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>> No. 404392 Anonymous
6th August 2016
Saturday 8:15 pm
404392 spacer
Lads, is this who I think it is?
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>> No. 404416 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 3:50 pm
404416 spacer
> I dont think the mods would need to dox him, I hear they know each other personally and engage in all sorts of lewdness together.
If you wanted to meet them (or the IRC crowd in general), I imagine it would not be difficult.
I used to hang about in there a while back. They're all lovely people. I was always cagey about saying where I was from and always used proxies to connect, so I wasn't invited anywhere, but they seemed very welcoming to anyone who wasn't dangerous.
>> No. 404425 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 11:56 pm
404425 spacer
>They're all lovely people.

Awwww. You can come round my house and get fed any time, pet.

Everyone gets fed in black's house.

Lasagne for all.

I've had some wine, I love all of you very very much
>> No. 404428 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 1:39 pm
404428 spacer
I get the impression all the mod's houses are like the living room in Party Chat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtwbY7fP6VQ), every evening, except with dingier furniture and no lamps. The floor has never been hoovered and there is a cat. The bloke making a rollie has blond hair and is wearing a dirty green parka and constantly has a stupid grin on his face. When the takeaway arrives it is just placed on top of the remnants of last night's takeaway.
>> No. 404429 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 1:59 pm
404429 spacer
That's often not too far from the truth.
>> No. 404434 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 7:28 pm
404434 spacer
Lasagne? With cheese?

>> No. 404237 Anonymous
30th July 2016
Saturday 7:54 pm
404237 spacer
Were you ever placed in lunch isolation? Did your school have any inhumane rules?
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>> No. 404347 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 8:05 pm
404347 spacer
The busybodies at my shitty gulag comprehensive always managed to find some excuse to stick me in lunchtime detention - late homework, wearing a jacket over my uniform because the classroom was freezing, not bowing and scraping to the petty authority of middle-aged schoolteachers.

Isolation, after-school and Saturday detentions were the weapons they kept for more serious indiscretions like fighting or being overtly rude to the teaching comrades. The former of which would involve being locked in the draftiest room in school for the day and given retard-level worksheets in lieu of the slim possibility of actually learning anything.

The ironic thing was that the school never had the balls to actually kick me out because I was one of the few straight-A* pupils they had. I could just never do well with petty authority assumed by people who'd done little to nothing to earn any respect.
>> No. 404348 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 8:10 pm
404348 spacer
Google informs me that was On the Record, shown on Sundays.
>> No. 404349 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 9:50 pm
404349 spacer

>> No. 404350 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 11:06 pm
404350 spacer
In the interests of balance:

>> No. 404351 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 11:07 pm
404351 spacer
I too remember being tricked by the Working Lunch intro. Its like adults devised extra punishment for missing school.

>> No. 404210 Anonymous
29th July 2016
Friday 4:00 am
404210 RIP Garibaldi

>> No. 404205 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 5:10 pm
404205 Edinburgh Festival
Planning on going to the Edinburgh festival next month. However, I heard they rip you off on accommodation in the city. Can anyone recommend any semi-decent reasonably priced digs?

Maybe something on the outskirts and traveling in.
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>> No. 404206 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 5:55 pm
404206 spacer
You've left it a bit late. You'll have to take what you can get, really - most places are already fully booked or very close to it. If you're going midweek, expect to pay £20-£30 for a dorm bed in a hostel, £60-£80 for a private room in a uni hall and £120-£150 for a B&B or two-star hotel. Get in quick while there's still something left.
>> No. 404207 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 7:52 pm
404207 spacer
Take a tent.
>> No. 404209 Anonymous
29th July 2016
Friday 3:14 am
404209 spacer
Just go for the proper native experience; stay up for three days on buckfast and vallies before pissing all over your unconscious self on the National Express home.

>> No. 403719 Anonymous
7th July 2016
Thursday 7:03 pm
403719 spacer
She is in a relationship now. Life no longer has meaning or hope.
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>> No. 404145 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 6:43 pm
404145 spacer

Yop sounds delightfully believable as one of those quaint old-fashioned racial slurs.
>> No. 404147 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 7:11 pm
404147 spacer
>home-grown produce (vegetables, but fruit in particular) is just so much tastier than the stuff you get in supermarkets

I've never had a 'home grown' cucumber as nice as a shop bought one. For some reason people like to grow the varieties with tough skins.
>> No. 404148 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 7:19 pm
404148 spacer
A lot of common home grown varieties should really be peeled first, you can grow thin skinned varieties similar to supermarket cucumbers yourself but they tend to need to be grown in greenhouses.
But even then, the loss of flavour in the varieties that supermarkets sell is at least partly intentional, the trend for breeding is mainly in favour of size and convenience, and that's a trade-off against flavour.
>> No. 404153 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 8:51 pm
404153 spacer

I'd let ARE LAURIE grow my cucumber IYKWIM.
>> No. 404185 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 5:49 pm
404185 spacer
That's because it's only one letter off from wop.

>> No. 404070 Anonymous
19th July 2016
Tuesday 11:32 pm
404070 spacer
It is 11:30pm. It has no business being 25 degrees.

Make it stop.
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>> No. 404079 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 8:12 pm
404079 spacer
>Fuck me, I hate summer.
>> No. 404080 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 10:26 pm
404080 spacer
>It is 11:30pm. It has no business being 25 degrees.

Ungrateful sod. 60 days of sunshine a year in Britain, and you complain about the one night when we've got balmy temperatures after sunset?
>> No. 404081 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 6:35 am
404081 spacer
Justmovedtothepolarlad here, you lot don't know you're born.
>> No. 404098 Anonymous
23rd July 2016
Saturday 1:35 am
404098 spacer
so what're good ways to cool off that actually work?
>> No. 404100 Anonymous
23rd July 2016
Saturday 4:04 am
404100 spacer
Clearly it is the perfect time to complain.

>> No. 403967 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 9:40 pm
403967 spacer
I want to learn a new language. How would I start on my path to learning German? Is it true it gets harder as you get older?
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>> No. 404003 Anonymous
15th July 2016
Friday 9:55 pm
404003 spacer

You a bit like this Zein lad then, Somalilad?
>> No. 404004 Anonymous
15th July 2016
Friday 10:02 pm
404004 spacer
>is Somali really my first language and mother tongue, even if I can't speak it?
Doesn't stop many millions of Northerners and Americans claiming English as their mother tongue even if they can't speak it.
>> No. 404005 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 2:19 am
404005 spacer
That used to happen a lot at my school, but sadly my brother used to accompany me to my parents' evenings.
>> No. 404012 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 4:36 am
404012 spacer

You think in English and translate it into Somali. English if your mother tongue. I'm somewhat linguistically schizophrenic as depending on the day of the week I can either be thinking (as in terms of my internal monologue) in either English or Portuguese.

I already gave an example of this above, but I already speak a fairly competent level of Dutch but I can't think in Dutch. If I have to translate Dutch to Portuguese I have to go via English first.
>> No. 404055 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 7:13 pm
404055 spacer

Immerse yourself as much as possible. Make the language as much a part of your daily life as anything else. e.g. start watching German tv bulletins, start lurking Krautchan and listen to German bands. Not only do you begin to pick up certain nuances of the language but you get a real sense of their culture at the same time which adds an extra dimension to the learning experience which you don't get out of formal language lessons. It's a real struggle to even make sense of simple phrases at first but persevere and it really does become exponentially easier.

Speaking from experience. I'm not a native Italian speaker but DioChan, Rai TV and Pavarotti-Lad have all helped me to converse with my Italian relatives.

>> No. 404025 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 9:24 pm
404025 Litterbugggering
Just put it in a bin.

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>> No. 404029 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 10:00 pm
404029 spacer
No weirder than this genuine cinema advert for Keep Britain Tidy:

>> No. 404030 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 10:06 pm
404030 spacer

In Soviet Russia litter make you look rubbish

>> No. 404053 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:39 pm
404053 spacer
G'wan Patch, g'wan!
>> No. 404054 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 5:17 pm
404054 spacer
Presumably a bit of wish-fulfillment there. I often fantasise about having magic powers that cause the litter that people throw on the ground somehow finding its way into their front gardens.

>> No. 403978 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 7:18 pm
403978 spacer
I need a new watch lads.

I've not bought a watch in ages, but want something a bit like this one. I quite like the brown leather straps, willing to take a plastic strap if it looks a bit trendy (23 years old), but don't like metal straps.

Bonus points if it's mildly waterproof (too lazy to take it off in the shower)

I'll buy you a pint if you can find one that has a silent (vibrating) alarm.

Cheers lads. Amazon has been surprisingly fruitless.
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>> No. 404033 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 11:13 pm
404033 spacer

>On more than one occasion, after being rejected by a lass on a night out, he told them that his watch was worth more than their life and he could own her if he wanted to.

Ok, that is just fucking pathetic. It was one of the best decisions those lasses ever made in their lives to turn him down. What a sorry excuse for a human being.

But I know the type. Grown out but well coiffed hair, polo shirt, Tommy Hilfiger sweater carefully draped casually thrown around his neck, vintage Persol sunglasses, some sort of expensive wrist watch, pricey leather shoes... drives his dad's old Jaguar convertible to uni, and oozes perceived superiority with every word, every gesture. Just popped into uni for a few semesters to pick up a degree so it won't look too dodgy when Daddy gets him an executive job at the bank or Daddy's own company. Oh, and he spends his winters skiing in the Alps, and his summers hanging out with D list celebrities in St Tropez. Hey, he's just stating fact, not bragging.

What he won't tell you is that in primary school, he got his arse kicked by the other kids, whose parents were inundated with lawsuit threats by his dad, which resulted in yet more arse kicking. And girls started losing interest when word got around that he still wet his bed at 14.

Ah, stereotypes.
>> No. 404036 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 11:23 pm
404036 spacer

>Archie Lloyd, 18,

Who the fuck still names their child Archibald nowadays... or even 18 years ago. Even the upper classes must have realised at some point that names like that are just a big piss take on your offspring.

It's a bit like something Rob Beckett once said... "Don't get me wrong, Rupert is a perfectly good name. I just never thought I'd meet one".
>> No. 404050 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 10:05 am
404050 spacer
While I totally agree with your sentiment about that persons loathsome acquaintance, your caricature says more about you than him, stereotypical or not.
>> No. 404051 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 12:36 pm
404051 spacer
It's a relatively common name in the working class these days.
>> No. 404052 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 1:52 pm
404052 spacer

The truth is that that's almost not a caricature at all. I met people at uni who were actually every bit like that.

>> No. 402786 Anonymous
22nd June 2016
Wednesday 3:07 pm
402786 Vote Remain!

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>> No. 404045 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 4:02 am
404045 spacer
Eurosceptics didn't start moaning until 1992 actually, the fact that it was never voted on was a fucking farce.
>> No. 404046 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 4:10 am
404046 spacer
Ah, my mistake. Still, two and a bit decades is still significantly longer than three weeks...
>> No. 404047 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 4:11 am
404047 spacer
>Eurosceptics didn't start moaning until 1992 actually
Said nobody ever who actually knows anything about history.
>> No. 404048 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 5:20 am
404048 spacer
Excuse me but I know what I'm talking about and was actively involved in the Referendum party back in 1997.

Anyway, obviously it was extant prior to 1992 but Maastricht made it the iceberg en route for the Titanic.
>> No. 404049 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 5:37 am
404049 spacer
>was actively involved in the Referendum party back in 1997.
Wait a minute. I thought you said you knew what you were talking about. (That video was shit, BTW.)

I can assure you, the anti-European movement did not go away between 1975 and 1992. I can also assure you, contrary to what you may think, that the nature of the project was not hidden, neither in 1972 nor in 1975.

>> No. 346596 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 7:15 am
346596 spacer
Another breakout of the paedogeddon has struck home!

Rolph Harris being named as the next* chap what done a noncing

All just rumours at present, but he has a weird moustache, and worked with kids, therefore, nonce.
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>> No. 398406 Anonymous
16th December 2015
Wednesday 9:07 pm
398406 spacer
shame on you. I might have laughed but that doesn't mean I'm not also disappointed in myself for it.
>> No. 404035 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 11:22 pm
404035 Justice
>Rance, of Louth, Lincolnshire, was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

This guy only got 2.5 years for causing serious injuries to 3 people through dangerous driving, where as Adam Johnson gets 6 years for fingering a girl who was less than a year away from the age of consent.


I can't help but feel a sense of injustice.
>> No. 404038 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 11:27 pm
404038 spacer
Write to the Attorney General complaining that the former's sentence is "unduly lenient".

>> No. 404042 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:34 am
404042 spacer

That'll work lad.
>> No. 404043 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:55 am
404043 spacer
Recent results on Google News certainly seem to think so.

>> No. 404006 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 2:32 am
404006 This Coup buiness Locked
So from what I can gather, in the constitution of turkey says it's a non secular nation, meaning religion doesn't involve with government, and the Army has used clause in the constitution saying they can cause a coup if the ones at the top have gone too far one way, The current president of Turkey is a fascist who made it illegal to speak out against him and has crushed the free press in Turkey, Although I don't approve of the hole armed up rising thing, I kind of want the Coup to be successful.
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>> No. 404007 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 2:44 am
404007 spacer
Why don't you air your non-opinion in the thread that already exists?
>> No. 404008 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 3:40 am
404008 spacer

> it's a non secular nation, meaning religion doesn't involve with government

That doesn't even make sense.
>> No. 404010 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 4:13 am
404010 spacer

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.
>> No. 404011 Anonymous
16th July 2016
Saturday 4:18 am
404011 spacer
> don't approve of the hole armed up rising thing

So you'd say you're anti-fisting?

>> No. 403945 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 8:17 am
403945 Random help needed.
I've launched a new company, a travel one, and I need help/input/ideas/abuse related to the following.

Website optimisation. I've got a meeting with the webmaster this week, but would like suggestions as for what to ask him for.

Gaining followers on social media, Instagram and Twitter in particular.

I'm planning on giving discounts to students, pensioners and former military personnel. Anyone else I should include?

Give any other ideas and feedback you can think of.
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>> No. 403964 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 10:58 pm
403964 spacer

I've been hired to do damage control by two companies who ended up on the Google naughty step. Both went bankrupt within six months. Few web-oriented companies can survive losing 60-70% of their traffic overnight. Google are absolutely merciless about shady SEO tactics.
>> No. 403972 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 12:37 am
403972 spacer

Thicko here, what exactly qualify as 'shady SEO tactics'? I program a bit but don't deal in webmastery stuff and you've got me intrigued now.
>> No. 403973 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 12:56 am
403973 spacer

Any action you take that is intended to artificially inflate your search engine rankings. Google state the most common dodgy practices in their Webmaster Guidelines, but that list isn't exhaustive. To quote Google:

>Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. A good rule of thumb is whether you'd feel comfortable explaining what you've done to a website that competes with you, or to a Google employee. Another useful test is to ask, "Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn't exist?"


Some examples:

Links to your website from other sites are highly valuable in SEO terms. Writing great articles and publicising them on social media is absolutely fine. Spamming links in blog comments and forum posts, buying links or participating in a link exchange scheme is banned.

Writing an article with search keywords in mind is fine - you should be aware of what people are searching for and use those terms in your text. Filling articles with irrelevant terms or hiding a load of keywords in small text is banned.
>> No. 403976 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 6:19 pm
403976 spacer
Nice to have thread where the word webmaster is thrown about without being linked to xenophobia and dolphin rape.
>> No. 403977 Anonymous
14th July 2016
Thursday 7:12 pm
403977 spacer
.gs "Mates rates". Enter code "auntiefucker" for 100% off all trips to Nepal.

>> No. 403958 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 4:42 pm
403958 spacer
Sup, british people. Need your help with recognizing a lyrics of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFbNDH262Ak
Can't get it anywhere. Would be great if someone of you will try to listen to the song and write the lyrics down here.
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 403960 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 5:30 pm
403960 spacer

The indecipherable fragment is at 1:21, if anyone wants to have a go.

£130 on discogs, fuck me.
>> No. 403961 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 6:07 pm
403961 spacer
"I've been on this road for ages and still ain't got a lift".

I assume a reference to hitchhiking.
>> No. 403962 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 6:25 pm
403962 spacer

You are kindness itself, good sirs.
>> No. 403963 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 10:17 pm
403963 spacer

You're welcome, lad.
>> No. 403965 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 2:29 am
403965 spacer
The situation's insane.

Listening to this EP, these are some cracking songs, yet it appears there is hardly any information about this band online (let alone lyrics, as OP discovered). Has anyone else on .gs ever heard of them or this album before?

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