confused or have any questions.
The classes usually took about 1 hour and 50 minutes, however, from the start she allowed breaks during class even though she didn't have to. Besides, when you enrolled into the class, you should have expected what a niche subject like this was about, and considering it's taught at an advanced level the classes can be longer than other less advanced classes. Plus, she spoke coherently and passionately, often giving interesting bits of related trivia as she went through the material.

Enrolling into a History class with a specific area of study generally means you’re interested in learning about it, of course if you don’t care about or have no interest about that specific area then the class may well seem boring, irregardless of how the material is presented. I can remember at least 2 occasions when the class was dismissed an hour earlier than scheduled.

The material was presented in diverse ways, many assignments included some sort of media, such as pictures or videos/movies. Which is a rather relaxing way of doing an assignment, you watch a popular movie then answer some simple questions each of which requires at best 2-3 sentences.

Assignments were given in a sequential order, but the due dates were flexible, in fact, at the end of class, she allowed anyone to do assignments from the first week and still get credit for them.
The regular assignments weren't hard at all, but some of them did require you to spend some time learning the material, also a great deal of the assignments could have been answered on the spot if you attended classes and took notes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 395018 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 6:37 am
395018 any final suggestions/help/etc?
That ain't no bloody homework, m8

Like I said, I'm glad for any help. So your edit is still better than nothing.

Now, I've refined the text, and I shall post the parts that I shall lay out here for any onlooker to glance upon, and perhaps, have such an onlooker to engage his mind with some thoughts about the text, which, hopefully, might prompt additional suggestions to the text.

Btw, can I say: "from the start she HAD allowed breaks during class even though she didn't have to?"

I just hate using simple past perfect, whenever I read Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle utilizes the past with "had" quite a lot.

"Besides, upon enrolling into the class, you should have had expected what a narrow-oriented class this is."

"And advanced history classes tend to be longer in regard to less advanced ones"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 394880 Anonymous
21st September 2015
Monday 5:04 pm
394880 spacer
What type of birthday gift do you get for a girl you've only been seeing for a couple of months? I can't think of anything specific that she's really told me that she likes and her birthday is in a few weeks and if I ask too much questions now she'll know I'm just fishing for something to get her.

I was thinking flowers, but only a small bouquet, and chocolates as they're the easy go to present but I need at least one or two things to go along with it. Jewellery is out as she might either think I've spent too much on it or I'll get something she thinks looks rubbish and I don't want to overload her with stuff when we're not that close yet.

Any presents you lads have bought for your womanfolk that have gone down extremely well? Or any ideas that will look like I've put abit of thought into it when in reality I'm just a useless male idiot?
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>> No. 394943 Anonymous
22nd September 2015
Tuesday 11:00 pm
394943 spacer
I just outright asked what she wanted, she said something from lush so I got her some bath bombs.
>> No. 394944 Anonymous
22nd September 2015
Tuesday 11:03 pm
394944 spacer

So few people have a bath in their "bathroom" these days it slipped my mind to even mention bath bombs. I usually get my missus bath bombs all the time as well.

At least you wont disappoint her with something weird now.
>> No. 394945 Anonymous
22nd September 2015
Tuesday 11:07 pm
394945 spacer
Nice one. You might lose some 'spontaneous romantic' brownie points, but if it's any consolation it turns out that most people don't like surprise gifts as much as we'd like to think they do (http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/give-them-gift-theyre-expecting).
>> No. 394946 Anonymous
22nd September 2015
Tuesday 11:08 pm
394946 spacer
Not everyone lives in a central london shoebox matey.
>> No. 394952 Anonymous
23rd September 2015
Wednesday 12:19 am
394952 spacer
Lube and a Barry White album.

>> No. 394829 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:21 pm
394829 Post little tidbits of history you found interesting
Due to his reputation for bravery, Modu began to gather a group of extremely loyal warriors.[1] To be sure of their loyalty, Modu ordered each of the warriors to shoot his favorite horse. Those who refused were executed.[1] He later repeated this test of loyalty, but with one of his favorite wives, and once again executed those who hesitated to obey his order. After he was sure of the loyalty of his remaining warriors, he ordered them to shoot at his father, killing him in a shower of arrows. With none of his followers failing to shoot at his command and the elimination of his father, Modu proclaimed himself Chanyu of the Xiongnu.

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>> No. 394830 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:26 pm
394830 spacer
Don't we already have this thread on /lit/?
>> No. 394832 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:33 pm
394832 spacer
Why did you post than pic for this thread? It's probably just going to wind up deleted now.
>> No. 394833 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:49 pm
394833 spacer

There are a couple, about war and one about the Romans. /lit/ seems like the best fit for it and it would do fine as a thread there, but if the mods delete this for being in /b/ they'll get shit for it and a lot of OPs, from what I've observed, don't bother reposting for some reason. It's like they post and run and don't come back for weeks or something.

>> No. 394818 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 6:30 pm
394818 spacer
I've got some sort of pain in my penis and it's starting to pick up.

It started as just a bit of an itch inside my urethra on the side of it and the urge to pee constantly.

It was driving me insane fora few days so I drank lots of water to try and flush it out and it felt better for the first time in about four days today.

Suddenly, about an hour ago I took a piss and I got a sharp burning pain. Now when I take a piss, after I stop it burns and burns whilst I'm walking about.

I'm 99% sure it's not an std and haven't had sex with my (long term gf) for ages.

Could somebody please tell me if they think it's a UTI and maybe confirm my, rather desperate, belief that this might be the end of an infection being forced out?
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>> No. 394826 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 7:37 pm
394826 spacer

it's SUPER gonorrhoea lad THERE IS NO CURE.

>> No. 394827 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:01 pm
394827 spacer

RIP (off) OP's cock.
>> No. 394828 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:06 pm
394828 its a mild infection
>>394818 it is basically nothing ive had it before

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 394831 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:30 pm
394831 spacer

Can someone remind me what the point of /fat/ is if people post their cock problems anywhere they like?
>> No. 394839 Anonymous
21st September 2015
Monday 12:29 am
394839 spacer
Quite. Regardless, all he would have been told there is to suck it up and go to his bloody GP or the GUM clinic like a big boy, which is all that needs to be said anyway. Thread locked.

>> No. 394785 Anonymous
19th September 2015
Saturday 3:17 am
394785 'Super-gonorrhoea' outbreak in Leeds
Watch that you plug up north lads, Antibiotic resistant clap about.

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>> No. 394787 Anonymous
19th September 2015
Saturday 8:11 am
394787 spacer
For fucks sake, it's freshers week and all. So many bewildered 18 year olds wandering the streets, but any one of them might have super clap.

>> No. 394410 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 10:34 pm
394410 spacer
If, in a state of misanthropic nihilism and despair over humanity brought on by reading the news daily and having a good long look at the inhabitants of my local shopping malls, I decided that I was against Nature, against Humanity, against the World, and wanted to make things worse on this planet and not better, which of the following would be my most evil and tr00 kvlt path to world ruin?

(i) Serial killing of children in a horrific and nightmarish way. As Ian Brady has pointed out, the death toll of the Moors Murderers can't really compete with the likes of Bush and Blair, but the despair their terrible actions have planted in so many who read about it surely has a knock-on effect of spreading misery and heartache.

(ii) militant daft woggery, especially for a fanatical and hate-fuelled religious cause. If only 5% of what we hear is happening in the IS is true, it's still grandly unpleasant.

(iii) A position of social and economic power, be it legislative, executive or judicial or indeed a protected criminal gang, from which one could be knowingly corrupt without fear of reprisal. Imagine sending people to prison because you didn't like their face or fell out with their brother.

Self sage because Contra Everything.
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>> No. 394750 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 1:54 pm
394750 spacer
>Connoiseurs is a surprisingly tricky word to remember to spell correctly.

Yes, eventually we might get as far as putting the second S in.
>> No. 394751 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 2:00 pm
394751 spacer

Knock yourself out Simon.
>> No. 394756 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 3:13 pm
394756 spacer
Bar that! I'm Dave.
>> No. 394759 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 4:53 pm
394759 spacer
Connoiseurss still doesn't seem right.
>> No. 394769 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 2:41 am
394769 spacer

YOU don't seem right matey!

>> No. 394654 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 11:09 am
394654 spacer
I applied for my dream job lads. It's a bit of an odd one and so the chances to get into the work are few, and are largely down to luck. I've been having no such luck.

Just a few days ago I fired off one last application before I give up to focus on getting a job in anything. Yesterday I then received a phone call. It was from a lady at the place I want to work.

She insisted that it wasn't a telephone interview when I asked her to give me 2 minutes to get a pen and paper and mentally prepare myself (she phoned me at about 5.30 at night out of the blue, although said she appreciated I had no idea I'd get a call), but then she proceeded to spend 20-25 minutes asking me quesitons like I was being interviewed.

She covered my employment history and my experience and skills, my motivation for the job, my willingness to relocate, other jobs I'd applied for and the like.

She asked if I'd be free for interview sometime this month but said that this wasn't an invite, and those she finally selects will be emailed next week.

Can anybody who is a bit more clued in than me explain what kind of call it was or why she'd ring? Felt pretty relaxed and causal.
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>> No. 394702 Anonymous
15th September 2015
Tuesday 1:08 pm
394702 spacer
Google Peter Hitchens, Russia Today, it will come up in the first link. It's quite a long video though so I can't be bothered finding the exact part for you.
>> No. 394725 Anonymous
16th September 2015
Wednesday 3:03 pm
394725 spacer
>Peter Hitchens, Russia Today

Peter Hitchens does have a point. It's a bit absurd pointing fingers at Russia and Putin alone, looking at the kind of havoc the West has wreaked across the globe in the past two decades.
>> No. 394746 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 10:36 am
394746 spacer

Just posting to say I got invited to interview lads in the end, so thanks

Wish me luck.
>> No. 394747 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 10:44 am
394747 spacer
>Just posting to say I got invited to interview lads in the end, so thanks

Fuck, as I pressed submit I realised just how bad that sentence is.
>> No. 394748 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 11:18 am
394748 spacer
Make sure to slip in references to the size of your cock.

>> No. 394526 Anonymous
8th September 2015
Tuesday 9:58 am
394526 spacer
I'm curious about a behaviour my dig exhibits regarding burying his toys which I find mystifying.

I know burying possessions is a trait leftover from wolves and I've done my best to make ensure it is addressed through playing with him often and making sure he has a limited selection to discourage hoarding. I've even gone as far as to get him a little brother to annoy the shit out of him ensure he always has someone to play with.

Anyway its a behaviour he only exhibits towards soft toys which I can't think of a reason for. My understanding is dogs will bury hard objects as a way to soften them so it doesn't make sense for him to bury a soft bear but not for example his tennis ball. Is anyone able to shed some light on this?
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>> No. 394568 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 5:15 pm
394568 spacer

>As for the Normans...well their blood only seems to pop up in the ruling/political classes.

That has happened a lot in history when foreign powers invaded other countries to rule them. Interbreeding with the natives was often frowned upon because it was thought that it would weaken the position of dominance of the foreign invaders over the subdued natives, who were often seen as savages inferior people. In other cases, however, interbreeding was especially encouraged, to decimate the natives a few generations down the line and thus further increase the dominance of the invading powers.
>> No. 394569 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 5:19 pm
394569 spacer

That's depressing. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that the Plantagenet dynasty never really went away.
>> No. 394570 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 5:45 pm
394570 spacer
Genetic research in the UK is often contradictory. One days recent studies and last year's recent studies often draw the same conclusion whilst six months ago several studies will have debunked it.

The real answer is we're not particularly sure. What we do know is that the Normans had negligible genetic influence and that the Huguenots were more impactful.
>> No. 394572 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 5:47 pm
394572 spacer
I'll add the number of people coming here from the continent was extremely low. We were suddenly flooded with smelly dumb Norman scum. You'll probably find genetically speaking current polish migration is more important to the gene pool in a thousand years time than the Normans are now.
>> No. 394573 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 5:47 pm
394573 spacer

IWF - Caught Accessing CP.jpg
>> No. 392918 Anonymous
27th July 2015
Monday 9:35 pm
392918 Internet Censorship
Old thread was deleted because some moron included the link to the offending website.

Have you ever experienced Internet censorship? Not just at the ISP level but from the moderation/administration of websites. Should governments and ISPs have the power to censor the Internet even if it's CP?

Do ISP's log attempted access to blocked sites?
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>> No. 394166 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 9:00 pm
394166 spacer
Did he eat a lot of Indian takeaways?
>> No. 394169 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 9:18 pm
394169 spacer
No. He was once passed out in his room, prone, buttocks raised and his chocolate starfish on display.
>> No. 394175 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 10:20 pm
394175 spacer
Oh? And what happened next?
>> No. 394178 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 11:06 pm
394178 spacer
A positive experience.
>> No. 394550 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 3:04 pm
394550 spacer
ROSKOMNADZOR's on the loose again, lads.


>> No. 393378 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 11:47 am
393378 Pre-emptive Weekend thread
As I wont be here for the actual weekend, I thought I'd strike early.

Any plans for this weekend lads?

I'm off to build Boomtown Festival for a week on Friday, before attending said festival. Any of you bruvm8's gonna be there?

'Er-indoors is coming after the build. Should be a good ol' knees up.

Casually excited.
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>> No. 393469 Anonymous
10th August 2015
Monday 7:46 pm
393469 spacer
Lads, I'm having an affair with an African Tribal chief, whom I met during an illegal hunting expedition. My wife found out because she caught me chatting to him on facebook, and now she's threatening to tell him that I've got his pet Leopards head on my wall. I'm also slightly worried that she's upset that I'm using facebook, because apparently it makes me seem old.
Should I shave off my moustache to try and make it up to her?
>> No. 393471 Anonymous
10th August 2015
Monday 8:06 pm
393471 spacer
Poor show, lad. You didn't even mention that the phone had been up a toddler's fanny.
>> No. 393472 Anonymous
10th August 2015
Monday 8:09 pm
393472 spacer
Don't be sick, lad. It's only a laugh if you tickle the fanny with it. So jokes.
>> No. 393944 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 6:54 pm
393944 spacer

Op here.

I was a DSTRKT5 lad. Finally recovered from the campaign. 'Twas excellent. I found 1 small circle comprised of a singular bindrummer, a tin whistler and a didgeridoo player in one woods and another circles made of hundreds of hippies on bins.

I had a great time throwing down to literally 98% of the music and L.es Than Jake was like time travel on stage.
>> No. 394472 Anonymous
6th September 2015
Sunday 7:23 pm
394472 spacer
That was the first Megadrive game I ever played, it was the packaged game at the time. "Welcome to your doom".

>> No. 393410 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 8:53 am
393410 Piss habits
Do you have any unusual piss habits?

Curious if anyone else does what I do. I don't like washing my hands after taking a piss as it dries the skin and it's a hangover from my teenlad days.

So to preserve hygiene, I slip my old chap through the slit in my boxers and grip it over the material. Thus saving me having to wash my hands. If you have trouble picturing this, imagine the bun is the boxer material and I grab the bun.
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>> No. 393664 Anonymous
15th August 2015
Saturday 1:46 am
393664 spacer
>(she can't feel a thing when she washes her hair)

When I read the first half of that sentence, for a split second I thought that your wife is in a wheelchair.

Not nice pissing on a paraplegic's legs and thinking it's ok because they can't feel anything.

But that's not what you do. I apologise.
>> No. 393921 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 1:17 pm
393921 spacer
Yeah stick to peeing on able-bodied people.
>> No. 394383 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 11:47 am
394383 spacer
My piss comes out in a misty spray, or sometimes two jets at a 45 degree angle. To pee standing up I have to fashion a makeshift hose out of my foreskin.

I'm sure there's something wrong with my urethra but every time I see a doctor about anything they just give me a 'stop smoking' kit and send me on my way
>> No. 394384 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 12:05 pm
394384 spacer
I had this problem. It got worse until I was operated on for a urethral stricture. Ask a GP 'do you think I could have a stricture?' and ask for a urinary flow speed bucket test.
>> No. 394386 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 1:25 pm
394386 spacer
Since when was casual ableism acceptable around here?

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